• Chassis # ZFFXA20A6H0067957
  • Believed To Be Just Over 2,400 Miles From New
  • Recent Concours Quality Restoration With Receipts Totaling Over $185,000
  • Recent Complete Mechanical Overhaul By Marque Specialist
  • Complete With Books, Tools, Spare, Window Sticker, And Service Documentation
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The Overview

The newly restyled Ferrari 328 was released in 1985 to build on the aging Ferrari 308 which had at that point been in production for almost 10 years. It was offered from the start in both a fixed roof GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta) as well as the GTS (Gran Turismo Spider). While still heavily based upon its 308 predecessor, the new 328 made some key changes to freshen the car up. Most important was the bump in displacement to a 3.2-liter V8 engine. This bump in displacement gave the car both more horsepower and torque, as well as freshening up the drivability of the platform. The original Pininfarina design was carried over but updated to include a general softening of the shape and body-colored bumpers amongst a few other cosmetic updates. Likewise, the interior received slight redesigns as well to modernize and freshen the look of the cabin. The only other serious update occurred in 1988 with the fitting of ABS brakes to all cars. Ferrari 328 production would last a total of four years from 1985 to 1989 when it was replaced by the all-new 348. A total of 7,412 cars rolled off the assembly line at Maranello, with 6,068 GTS versions being produced alongside 1,344 GTB models.

The example on offer here, chassis # ZFFXA20A6H0067957 is 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS. It is finished in red with a beige interior, the same colors it left the factory with as verified by the included window sticker. The odometer currently reads 2,400 miles, which is believed to be the correct and original mileage. This car lived a unique early life, having been originally sold new in Puerto Rico by the official importers of the territory. Not much is known about the car’s time in Puerto Rico but given the scant total mileage of just over 2,400, which are believed to be correct, it is safe to assume the car sat unused most of its time there. The car remained in Puerto Rico until 2014 when it was imported, through the way of Florida, to the state of Missouri. This 328 would go on to sit for a few more years stateside until in 2019 when it was treated to an exhaustive, Concours quality cosmetic and mechanical restoration with receipts totaling close to $200,000. Work was completed by both North Coast Exotics of Cleveland, Ohio, European Exotic Center of Clearwater, Florida, as well as Exotic Motors of Pinellas Park, Florida. Detailed receipts for the entirety of the restoration can be found in the documents section located above. All restoration work carried out on the car, both cosmetic and mechanical, was done to the highest standard and the car sits today, a stunning example, finished extremely well with only 2,400 miles from new. As it sits, this car would make a fantastic showpiece and with a few minor corrections would likely score incredibly well at any FCA event.

Included with the sale of this vehicle are factory books, tools, spare, copy of window sticker, and available service and restoration documentation.

The Details


body and paint

This 328 was the recipient of a no expenses spared restoration and the results still show wonderfully. The paint is absolutely spectacular throughout the car, with excellent color and clarity as well as consistency. The car has been used lightly since the completion of the restoration with break-in mileage applied. As such there a couple very minor stone chips that have since been touched up. There is also a small, inch-long crack, on the edge of the lower part of the hood on the driver's side. There are also some very minor chips in the paint in the black body line at the edge of the hinge side of the passenger side door. Some minor fisheyes can be found in the paint on the vent slats of the hood and a chip on the edge of the hood next to the windshield wiper (see photos). The body of the car shows clean straight metal with excellent gaps and panel fitment.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car remains clean and clear and is believed to be all original with Saint Gobain markings present all around. The lights work as they should and contain clean and clear lenses. There is a small stress crack on one of the amber marker lights at the screw mounting point, a common issue with plastic lenses, and easily corrected should someone wish to do so. There is some very light scratching on the driver side of the lower black valence which sits underneath the front bumper. Additionally, the exhaust tailpipes show some scratching that should be noted.


