The Overview

Porsche’s initial work with turbocharged racing cars in the 1960s led to a turbocharged version of the 911, though it was originally intended for racing, the market demanded that Porsche produce road-going versions. The old “race on Sunday, sell on Monday” wasn’t just a marketing theory, and it soon became a reality. Suspension refinements, larger brakes and a strengthened four-speed gearbox rounded out the package, which included a functional “whale-tail” rear spoiler, wider rear wheels, upgraded tires, and flared rear wheel wells. Simply called the “Turbo Carrera”, it was released in 1975 with export to the U.S. starting in 1976. The 930 (internal designation) proved fast but demanding; however, skilled drivers quickly learned how to drive it properly and beyond the limits of most other sports cars. As with any other 911, the Turbo has been improved upon year after year. From its debut in 1975 to the current day, many changes have been made. However, each year and variant of the famed “Turbo” all have their individual experiences while keeping mind-bending performance first and foremost.
The example on offer here, a 1988 Porsche 930 “Turbo”, VIN # WP0JB0933JS050263 was completed on the 30th of September 1987. Produced for the North American market, it was well ordered and delivered with the optional equipment as follows: equipped with electric sliding sunroof, Blaupunkt Reno radio, and alarm system, among other 930 standard luxuries. All verified by the accompanying Porsche Certificate of Authenticity; wearing Diamond Blue Metallic paint (F5) over Marine Blue Leather with Leatherette red Beltline upholstery (TP). A seldom seen combination, very unique, and fitting of the lines this car has. Early ownership history is not exactly known beyond that fact that this was delivered by its selling dealer on April 29th, 1988 in West Nyack, NY. Unfortunately, there are no service records that accompany the car to define its history and ownership. However, there should be emphasis placed on this fact- the car presents inside out and underneath as an extremely well kept example, likely in the care of a singular owner with all of the right little items pertaining to its care indicative of proper ownership. Additionally, it is accompanied by a clean CARFAX and clean Autocheck.


Cosmetically, this car shows very well. The unique paint-to-sample color is rarely seen and most of it appears to be original throughout. Through a visual inspection, we feel that the front ½ of the car including the doors is most certainly original paint along with the rear deck lid and roof. However, we have noticed that the rear quarters have had some paint work and through confirmation via use of a paint meter have figured out that there was a dent that was tended to which required paint work and so both ¼’s were done to match and blended. The work completed was incredibly well done as there are no noted tape lines or remnants of the work completed at all. Unless one knows exactly what to look for and is likely educated on the matter, there is virtually no way to figure it out. Otherwise, the only other blemishes noted are 3-4 small chips that were touched up on the passenger quarter, and a small chip on the driver’s door edge. Of which, both are absolutely not worth tending to and hardly noticeable. Otherwise, the car is dead straight down the sides with perfect gaps, rubber, and related trim. The glass is free of any imperfections, and overall the car is excellent with a very consistent presentation that could be considered show worthy.


Upon entering the interior, the jams give evidence to the care and cleanliness that the rest of the car boasts. The jams are very clean with no signs of any issues of any kind, original stickers, finishes, and hardware still present throughout. The seats and other parts of the interior are a version of Dark Blue that nearly looks black with the Red piping provides a fantastic contrast. The interior overall is superb with no noted blemishes retaining consistent patina for that of a 46K mile example, though it could easily pass for a lot less. All of the surfaces, panels, carpets, dash fascia/top, rear shelf, headliner and other surfaces are all consistently in excellent condition. No flaws of any kind can be noted and the consistency matches that of the rest of the car/interior to the effect of matching the mileage. The only item noted that is perhaps out of place from being correct per factory standards is the addition of a K40 Radar system along with an aftermarket radio head unit. Fortunately the original is still with the car and included in the sale. All of the knobs, switches, pulls and accessories are in correct working order and function as they should including the seats, gauges, lighting and other items. There are no real complaints to be made and overall the interior is representative of both the mileage and a very well cared for car.


Consistency continues in the front trunk where one can find a nearly untouched environment from new. All of the factory markings, spot welds, stickers and coatings are all still in place giving way to the fact that this car has never been rusty or involved in any sort of accident. The spare, jack, tools, compressor, plastic gloves etc… are all as they were on day one. The only exception or modification to the front trunk is the addition of a 6-disc CD-Changer that has been added. This is easily removable and from our inspection there was no modifications made that will affect originality. The underside of the hood still shows its original options sticker and cadmium plated items throughout still have an uninhibited finish on them. Overall, the front trunk shows as one would expect in a well preserved 930.


The engine bay is clean overall, matching the mileage, with signs of use and service over the years but without modification or unjustified wear. Again, as with the rest of the car, it is easily show worthy, highly correct and well cared for. It shows to have always been stored properly to preserve factory finishes throughout. The underside matches the engine bay exactly, signs of use, but quite obviously highly original with traces of Cosmolene still covering nearly every part of the car underneath. All factory coatings, marking, spot welds etc… are preserved and evident throughout, showing that 100% without a doubt this car was never rusty or hit; beautifully presented and incredibly original.


Driving a Porsche 930 is always simple at first, and this car like any good one starts instantly, idles smoothly and functions with no issues at all. The clutch engages easily and the selecting of any gear commences without fault. The ferocity in which driving a 930 can become interesting is around 4,000RPM. The turbo comes on with full force, no inconsistencies and power to the rear wheels is tremendous. The other half of the equation, braking, is also in correct working order with smooth pedal feel and strong reaction. There are no shimmies, rattles, shakes or issues noted in this cars ability to perform and quite frankly, scare a driver. Well done, in order, and easily turn key.


The Porsche 930 is a 911 perfected, and this example embodies everything one seeks in a fantastic last iteration before the 964 body style. It checks all the boxes for most enthusiasts looking for both an investment and a car they can enjoy. Unique colors, low mileage, completeness and originality throughout, right down to matching VIN stickers on the panels. This is a fantastic opportunity that is worth much consideration.


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