• Chassis # WBSDE9344YBZ94733
  • Showing Just 33,000 Documented Miles From New
  • Finished In Oxford Green Over Caramel Leather Interior
  • Featuring Original Paint And Single Family Ownership Until 2021
  • A Highly Original And Very Well Maintained Example
  • Original Owner's Manuals, 3 Keys, Service Records, Stock Head Unit, Clean CARFAX, & More
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The Overview

The BMW M5 has served as the German marque’s high-performance sports sedan since its introduction in 1984. The third generation of the M5, known internally as the E39, was introduced in 1998 and was the first to use a V8 engine rather than BMW’s usual I6 offerings. That 4.9 L S62 V8 increased power to 394 HP over the previous generation’s 311 HP and sent it through a Getrag 420G six-speed manual transmission.

The E39 M5 received a facelift in September of 2000 that included halogen “corona rings” in the headlights, LED taillights, and a number of interior upgrades. 0-60 mph times are officially reported as being 4.8 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. An unrestricted version reached 186 mph, according to Auto Motor Sport. Only 20,482 examples of the E39 M5 were produced from 1999 to 2003.

 Throughout the years, the E39 generation has become a collectible for redefining what a sports sedan should look and perform like. With its large and very powerful V8 engine combined with a comfortable and spacious interior, it defined a new segment of vehicles that have become extremely popular in today’s automotive landscape. Average pricing on E39 M5 examples has seen a steady increase over the past 5 years, while more recently, prime, extremely low-mileage, collector-grade examples have sold as high as $130,000. We see a strong future potential for these vehicles, especially those finished in interesting colors with low mileage. These cars were built to be driven, and many of them have high miles and heavy maintenance needs so finding a low-miles example that has been properly maintained throughout the years is becoming increasingly difficult, but when you can find one, they are an excellent vehicle to buy, hold, and most importantly; enjoy. 

This particular example, Chassis # WBSDE9344YBZ94733, is an extremely original example, featuring original paint, with just over 33,000 miles on the odometer and single-family ownership until 2021. It arrived in the US through New Jersey on December 7th, 1999, in gorgeous Oxford Green over contrasting Caramel leather interior with Walnut trim. It was purchased by its first owner from Competition & Sports Cars LTD in Greenwich, CT, a fact it wears proudly on its two original selling dealer key chains, license plate frame, and badge on the trunk. For the next six years, this M5 was enjoyed and always maintained at the BMW dealer in Mount Kisco, NY. 

In December of 2007, when the car had around 17,000 miles, the original owner reportedly transferred registration to their father-in-law and his wife. They continued driving the car until December 2011, when, with just over 20,000 miles on the odometer, they transferred the registration back to the first owner’s wife. The first service record on file starts in July of 2012, when BMW of Mt. Kisco with a new instrument cluster due to the common issue of dead pixels (as stated in a letter from the original owner), replacement spark plugs, new valve cover gaskets, fluids and filters, and an intake silencer. 

The M5 returned in August of 2013 to the same dealer for new thrust rod bushings, a right rear control arm, new rear differential seals, and new exhaust & transmission mounts.

Fast forward to August of 2018, and the M5 found itself at BMW of Mt. Kisco again for an oil change and a general inspection. In February of 2019, German Ingenuity Auto Repair Inc. in Bedford Hills, NY, gave the car a thorough service that included fluids and filters, new mass air flow sensors, left rear upper control arm, drive + AC belt, ignition switch, oil separators, windshield molding, power steering hoses, and valve cover gaskets. In December of 2021, BMW of Darien, CT, took over for the fluid and filter change along with a new power steering return line from the cooler to the reservoir.

After over 20 years of being loved and enjoyed by the same family, the car was sold through a broker to its second and current owner in December of 2021 with under 30,000 miles on the odometer. Shortly after purchase, the new owner had the entire car treated to full PPF coverage at a cost of $6,800. It is reported by the current owner to be all original paint under the PPF, but due to the nature of the coating we are unable to verify this fact though paint meter readings from the previous owner before the wrap are provided in the photo gallery. It was frequently serviced at Rennsport Automotive in Bedford Hills, NY, like in May of 2022, when a new immobilizer was installed and the keys were reprogrammed. At some point during this time, the stock head unit was replaced with a very OEM-looking Dynavin N7-E39 PRO radio navigation system, and the OEM unit was carefully placed in a box and kept with the car. The last service record on file dates to September of 2022, when the M5 received new tires and a right rear wheel repair at ACG Tuning in Stratford, CT, with 31,505 miles on the odometer.