All 4 wheels are finished to the highest quality, with smooth and clean painted surfaces. The lug nuts all have a clean bright finish to them and the center caps retain excellent color and show no cracking.

notable flaws

There are some very minor paint chips that have since been professionally touched up. Some very minor stress cracks around the screw mounting hole are located on the front driver's side amber marker lens. The exhaust tips show some scratching and there is some minor bowing of the metal hood on the driver's side from improper closing technique.


seats and surfaces

The interior of the car was also gone through completely during the restoration and it still shows in the outstanding quality of the surfaces located throughout. The seats show no visible signs of wear and have good solid bolsters. The carpets retain excellent color and fitment. The dash fits tight and wave-free with no pulls in the stitching.

functionality and accessories

The gauges are clean and clear with bright and highly legible lettering. They all appear to function as they should. The rubber seals on the doors have not been worn in yet, causing the doors to be a bit difficult to close at times. The windows roll up and down with ease and the parking brake holds the car firmly in place. All the buttons and switches are clean and tidy with only some minor wear and aging in certain spots. The stitching around the steering wheel is tight and uniform. An aftermarket Blaupunkt radio sits neatly in the dash.

notable flaws

The rubber seals on the doors are still very supple, causing the doors to be a bit difficult to close, however, these will wear in over time, easing operation.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The mechanicals of this 328 were entirely gone through at the time of restoration and it shows very well in the clean and tidy presentation of the engine bay. Painted surfaces are smooth and consistent including the intake box which often shows faded and cracking paint. Metal surfaces are clean and tidy which hoses, tubes, and wiring all appear to be new and well looked after. There are no outward signs of any issues either cosmetic or mechanical.

trunk area

The rear trunk contains the correct, well-fitting black carpet and leather covering flap. The leather flap fits well, zippering shut with ease however it does show some minor staining on the white underside. The front trunk is likewise clean and tidy with a nicely finished factory spare sitting in the plastic spare wheel well. Painted surfaces of the front trunk area appear clean and consistent and the radiator and fans appear in great cosmetic and mechanical condition.


The underside of the car appears exactly as one would expect for a car restored to this caliber. Painted surfaces are consistent in their finish. There is a bit of very light scratching on front most metal undertray, more than likely from a low spot on the road or driveway, and metal under pan in front of the passenger side front wheel has a bit of creasing in it. Suspension components as well as the rest of the hubs and brake assembly look clean and tidy with no signs of issue. The underside of the engine and transmission are clean and tidy with no outward signs of leaks or issues.



Given its thorough sorting during restoration, this 328 remains in fantastic condition mechanically. The engine fires to life with a quick turn of the key and settles into a smooth and consistent idle. Out on the road it makes excellent linear power with no flat spots or stumbling to speak of.


The 5-speed transmission shifts smoothly between gears with the iconic “snik” emanating from the gated shifter bevel. The transmission and clutch hold power without any issue and the take-up and feedback of the clutch are appropriate.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension seems compliant and tight with no odd road manners or noises to report.


This 328 wears a newer set of Goodyear Eagle Sport all season tires with solid sidewalls and plenty of tread life left in them.

driving experience

The Ferrari 308 is a fantastic and visceral car to drive and with the release of the 328, Ferrari gave owners more power and comfort, adding to the overall experience in an undoubtedly positive manner. While not fast by today's ludicrous standards, the 328 is amply quick and the speed is much more manageable. The 3.2-liter V8 engine mounted directly behind your head provides for an intoxicatingly mechanical soundtrack. The handling of the 328 is light and nimble and immensely fun. Overall, the 328 built on the successful design of the 308, modernizing it a bit, while still keeping the gorgeous lines, proportions, and delightful drivability of it intact. Given the thoroughly extensive restoration of this vehicle, it currently needs nothing but a new owner and would make the perfect car to show and display. With a few minor updates and corrections, it would be sure to score well at any judged FCA event around the country and given its outstanding mechanical nature is ready to drive and be enjoyed immediately.