• Chassis # WP0CB2983YU644177
  • Showing Just Under 16,000 Miles From New
  • Finished In Striking Ocean Blue Metallic Over Savannah Beige Leather Interior
  • Desirable 3.2 Liter "S" Variant
  • Featuring A Fresh Service And Ready For Enjoyment
  • Sale Includes Factory Books, Manuals, Tools, And A Clean CARFAX
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The Overview

The 986 Boxster possesses a mixed reputation amongst Porsche Enthusiasts. For some, it is nothing more than a hairdresser’s transport built by the company to move volume through the dealer network. 

Up until this point in the company’s history, Porsche had only ever introduced 5 platforms from a clean design sheet: 356, 911, 914, 924, and 928. By 1996, the model lineup consisted entirely of designs originating from at least 2 decades prior. The 986, and its companion, the 996 represent a total rebirth for Porsche as a company. The previous ‘entry level’ Porsche, the 924/944, was famously born out of a Volkswagen-funded project and had to deal with certain cost compromises which led to the use of many VW-designed parts. Conversely, the 986 was designed from the ground up as a purpose-built sports car which shared more parts with a 911 and nothing in or on the car originated from something as common as a Van. This was a momentous step for the Stugart firm as the Boxster would be designed under principles defined by Porsche themselves and not a larger manufacturer. Through simultaneous development, the 986 and 996 came to share a great deal of components, and from the A-pillar forward roughly 86% of the parts are common. Even the motor, Porsche’s first water-cooled flat-six, was shared between the two cars, albeit in lower displacement within the Boxster. 

An idea pioneered by many of the company’s race cars and in large-scale production with the 914, the Boxster’s mid-engine layout provides a level of performance potential not allowed within the restrictions of the 911 chassis. Neutral handling and a low center of gravity are some of the finest merits the Boxster brings to the table, and an exclusively open-top experience harkens back to the earliest days of the 356. With its modest 6-cylinder power, the Boxster is far from being a drag strip denizen, but it certainly has the potential to hurry modern performance cars down tight, winding roads. All of these attributes were well appreciated by the enthusiast community and amounted to an immense level of economic success for the company. By 1993, Porsche could only manage to move 3,800 cars a year in the United States and was heading towards a dire fiscal situation. The first year of sales for the Boxster fell just shy of 7,000 units and the high watermark year of 2000 totaled to 13,312. These numbers undoubtedly helped to keep the Porsche name alive into the new millennium and would further fuel development for the wonderful cars that came to market in the following decade. Contemporary reports on the vehicle from publications like Car and Driver waxed poetic about Porsche’s roadster and their critiques amounted to nothing more than a shortlist of nit-picks. The Boxster’s status within the company’s history is of extreme importance. It helped solidify the brand as a seller of fine sporting machines and reintroduced the public to the modestly priced, pure Porsche experience. 

The 2002 Porsche Boxster S, Vin WP0CB2983YU644177, provides an additional level of performance compared to its more standard brethren thanks to that honored letter on the trunk lid. With a punched-out bore and additional stroke length, the M96 sitting behind the seats now works with 3.2 liters of displacement and provides a welcome addition of torque and power. With 250hp, 60 miles an hour can be reached from a standstill in 5.2 seconds, a time that can surely be seen as brisk today.  In addition, the handling performance has been greatly improved thanks to brakes borrowed from the 911 Carrera, stiffer springs in the rear, more robust tie rod ends, a revised steering geometry, and wheel bearings of a larger size. Besides the badging, the most obvious giveaway of an “S” car can be seen up front with an additional inlet which feeds an extra cooler between the two larger radiators flanking on each side. 

Finished in the attractive color of Ocean Blue Metallic, this Boxster S was delivered with a number of optional extras including heated seats, a 6 speaker stereo with a Becker Porsche CDR-220 head unit, a wind deflector, rear storage box, and wheel caps with a colored crest. These are all listed under the hood on the well-known sticker Porsche so graciously sticks to every car. Of particular note, however, the vehicle is further optioned with a luxurious Leather Dash and Door Panels (code 981) and are finished to match the Savannah Beige leather seats. The inclusion of this feature greatly improves the quality of the cabin and further helps to separate this car from the hordes of lesser-optioned Boxsters. 

