• Chassis # ZARBA5647H1046014
  • Engine # AR01544610312
  • 33,628 Miles & 2 Owners From New
  • A Well Serviced & Highly Documented Example
  • Offered With Original Books, Tools & Clean CARFAX
  • Ready For Immediate Use & Enjoyment
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The Overview

When an auto enthusiast hears the words “Italian Roadster,” their mind probably jumps to the iconic Alfa Romeo Spider. One of the longest-running convertible platforms of the 20th century, the Spider had the looks, the performance, and the panache to define the Alfa Romeo brand in the eyes of the world’s gearheads.

In March 1966, Alfa Romeo unveiled the Series I Spider at the 36th Geneva Motor Show, sporting bodywork that borrowed from the Giulietta and Alfa’s exclusive SS Spider Aerodinamica. The Spider appeared svelte, sporty, and distinctly Italian, and its friendly front fascia included a chrome grille in the shape of a smile. It was this friendly character that won the hearts of drivers for years to come, helping the Spider become one of the most iconic designs in automotive history.

Under the hood, the Series I carried over the Giulia Spider’s 1600cc twin-cam four-cylinder, disc brakes, 15” wheels, and a 5-speed manual transmission. Its 108 horsepower unleashed throaty, lively acceleration on the way to a top speed of 118 mph. Importantly, the Spider was an expensive car, selling in the UK for approximately the same as a Jaguar E-type and in the US for $3,950 (~50% more than an MGB). The upmarket clientele that splurged on the Spider turned it into an aspirational model, a distinction that it maintained for the entirety of its production run.

In 1970, with the Spider selling well and gaining a cult following, Alfa Romeo refreshed the platform. In Veloce trim, engine displacement jumped to 1750cc, and the Series I’s BMW 507-esque “boat tail” rear-end gave way to the “Kamm tail” rear-end seen on Spiders into the 1980s. The Series III Spider launched in 1982, bringing displacement to 2.0 liters and adding modern Bosch electronic fuel injection. For the 1985 model year, the US market received a special-edition “Graduate” Spider trim, in honor of a Series I Spider’s appearance in 1967’s The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman. “Graduate” models Spiders carried an entry-level price tag, using roll-up windows, steel wheels, and vinyl seats & soft top.

This particular example, chassis #6014, is a Graduate-trim Spider with long-term, well-documented ownership. The car was originally sold on 8/11/1987 for a grand total of $16,574.00 at MPA Inc. Porsche-Audi Alfa Romeo of Mechanicsburg, PA. The car’s first owner meticulously documented service intervals, including regular oil changes and A/C troubleshooting, from new until July 2016, when it was sold to its second NJ-based owner with ~31,000 original miles.

Owner #2 commissioned Col-Gen Motors of Newark, NJ to correct battery tray corrosion and replace a faulty front right tie rod end in mid-2016. In September 2020, the car received a deep engine bay cleaning, including the intake manifolds and oil separator, a cooling system flush, a full A/C service, and a complete brake and clutch system flush. Col-Gen also replaced the driveshaft u-joints and the rear muffler along with gaskets and hardware, for a grand total of over $5,000 of recent service.

Few vehicles outside of the Range Rover and the Porsche 911 can manage a nearly 30-year production run with few styling and mechanical changes, and the Alfa Spider looked just as sporty, fresh, and friendly at the end of its production run in 1993 as it did in Geneva in 1966. Today, Alfa Romeo Spider #6014 presents as a well-documented, well-serviced example of one of the most iconic vehicle designs of the modern age. It’s an ideal choice for the Italian auto enthusiast who appreciates the Spider’s place in the country’s motoring identity. But most of all, it’s an ideal choice for the enthusiast looking for an escape in the form of an Italian roadster, a place where shifts are deliberate, acceleration is throaty, and time slows down for the driver behind the wheel.

The Details


body and paint

This example is believed to be original paint throughout. It is straight down the sides with a consistency to the finish that can be found throughout the exterior paint. The body is free of any major dents and is straight down the sides with excellent factory panel fitment and shut lines. The top is new, but is correct and very high quality.

glass and trim

All of the glass is original to the car. There is even an original Alfa Romeo factory installed "buckle up" sticker on the passenger side window. While the glass is free of any major chips or damage, the passenger side of the windshield has suffered from being delaminated in the bottom corner.


The wheels are the original 14 inch steel wheels, with trim rings and center trim ring. There are signs of very light oxidation on a few of the wheels but nothing that would warrant refinishing of any kind. These are well kept originals and match the car nicely.

notable flaws

While original paint, and very well preserved, after 33K miles there are a few items worth noting. There is rub through on the paint from a buffing wheel on a 2 inch section of the drivers rear 1/4 where it meets the trunk lid. Right at the 90 degree angle where it meets the jam. This has also occurred on the 90 angle where the rocker turns into the door jam on the drivers side. While the passenger side shows some minor chips on the rocker. The passenger front fender has a small imperfection as does the door. Also noticeable is a small scuff to the drivers side rear corner of the bumper. None are worth tending to, all are minor, but present.


seats and surfaces

The interior continues the theme of high originality. The only item that has seen replacement is the driver side seat bottom due to a tear. The match is good overall, and only distinguishable from an original upon close inspection. Otherwise the dash is straight with no cracks. Nice original door panels, kick panels, center console and rear package shelf. The interior plastics on these cars are known for becoming brittle and cracking over time. This car has been very well kept and has none of these issues.

functionality and accessories

Everything is in correct working order. The radio, while not original, works. The HVAC systems are all operational and all of the stalks on the steering column function as intended. There are no known systems failures at this time. Even the clock on the dash is functioning.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is very tidy. During a recent service extra effort was spent to clean the engine bay while the car was apart. Bringing it back to a luster that reflects a highly original state. Consumables are the only non-original items noted. It otherwise presents as concours ready.

trunk area

The trunk is of the same consistency. Very nice factory carpeting and trim with good rubber. After lifting the matt up the metal shows as completely untouched original.



The engine starts instantly and quickly settles into a controlled idle. Once warm the car shows consistent oil pressure within the desired range and holds steady temperature. The engine makes good power for a 4-Cylinder DOHC fuel injected Alfa Romeo from the 1980's. There are no abnormal noises or issues to note as this car has recently benefited from over $5,000 in recent service work and has generally always been well kept.


The transmission shifts smoothly once warm. With no issues noted regarding the clutch operation or shifting.

brakes and suspension

The brakes work well, bringing the car to a stop without any pulling or feedback. The suspension is firm, quiet and provides for a smooth ride with sporting attributes when desired. The steering is responsive with no issues noted.


The tires are Michelin Defender 185/70R14's with a date code of 2015. They are supple and nearly new with a lot of tread life left.

driving experience

These are fantastic all round sports cars for common use. In this form, as highly original, well serviced, with limited ownership they are hard to find as most tend to suffer from lack of service. This example gives a pure representation of the experience Alfa Romeo always intended. As such it offers a well rounded driving experience that combines reliable performance, creature comforts and soul that only an Alfa Romeo can deliver.