As it sits, this E39 M5 is an extremely low-mileage and well-maintained example finished in a desirable and uncommon color combination. While today’s traffic seems to be largely comprised of neutral colors, the new owner can rest assured knowing that this Oxford Green example will stand out in the same way it did when it rolled off the showroom floor. With a one-family ownership history until 2021, this car presents a unique opportunity to be one of the few caretakers of an appreciating modern classic. 

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive the service records on file, the owner’s booklets, the stock head unit, the original partial tool kit, and three keys with two original selling dealer key chains.

The Details


body and paint

The body of this time capsule original Oxford Green M5, is excellent, with no signs of accident or damage anywhere. All the panels are straight, coupled with excellent shut gaps. The owner had the PPF installed at a cost of nearly $7000 in the year 2021. Before the film was installed paint meter readings were taken which show an excellent consistent reading of between 4.5 and 5.5 throughout the car, verifying that this is truly a totally original paint example. These photos can be viewed in the gallery above. Each panel is straight, and the car is virtually blemish-free besides the minor blemishes captured in the photo set. Notable blemishes are a larger scuff on the lower passenger-side front bumper that has also gone through the PPF into the paint and some minor scuffing on the underside of the driver-side front bumper. The front bumper is also drilled for a front-mounted license plate. There are a few minor paint blemishes on the top of the trunk the size of a pinhead and one on the driver's side quarter panel that has been touched up and is barely noticeable. There are a few touched-up stone chips on the front bumper and passenger mirror. Overall, the paint and body display as one would expect for a 34,000 mile original car in excellent condition.

glass and trim

All of the glass is original, with BMW insignias on each of the panes, including the windshield. There are no significant scratches or chips to note. The windshield has some very minor stone peppered but nothing that warrants addressing. The headlights are very clear for being original, as are the turn signals and tail lights. They do not have any cracks or serious scratches to note.

The rubber trim surrounding the windshield and rear glass are all original and in excellent condition. There is some minor drying/cracking at the corners of the rear window trim, but otherwise, the rubber trim all around is excellent. The gloss trim surrounding the passenger and driver-side windows is excellent, with no fading or major scratches. The trim is also covered with a paint-protective film. The black plastic trim surrounding the sides of the front and rear bumpers is very nice and original, with no serious scratching or significant fading.


All four wheels appear to have their original factory-smoked finish, which is nearly impossible to replicate when refinishing these wheels. None of the wheels have any serious curb rash or scratches to note, and the BMW roundel, along with the M logo on each wheel, are very nice without fading. The wheels are wrapped in Continental extreme contacts with 2022 date codes and have been recently installed.

notable flaws

The biggest flaw is the scraping and scuffing on the underside of the passenger end of the front bumper. It has scratches the underside of the bumper, as well as a portion of the side, and has gone through the paint protective film into the paint. Other notable flaws are minor scuffs on the passenger-side mirror, a few touched-up paint chips on the nose area, and some minor touched-up blemishes on the top of the trunk and on the driver's side quarter panel. The driver-side door handle has some nail marks under the grab handle area, as does the passenger side. Overall, there is nothing that warrants refinishing besides the lower front bumper scuff should the next owner choose to take it to the next level.


