• Chassis # 1B3ER69E7TV200010
  • One-Owner With 2,463 Miles From New
  • Delivered New To Prominent Detroit-Based Collector
  • Chassis #10: Possibly The Lowest Serial Number GTS Offered To The Public
  • Special Order By Chrysler Executive For Original Owner
  • Includes Full Set Of Manuals, Two Keys, Purchase Documents From New, & Clean Carfax
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The Overview

Four years after the unveiling of the production roadster, the closed coupe Viper GTS, marked a great leap forward in the evolution of the unbridled American super car. The second-generation Viper, retaining many of the best qualities from the first, was improved on nearly every measurable metric. It’s a car whose charismatic, unapologetic drama and in-your-face attitude had no equal.

Regarded as one of the most iconic cars of the 1990s, the Dodge Viper GTS, greatly called back to the sports cars of the past. The closed coupe with its double bubble roofline and fastback form, took design cues from Pete Brock’s Shelby Daytona and allowed for helmet usage. Poised for track use, the GTS made for an attractive yet aggressive alternative to the offerings from Europe and Japan. Although as rambunctious as its predecessor, less than 10% of the mechanical components were carried over from the RT/10 roadster. The body, now on a stiffer chassis, weighed in 60 lbs lighter, its power increased to near 450bhp. Steel components were traded for those of aluminum, shedding weight in the process, to greatly increase the GTS’s structural rigidity. This allowed for even more impressive performance figures in both handling, acceleration, and top speed thanks to an improved aerodynamic efficiency. Perhaps the most important development provided by the fixed roof, was a dramatic increase in usability and creature comforts. External door handles with locks, powered windows, air conditioning and airbags all contributed to fleshing out the Viper as more of an actual car rather than a weekend toy.

The Viper GTS offered here, finished in what has now become the iconic Viper GTS Blue with Stone White stripes color scheme, is likely the earliest example GTS known to the market. A model introduced to the general public later that year, this earlier example, chassis TV200010, the 10th example built, was delivered to Pointe Dodge, on Mack Avenue in Detroit, MI, no later than May, 1996. The first owner was Mr. Keith Crain. Crain, of Crain Communications, motoring publisher, known for his long tenure with Automotive News and Autoweek Magazine, was likely a key client of Chrysler’s to receive one of the first GTSs. Not long into his ownership, he received a letter from then Chrysler General Manager Martin R. Levine. “I trust you are enjoying your Viper GTS as much as I’m enjoying mine … I think I found the ‘fountain of youth!’”, he would be quoted saying. Autoweek’s impressions followed suit. “We’re most impressed that the amalgam of inspirations and intentions and necessities all comes together so well. Credit the manager of vehicle synthesis”. Over its unbroken 24-year private ownership, just 2,463 miles have rolled under this Viper’s wide tires. Included with the vehicle is a complete set of manuals, two sets of keys, unique purchase documents from new and a clean CARFAX. 

The Viper GTS with its outlandish design has, as considered by most, aged well. These early Vipers offer both handsome looks and one of the most exhilarating driving experiences one can find in a street legal road car. As new collectors are inevitably drawn to Dodge’s iconic performance car, it’s the early Vipers that are most prized. This one-private-owner from new, low mileage car is a wonderful example. The laws of attrition have worked favorably for the GTS, and today there very few good ones left.