• Chassis # SAJNX5783RC191789
  • 1 Of Approximately 19 Examples Produced For 1994 Featuring A 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • A Highly Original Example
  • Finished In Iconic British Racing Green Over Biscuit Interior
  • Freshly Serviced And Ready To Enjoy
  • Sales Includes BMIHT Certificate, Factory Manuals, 3 Keys, And Available Service Documentation
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The Overview

First introduced in 1975, the all-new XJS platform had a monumental role to fill as the replacement for the beloved E-Type. Jaguar had done an impressive amount of redesigning in an attempt to launch an all-new platform that could carry it through the quickly changing automotive landscape of the 1970s. Although initially many complained of the slightly awkward styling and the singular 5.3-liter V-12 engine option, jaguar continued to stick to the XJS platform and through a long series of refinements managed to turn the XJS into a truly fantastic luxury grand touring vehicle. 

1991 saw the Jaguar brand name under the control of Ford Motor Company, as well as the launch of the new “Face Lifted” XJS. Apart from some stylistic smoothing, the biggest change was the availability of an enlarged 4.0 liter AJ6 (Advanced Jaguar 6-Cylinder) inline six-cylinder powerplant. This power plant proved to be quite robust, as well as lighter, and far less problematic than the V-12 which had now been enlarged to 6.0 liters. 1992 saw the introduction of a convertible option with a 2+2 convertible following shortly behind. The 1994 model year also saw the additional update of replacing the inboard rear disc brakes with a less complicated outboard disc setup. The XJS would be discontinued in 1996, replaced by the XK8, after an impressive 21 years in production and selling over 115,000 examples worldwide. 

The example on offer here is a 1994 Jaguar XJS Coupe with an extremely rare and desirable factory-fitted 5-Speed manual transmission. It is finished in iconic British Racing Green with a Barley interior, just as it left the factory, as supported by the included BMIHT certificate. In our research on this car, we reached out to an archivist with Jaguar Land Rover who provided us with production figures of 19 examples believed to have been fitted with the 5-speed manual produced for 1994, all of which were sent to the United States, making this example a very special offering. It currently wears a beautiful set of Jaguar Speedline Sport wheels that have been powder coated body color, a fantastic and striking addition that really sets the car off nicely and gives it a wonderful 90’s look to it. Currently, the odometer shows 132,335 miles although the car presents in a very well-kept manner and the current condition reflects a car of much lower mileage. 

According to our available records on hand, this car appears to have been sold new in Huntington, New York where it remained for the first 2 years of its life. It then changed hands at an auto auction in October of 1996 with 39,305 miles on the odometer to its second owner who resided in Paramus, New Jersey. Under its second owner, this XJS was cherished and serviced regularly and continuously at Bergen Jaguar of Paramus, New Jersey, with a host of service records available, detailing the exquisite care the car received. Records are available starting in 1996 up until around 2014 and can be viewed in the documents section above. In 2017 the car appears to have changed hands to the third owner, whom we bought the car from, who resided in Boca Raton, Florida. Upon acquiring the car, its third owner took it to Jaguar Doctor of Boca Raton, where he had a thorough servicing and refreshing done, the records for which are available in the documents above. Upon our acquisition of this XJS, we had a thorough inspection of the car done, and replaced some expendable items as well as mounted a new set of Pirelli P600 tires. It should be noted that the CARFAX does show as 1 owner which we do not believe to be accurate. It also displays a mileage discrepancy, which is believed to be an error in reporting as the current mileage on the odometer matches the listed mileage before the most recent reporting. 

As it sits today, this XJS Coupe is in excellent and well-preserved driver quality condition. The interior is believed to be all original and it shows as such with nice patina scattered throughout the cockpit. The exterior is believed to also be largely original paint with most of the car metering consistently between 9 and 10 and showing no signs of paintwork with the exception of a portion of the leading edge of the driver’s side door which is inconsistent with the rest of the car and meters much higher. Mechanically this car is very well taken care of and ready for immediate enjoyment and use. 

The Jaguar XJS series of cars are an excellent example of a vehicle that was not universally loved when new but has aged very gracefully and turned into a true collector car. This example with its iconic British color scheme and a desirable, factory-fitted, 5-speed manual transmission is sure to be universally sought after for years to come. Thanks to its excellent upkeep throughout the years it’s sure to provide plenty of enjoyment as well, with its good original driver quality condition ensuring that its next caretaker can drive it to its fullest without the worries of a Concours restored example. 

Included with the sale of this vehicle are the original 5-spoke wheels, BMIHT certificate, factory jack, manuals, books, and available service documentation. 

The Details


body and paint

The paint on this XJS is very consistent throughout in terms of finish and depth of shine. It does however represent the mileage in terms of minor flaws, mostly found toward the front bumper, front of the hood/fenders as well as the rear bumper. Signs of use are consistent with the mileage, but nothing that warrants refinishing. Overall it presents nicely, is respectable, and is inviting to use often.

glass and trim

The glass, while original Triplex does show significant peppering to the windscreen and fading in the corners of the windscreen, otherwise all other glass is in good condition. The trim is complete and overall presents nicely though a few of the brightwork items have some minor fade or have been polished too much over the years. The rubber items are in surprisingly good condition for the mileage and age of the vehicle.


The wheels currently fitted are 15” Jaguar Sport Wheels by Speedline and have been refinished in body color with a turned lip. These wheels were most commonly found on European Spec XJRS’s. The original wheels, which are included with the sale, are in good-fair condition and could be reinstalled at any time.

notable flaws

Peppering to the hood and windscreen. As well as behind the wheels on the rockers and rear fenders. The windshield wiper escutcheon is faded and chipped.


seats and surfaces

The interior does reflect the mileage, especially on the driver seat and driver door armrest. The seat belt guides are faded and lightly cracked and the shifter shows wear along with a floor mat mounting system that no longer works. Beyond these items, the interior is well preserved. The veneer, buttons, controls, dash, kick panels, headliner, rear seats, etc… the brightwork are all are in excellent condition. There are two minor cracks in the veneer center console area.

functionality and accessories

It appears that everything is functioning correctly on the interior with the one stand-out item being the radio, which does not turn on.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay reflects the mileage. Areas of missing paint have minor surface corrosion. Various components in the engine bay have seen their finishes deteriorate and the vehicle has been mended as needed, deviating from 100% factory correct components to achieve reliability. The hood pad is worn, and the engine bay shows to have had plenty of use and service. More recently the head was refurbished. The main belt does make a squeak and should likely be replaced in the near future.

trunk area

The trunk area is tidy overall, some further detailing could enhance it with no real flaws noted.


The underside shows as the mileage suggests. Dirty, a little greasy here or there, but solid and without any major corrosion to note.



The engine is a well-proven unit that has recently received a head rebuild. It starts easily, runs strong with good oil pressure, and holds a steady temperature. It makes ample power and is otherwise a sound unit.


The shining star for this XJS, the very rare factory 5-speed manual fits this car perfectly. Shifts without fault and transforms the experience. No issues noted.

brakes and suspension

The suspension is plush and absorbent and feels current. The brakes work well with no pulling and the steering is precise if not a bit on the luxurious side.


Currently fitted are Pirelli P600 235/60 R15 tires on all 4 corners and are new.

driving experience

Reminiscent of the E-Type, the 5-speed manual in the XJS transforms the experience. In coupe format with the Speedline wheels, this Jag is inviting with higher mileage. Performing exactly as it should, it is a GT car that feels right, looks good, and provides for a well-rounded experience. A beautiful machine from an undervalued part of Jaguar's history.