The Overview

The Porsche 911 is truly unique in the fact that it has been so monumentally successful throughout its life span while being so repetitive in its design. It’s likely the only car that can get away with slogans such as “the all new Porsche 911” year after year. While the general public sees the same fast back line since 1964 to the present, there really have been  significant changes over the years with varying versions and editions ushering these changes into the publics eyes. In total these small but significant changes to that all to familiar shape truly do produce a noteworthy legacy. Since it’s conception and first appearance in 1964 the 911 was really the ultimate car for Porsche in terms of a platform to build upon. The late 1960’s and into the 1970’s saw a variety of different variants available. The Turbo was introduced in 1975, and the 911 lost its roof in 1982. There was however, only so much that could actually be done without a total re-design of the classic silhouette. By 1989 the model had seen just about every change possible and Porsche decided it was time to re-work the classic shape of the venerable 911. Before Porsche launched the 964 though, they decided to go out with a celebration, marking 25 years of 911 productions with a special Anniversary Edition. These 25th Anniversary examples, known formally as the Silver Anniversary 911, would see only 200 cars produced in Cabriolet format, and of those only 160 would receive the iconic silver metallic paint that so accurately captures the lines of a 911.


The example on offer here, a 1989 Porsche 911 Cabriolet “Silver Anniversary Edition” Chassis # WP0EB0915KS170793 is a 121,527 mile example from new. It appears to have had about 5 owners starting from when new in San Diego, CA until 1991 at 31,000 miles before moving on to Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania by 2013. The Certificate of Authenticity proves to match the car exactly with a lengthy options list, and matching numbers throughout. These late Carrera’s are highly desirable for their ever-popular G50 5-speed transmission and bullet proof 3.2 Motors. As a result they were often the 911 of choice for most enthusiasts and as such most of them have been driven quite a distance. Hence most of these cars can be found with over 100,000 miles, and if serviced properly prove to be an excellent car that can be driven and enjoyed for many miles to come. This example appears to have been well serviced over the years, and we know that by 2006 a comprehensive servicing was completed by the Porsche experts at Specialty Cars Service Center in Allentown, PA. Receipts are present for a little over $12,000 for a total top end rebuild, reseal, fluids change and any/all elements of the car reviewed and updated as necessary. 6 years later at 116,000 miles the car was once again tended to by Specialty cars at nearly $7,000 for a total servicing which also included the purchase and installation of aftermarket wheel/tires, which have since been replaced with the original wheels/tires.


Cosmetically this car shows very well. It matches the miles, use, care and elements one would expect for a car that is in excellent driver quality condition. While nothing is needed for it to be enjoyed there are flaws to be noted. It appears that the car has likely had one re-spray in the original color at some point. There are a few minor chips in a couple of places. The worst of which is a one-inch chip near the rear trunk lid on the driver’s side. As well as a few on the drivers door edge. Overall it’s nothing that warrants refinishing, especially on a car that will most likely be driven regularly. In the right light, some very faint checking in the paint is present on the hood and fenders, typical with age and exposure to the sun. This is however very minimal and unnoticeable unless scrutinized with a trained eye under the proper light. The glass, rubber, trim items, etc. are all in good condition throughout with nothing major noted as an issue. The car is straight down the sides with excellent gaps throughout. The CARFAX report is consistent and clean through the years with the exception of an accident reported in December of 1998 stating, “accident reported involving rear impact”. A thorough inspection and metering of the car proves it to be untouched contrary to this claim. CARFAX has no information beyond this statement and the structure of the 911 in the rear is 100% correct, in order with factory spot welds, markings, body vin stickers etc… all still in place and correct per original standards. If there was an incident it had to have been a 5 mph “tap” or incident of some sort; enough to prompt the then owner to report it, but not enough to alter the condition to the point of recognition.


Upon entering the interior, the jams are obviously clean and factory correct, the interior shows an acceptable patina for the miles and is welcoming with no real flaws. There is currently a Momo steering wheel installed, but the original is included. The dash fascia, center console, carpets, rear seats, door panels etc… are all consistently in good condition with light use. The only obvious blemish is that of a ¾ inch crack in the dash top towards the windscreen in the middle of the gauge pod area of the dash. The radio is a 1990’s Panasonic CD player. Otherwise everything is in order, working, and up to the standards most expect. The top is also in excellent condition and is the correct German Canvas type, it is newer with no issues noted, and it operates correctly.


The front trunk is tidy and removing the carpet shows all factory welds, paint, finishes, seam sealers, markings, VIN Stickers, and everything one looks for in a good 911. There is no evidence of any prior or current rust or accidents. The engine bay is consistent with the rest of the car, it appears correct in appearance, serviced, but used and enjoyed. No major flaws have been noted, no leaks, or items of concern. The jams are clean as is the interior of the engine bay with all factory finishes throughout. The underside is exactly as expected, dry, rust free, showing signs of use and enjoyment but with nothing out of order to any degree.


Driving this 89’ Cabriolet is a pleasure; it starts easily and runs strong and smooth with instant throttle response. The G50 transmission really is fantastic with no issues noted and a good clutch feel is present. The car brakes straight, runs out strong, and all things considered should be categorized as a turn-key example in every respect.


In the world of very expense air-cooled Porsches, this anniversary Cabriolet provides the identical basis for enjoyment as much more expensive examples. One can thoroughly enjoy and drive the car without the fear of adding miles that might come with a low miles example. This pure enjoyment can be had for a lot less while still retaining value and the delight of owning a truly significant model in the storied 911 history. Included in the sale are the original books, tools, jack, spare, steering wheel, radio, and service records.



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