seats and surfaces

The Interior presents extremely well, as one would expect from a car that only has 34,000 miles. All of the fit and finish are excellent and original, with virtually none of the aging and cracking of the plastic components that many of these E39 M5s are prone to. The driver-side door panel and wood is original and essentially flawless with nothing to note, as is the passenger side and rear doors as well. There is some light scuffing on the driver-side door sill, as to be expected, but nothing major. The dash leather is extremely nice and free of any sort of shrinking or fading. The steering wheel is original and excellent, with prominent original grain and M sport stitching. None of the buttons are faded, and there’s no excessive scratching on any of the black interior components by the center consul. The wood is excellent and crack-free with a high shine. The ashtray in the center consul is slightly misaligned, and the shift knob is slightly faded. The front seats appeared to have been re-dyed at some point, and though it looks excellent, upon very close inspection, there is some creasing and cracking in the seats that you can see, especially on the driver-side bolster. All of the carpeting is very nice and virtually blemish-free with no staining or rips. The original floor mats are included, though they have some staining, and the bottom Velcro adhesive has deteriorated, which is common on these floor mats, so they have been replaced with period Accessory loop pile-type floor mats. The rear seats are all original and excellent, with no blemishes to note. The headliner is excellent and fits perfectly with no sagging, and the rear deck behind the rear seats is excellent as well. The rear parcel shelf has some slight sun fading to it. Overall, the interior is fantastic and displays as one would expect from a low-mileage example.

functionality and accessories

All of the interior functions work flawlessly. The HVAC system works, including the AC. The seats go back and forth as they should, and all of the windows go up and down properly, with no hesitation. The sunroof works perfectly in all of its positions. All of the interior lights function perfectly. The gauge cluster functions perfectly well, and none of the pixels in the cluster or the climate control units are missing. The rearview mirror is free of any bleeding that they are prone to. The current consignor replaced the original outdated radio and navigation unit with a modern system with Apple CarPlay, which has been integrated flawlessly. We do have the original radio head unit with navigation, which will go with the car.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay presents as all original, free from any modifications, and is extremely tidy for a 34,000-mile car. From the top side, there appear to be no obvious leaks or issues at all. All of the original factory stickers and finishes are present, with no notable blemishes or issues. The very common oxidation on the valve covers is not present, and the hood struts function excellently. The under-hood pad is original and in excellent condition. Overall, the engine bay presents as one would expect from a collector-grade 34,000-mile car.

trunk area

The trunk area is all original and tidy with no serious issues. The tool kit is missing some of its tools. There are some minor blemishes on the side of the trunk carpeting, but nothing warranting attention. The is a small section near the latch area that has some paint beginning to bubble due to moisture being trapped there. Not something that warrants immediate attention, but something that should be monitored for the future.


The underside is all original and appears to have never been extensively cleaned, so it presents as original with some grime and oxidized on various underside hardware. The underside would benefit immensely from a dry ice blast cleaning that would render it virtually brand new when finished.



The engine fires to life immediately, with no effort, and settles to a smooth, idle very quickly as it should. The V8 sounds absolutely brilliant through all the rev range, with plenty of power and torque to get you down the autobahn at a fierce clip! The engine makes plenty of linear power with no issues that we have noticed.


Gear shifts are extremely smooth up and down its six gears. No grinding or difficulty shifting was noted, and the clutch engages right in the middle of the throw as it should, with no slipping or noticeable issues.

brakes and suspension

The brakes function as they should and do not squeak or chatter. There is nothing to be noted for brake issues or suspension issues. The suspension is firm without any bounciness or clunky noises noticed. Cornering in this car is an absolute pleasure, as is the braking. The car tracks straight down the road with no pulling to either side.


All four corners wear Continental Extreme Contact tires showing 2022 DOT date codes. The fronts are sized 245/40 ZR18 and the rears are 275/32 ZR18. All four tires feature excellent sidewalls with plenty of tread life left in them

driving experience

Driving an E39 M5 is a real treat. You are never really prepared for the power and performance that these cars put out when embarking on a casual drive. These cars are tame when you want them to be, then ferocious when it’s time to have some fun. They are very unassuming, luxury saloons with a spicy side to them. Behind the wheel, this car feels as close to “new” as one could get without time traveling back to the year 2000. The moment your right foot goes to work, the next your looking at the speedometer needle displaying 80mph, though it only feels like 50 mph! It does speed effortlessly and comfortably with the ability to haul 5 people and three golf bags. We have handled a fair amount of E39 M5s, and this is by far the healthiest and best feeling example we’ve had the pleasure of presenting.