The Overview

When Porsche unveiled the all new 996 Variant of the 911 in 1998, true Porsche enthusiasts where hopefully enthusiastic that the all new model would carry on right where it left off with the 993. The reality became known however that its precursor, the 993 Carrera was indeed the last of the breed and a truly exceptional Porsche experience that summed up the marque at its best and most modern form. The 911 has always been a car of evolution, advances were always made, and overall it seemed that in the models 33 year run (as of 1998) Porsche never strayed from their roots. Tighter emissions regulations, noise regulations and safety standards are once again the culprit of radical change amongst the automotive manufacturing community. The 911 was perhaps the keystone of change during a time strict enforcement masked by claims of technological progression. In short, the Porsche 911 as we know it today is a very good car, but, it is not a truly great car like its predecessors, more specifically, the 993.


The example on offer here, a 1997 Porsche Carrera is offered in the classic combination of Guards Red over a Black interior. This 993 has traveled 49,700 miles from new and is offered with both a Clean Carfax and a Porsche COA. Per its original build specifications this 993 was completed at the factory on 10/14/1996 and delivered new with some excellent options including a Limited Slip Differential, Power Seats, and Porsche Floor Mats to name a few. The cost when delivered to its first California owner was $67,876.00. We know the car was delivered new in CA but do not have the exact ownership information for the original owner. We do know that by 2002 the car showed right around 20,000 miles and was in the hands of a Mr. Arte Libunao of Huntington Beach, CA. Mr. Libunao cared for this example regularly with receipts showing consistent oil changes and various minor service items until about 2006 with just over 37,000 miles reported at the time when it was traded to a Mr. Richard Jones of Montana. Mr.Jones, an avid Porsche enthusiast and owner of several significant and interesting variants of the 911 took this 993 home as his only 993. There it stayed with him until 2014, accruing 10,000 more miles since 2006 and well serviced during this time as well.


Cosmetically, it is superb, with absolutely no paintwork present, certifying that it is an example that has never been hit or never had a reason to be painted. One item however is that it did receive a clear bra early on in life and that clear bra while still perfectly intact does show signs of age in the form of a light fade and checking. Otherwise there may be one or two of the utmost minor dings or scratches present here or there but nothing worth mention and certainly nothing worth refinishing. This is easily very nice example with original paint and consistently excellent throughout. The wheels have been chromed and polished, a typical alteration for cars of the 1990’s that were sold new in CA. They could be left alone or refinished to original per the next custodian’s desire. All of the rubber trim, glass, emblems and misc. items specific to a 993 are all there, intact and without blemishes. We have noticed that the tires are of a more aggressive pattern and size but still correct for the car.


Upon entering the contrasting black interior there are really no complaints to be had, it is literally new inside showing only signs of use on the driver’s seat and bolster. The dash top and face, center console, carpets, rear area and deck, headliner, sills and doors are all without blemishes and are nearly new. Not even the radio head unit has been touched as the commonly do. This example presents as 100% completely stock and nearly new with nothing out of place or blemished. Every knob, switch, and pull is in correct working order, with the only exception being the radio, which currently needs a code to be put back into service.


Both the Engine bay and front trunk are consistently excellent, original and without fault. The engine bay shows to be completely stock original still retaining its factory stickers and clearly never altered in any way beyond a few minor service items. The front trunk is exactly the same, the Jack, tools, and spare are still present and may very well never have been moved from there original spot. There are no corrosion issues of any sort anywhere on the car and overall this example shows to be completely dry and without any issues either on the underside, engine bay or front trunk.


993’s are captivating in the way they drive; they have elements of the early pre-73 cars but offer creature comforts one seeks in a daily driver. The unique combination means they start easily, rev freely and can stop, turn, and handle without worry. This example is no exception; it has been well serviced over the years and so it performs exactly as intended with absolutely no known issues in its systems or operation. It’s an exceptional place to be during a commute, back roads, or even the track. The 993 is a dynamic driver’s car that can easily sum up Porsche Air-Cooled success. It has all the roots of the early long hood 911’s but with careful integration of modern comfort that doesn’t disturb the original intent, it’s a pure bred, and sadly the last of a breed.


Offered with its original Books, tools, jack, spare and various service records this is the opportunity for any collector, enthusiast, or even first time Porsche buyer to enjoy a low mileage 993 Porsche that will reliably provide years of enjoyment.


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