The Carfax reports this Porsche to have had 3 midwestern owners in its time since leaving the factory in Finland and has remarkably covered less than 16,000 miles in just over 20 years. It is apparent that this Boxster S avoided the harsh winters of the north and shows with very little wear to the exterior and interior. The paint features a minimal amount of stone chipping upfront and further flaws are only discernible to those determined to find them. The quality of the leather inside is equally well preserved with some creasing on the seats being the most apparent sign of use. All of the electric switches operating the windows, seats, and top are all functioning as intended along with the instrumentation present on the dashboard. We are additionally happy to report that the car is in fine mechanical condition and the motor starts with little hesitation. Furthermore, the IMS bearing issue has been addressed thanks to an LN Engineering solution. Lastly, all four corners have been shod in Continental rubber date coded to 2020. 

Such a well-optioned, low mileage Boxster S will surely be appreciated by motoring enthusiasts for decades to come. This example drives particularly well and will be the go-to choice for any spirited drive its next owner intends to take. Now is the time to get behind the wheel of one of Porsche’s finest creations before the market wisens up to the true merits of this wonderful roadster. 


The Details


body and paint

The body of this car is excellent with no large glaring blemishes or dents. The panels are straight down the side with factory shut gap clearances maintained. The car’s paint shines deep, maintained a factory consistent faint orange peel, and has paint protective film across the nose area halfway up the hood and fenders. We believe it to be all original paint besides the rear bumper which we had repainted due to an unsightly scratch. Overall, the condition of the body and paint is consistent with the mileage displayed. There are a few stone chips/peppering on the nose of the car particularly on the hood as seen in the photos.

glass and trim

The glass is excellent and original with no notable scratches or damage. The trim is consistent, supple, and blemish-free save for the rubber trim on the A-pillars which are ever so slightly faded. The soft top is original as is the plastic rear window. The soft top has a minor amount of creasing as seen in the photos and the plastic rear window is slightly faded but perfectly acceptable and certainly not unsightly.


The wheels are original and virtually blemish-free with no curb rashing of significant blemishes. The tires are all new Continentals and dated 2020.

notable flaws

Some stone peppering on the front nose area and 3-4 small stone chips on the hood. Very Slight fading of A-Pillar trim. A very faint 3-inch blemish on the passenger side fender by the headlamp that is unnoticeable unless in the right light and looking for it. A very slight crease that did not break the clear coat or leave any noticeable scratch. Only noticeable under the most scrutinizing lens.


seats and surfaces

The seats and surfaces are all indicative of the low mileage shown and are overall very presentable and attractive. No stains or rips in seats or carpets and the dash top is perfect. The driver's seat bolster shows a touch of wear consistent with the mileage. There are some scratches to the delicate, black/rubberized surfaces of the interior such as the vent surrounds and center console section.

functionality and accessories

Everything functions as it should with no noticeable issues. Radio, lights, A/C, top, windows, gauges etc. all work properly.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is tidy and retains its original stickers, markings and coatings.

trunk area

Both trunk areas are tidy and nearly new-looking with no issues to note. Factory stickers are present under the front and rear trunk lids.


The underside presents extremely well as being treated to a dry ice blast clean treatment which removes dirt and soot but leaves factory finishes, markings, and coatings.



The engine cold starts quickly, idles perfectly, and delivers power linearly with no hesitation or issues. It sounds very healthy and the LN Engineering IMS retrofit has been done to put everyone’s mind at ease regarding the Boxster’s Achilles heel.


The transmission shifts smoothly, precisely, and with no odd noises or difficulties. The clutch feels excellent with good pedal. Rev match downshifts are incredible!

brakes and suspension

The brakes are strong, without any squeaks, and deliver excellent stopping power. The suspension is firm and responsive and feels brand new.

driving experience

The Boxster S driving experience is second to none. Many do not appreciate the Boxster S platform until they get behind the wheel and explore the rev range on an open country road. The chassis feels precise, the steering is just heavy enough to provide proper feedback, and the exhaust note is incredible especially in 3rd gear around 5,000 rpm. This car is a joy to drive and does everything well.