• Chassis # 1B3ER69E0VV301280
  • Finished In Striking Viper Red Over Black Leather Interior
  • Showing Just 5,900 Miles From New
  • A 3 Owner Example Offered In Outstanding Original Condition
  • 1 Of Just 1,671 GTS Examples Produced In 1997
  • Sale Includes, Factory Manuals, Spares, Purchase Documents, And Available Service Records
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The Overview

Four years after the unveiling of the production roadster, the closed coupe Viper GTS marked a great leap forward in the evolution of the unbridled American supercar. The second-generation Viper, retaining many of the best qualities from the first, improved on nearly every measurable metric. It’s a car whose charismatic, unapologetic drama and in-your-face attitude had no equal.

Regarded as one of the most iconic cars of the 1990s, the Dodge Viper GTS greatly called back to the sports cars of the past. The closed coupe, with its double-bubble roofline and fastback form, took design cues from Pete Brock’s Shelby Daytona and allowed for helmet usage. Poised for track use, the GTS made for an attractive yet aggressive alternative to the offerings from Europe and Japan. Although as rambunctious as its predecessor, less than 10% of the mechanical components were carried over from the RT/10 roadster. The body, now on a stiffer chassis, weighed in 60 lbs lighter, and its power increased to nearly 450bhp. Steel components were traded for those of aluminum, shedding weight in the process to increase the GTS’s structural rigidity greatly. This allowed for even more impressive performance figures in both handling, acceleration, and top speed, thanks to an improved aerodynamic efficiency. Perhaps the most important development provided by the fixed roof was a dramatic increase in usability and creature comforts. External door handles with locks, powered windows, air conditioning, and airbags all contributed to fleshing out the Viper as more of an actual car rather than a weekend toy.

Today, the Dodge Viper remains as a historic remnant of an automotive era that can no longer be repeated. With its timeless looks and raw American performance, these cars are, and always will be, something truly unique in the collector car landscape. Although overall production numbers of Vipers were fairly high, they remain highly desirable amongst collectors. Overall pricing had languished for many years, hovering around the affordability levels of a 3-year-old compact car, but recently, average sales pricing has jumped by almost 30 percent, bolstered heavily by strong sales numbers in the GTS and later special edition forms. Moving forward, we see plenty of room for growth in these cars as they offer something that really no other vehicle can: an unabashed, pure 90’s, all-American driving experience with no aids to speak of. It is just you, the road, and that glorious V-10 engine, an experience that cannot be matched. 

The 1997 Dodge Viper GTS on offer here, Chassis #1B3ER69E0VV301280, is finished in Viper Red and has just 5,900 miles from new. Originally delivered to Oxnard, California, in October of 1997, it remained with its 1st owner for 16 years while being driven sparingly but serviced regularly. From there, in 2011, it changed hands twice while continuing its stay in California and only adding about 1,000 miles from its first owner. Currently, this Viper presents exactly as you would expect a low miles and very well-taken care of California example should. The paint around the car is consistent and original; the only very minor blemishes appear from general use, are hardly noteworthy, and are contained to the front bumper around the grille. The often scuffed door sills remain in perfect condition, and the painful-to-keep-clean piano gloss black surrounds on the door handle are swirl-free with no issues. 

These early Vipers offer both handsome looks and one of the most exhilarating driving experiences one can find in a street-legal road car. As new collectors are inevitably drawn to Dodge’s iconic performance car, the early Vipers are most prized. This low-mileage car is a wonderful and extremely original example. The laws of attrition have worked favorably for the GTS, and today, there are very few good examples left, providing an excellent opportunity with this GTS to experience the Viper essentially as it came originally from the factory. 


The Details


body and paint

The Viper red paint is deep and consistent all throughout the vehicle with plenty of orange peel present. The only areas with slight blemishes are around the front grill with just 2 small marks, likely from general use, neither of which eat all the way through the clear coat. The body is straight and the panels align as they should.

glass and trim

All of the original glass is present and is clear. The trim pieces are all very nice and deep black in color. The door handles, which are surrounded in piano black are also in great condition and texture around it is free of swirls.


The wheels are in great condition. No curbing or rash is present, a light polish would make them pop even more.


seats and surfaces

The seats reflect the mileage well. Minimal wear on either the driver or passenger seat virtually no wear on the bolsters as well. The perforated seat inserts appear in great shape. The dashboard and other plastics are still a nice dark gray color with no blemishes. The Door sill, a common traffic area that is typically scratched and scuffed on ingress and egress remains in great shape with no issues to note.

functionality and accessories

The lights, dash, A/C, and radio all work as they should. All four gauges at the top of the center stack function properly as well.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is spotless. All the hoses and tubing arel in really nice condition. All the factory stickers are present. The engine's red powder coated block presents nicely with no fading and remains a deep red color.

trunk area

The trunk is lined in the correct carpet and is clean and tidy. The spare tire is also present as well as the correct factory CD player.


The underside, like the rest of the car, is in really good order. No rust is present and it is very clean underneath.



The engine fires to life immediately with no hiccups & a deep growl. The engines revs freely with no issues and makes good power throughout the rev range.


The transmission is easy to use with short throws. The clutch travel is long but engages as it should and is also easy to operate.

brakes and suspension

The brakes work well with no pulling or pulsation. The suspension is quiet, absorbent, and tight allowing for a calm ride or a demanding ride depending on driver input/use.


The tires are Michelins dated from early 2020 with plenty of tread left.