• Chassis # WPOEBO913JS171326
  • Engine # 64104953
  • An Excellent Driver Quality Example
  • Showing 108,089 Miles From New
  • Finished In Grand Prix White Over Blue Interior
  • Sale Includes Clean CARFAX, Available Service Documents, Factory Tools, And Spare
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The Overview

There are those that say a proper sports car is to be enjoyed with the top down and those that say the ultimate sports car is the Porsche 911. Following that logic, the pinnacle sports car is a top-down Porsche 911. The first Porsche, the 1948 Porsche 356, was topless, and the original 356 ignited Porsche’s greatness. These early cars kept evolving and built Porsche’s performance reputation and some of the industry’s most iconic road cars and race cars. The 356 evolved into the 911, and the first 911 without a top (Cabriolet) debuted in late 1982, as a 1983 model.

 Porsche 911s are always evolving and different enthusiasts enjoy different eras, but many enthusiasts and collectors gravitate towards the G series of the 911. They were built from 1973 to 1989 and remain the longest-running era of the 911 series. The later cars from 1984 on were a sweet spot in the 911’s progression. The motors were more powerful while being more robust and reliable than the early units. The introduction of Bosch’s more advanced digital fuel injection with an ECU to control the ignition and fuel delivery made the cars more powerful, and at the same time reducing its fuel consumption. Another major change came in the summer of 1986 (model year 1987) when the 911 Carrera was given the significantly improved G-50 transmission. All of these 3.2-liter flat sixes cars produce a distinctive and captivating sound and are known to last for hundreds of thousands of miles. These cars still feel powerful today and have an analog feel to the controls that no modern car can match

 Cars from the 1980s are gaining in collectability and this 1988 Porsche 911, chassis number WPOEBO913JS171326, is a proper 80s pinup. The car is finished in Grand Prix White with a blue top, blue interior, and matching optional white Fuchs wheels. The car also has the optional locking differential, short shifter, power driver’s seat, and a few other goodies.  This car started its life in New York and has been in Pennsylvania since the early 90s. We believe that there were two owners before the current owner. He has cherished the car and kept it garaged, but after a major service never found time to enjoy it. The car starts easily, pulls strong, shifts well, and feels solid. It is well sorted and ready for a new owner, one who wants to enjoy a proper sports car. 


The car comes with a few service records, original tools, and spare tire.

The Details


body and paint

The body is straight down the sides with consistent panel gaps all around. There are no signs of accident damage or panel replacement. The paint has a consistent and deep luster. There are some small imperfections, but nothing significant. Paint meter readings are available in the exterior detailed photos section located above. According to the numbers provided by the meter, we believe the car to be largely original paint showing between 3 and 4.5 mils, except the rear quarters/fenders and the rear bumper which meter between 6 and 8 mils. It is likely that this was done purely for cosmetic reasons as the factory crinkled edge/rougher finish around the edge of the wheel well seam is still present on all four corners. Below the front bumper, there is a small dent, but it is not easily noticeable or distracts from the overall quality of the vehicle. The car has obviously spent most of its life garaged and protected from the elements.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be all original with the proper stickers and insignias. There are no noticeable scratches or imperfections. The windshield has the proper integral antenna. The trim is all secure and straight. The trim’s black paint is slightly faded but more indicative of a 10-year-old car not a 34-year-old car.
The front passenger side headlight is cloudy, and there is a very small crack in the passenger side taillight. But the rest of the lights, reflectors, etc are in good shape.

Convertible Top

The convertible top is quiet and secure at speed. There are some signs of wear on the canvas in areas, and the back window has some very slight wear. But overall it has many years of watertight service ahead of it. The car was originally optioned with the electric top mechanism but has been converted to manual. It is simple and stress-free to lower or raise the top manually.


The factory color-matched wheels are straight and clean. The polished lips are still shiny with very minor clouding. The color-matched centers are clean with very minor imperfections. The front passenger side wheel has some small scrapes.

notable flaws

The panel below the front bumper has a small dent, there are some small chips in the paint, and the door edges have small chips.


seats and surfaces

The front seats are comfortable and supportive. Though there are some small tears and ripped seams on the driver’s seat. The dash is very clean and straight, though there are some small cracks hidden from view. The diver’s side rubber gasket is torn at the bottom but all the other gaskets look good and are pliable. The carpets, center console, and rear shelf/seating area are clean and in good shape. The convertible top handles are cracked but this is common and does not diminish their functionality.

functionality and accessories

All of the systems seem to function properly. All the gauges, stalks, etc. The AC is not cold, and as mentioned before the power top has been converted to manual.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine is clean and tidy and looks to have always been professionally serviced. Most of the factory stickers are present. The insulation panel behind the engine is missing and the remaining glue is unsightly. This is an easy fix.

trunk area

The front trunk area is relatively clean and looks well sorted. Most of the factory stickers are still present, including the important underhood vin and option sticker. Someone at some point “gooped” up the top of the shock mounts. This was probably from someone thinking it would remedy squeaky shock mounts or thinking water was entering through the shock mounts. There is no sign of rust or damage in that area, it is unsightly but not an issue. The shock mounts are quiet and the “frunk” is dry. The spare tire and tools are all accounted for. The access panels are easily accessible. The struts holding up the frunk are a little weak.


The underside of the car has some surface rust, but nothing concerning. The flat belly pan is straight and free of the typical dents and bruises that can often be found. The transmission and motor are clean and dry.

notable flaws

The missing motor insulation and “gooped” up shock mounts are the notable flaws. But like the rest of the car the engine, trunk, and underside are indicative of a well-cared for and preserved car.



The engine fires to life immediately and sounds healthy. There is no smoke or odd noises.


The transmission and clutch feel excellent, with crisp shifts and no slippage.

brakes and suspension

The brakes are strong and stop the car straight. The suspension feels good, and there are no odd noises or suspect motions.


The tires are from 2017 and no dry rot or cracking can be found. The tires might be out of round from sitting.

driving experience

We took the car on a few-hour drive and it ran perfectly. It was probably the longest drive it had had in a few years and it enjoyed the miles. As the time passed the car ran better and better. It sat in traffic in hot weather with no issues, and even after getting heat-soaked it sounded great and pulled hard. The car handles well on twisty roads, and it was stable on the highway. It was a pleasure to drive.