• Chassis # ZFFJA09B000048165
  • Engine # 00717
  • Showing 17,955 Kilometers
  • Recent $20,000 Mechanical & Cosmetic Refreshing
  • Offered With Manuals & Jack
  • An Excellent Example of Ferrari's Fuel Injected Initial Mid-Engine 12-Cylinder Offering
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The Overview

Ferrari’s of the modern era are known for their mid-engine layout, providing superb levels of balance and race car like handling. It was, however, not always the preferred engine layout of the now world-famous automaker. There was a time when Enzo Ferrari deemed the mid-engine layout “too complicated,” especially for road cars. He felt that they should stick to their standard front engine vehicles that had been doing so well for the company up till this point. Unfortunately, though, the writing was on the wall as mid-engine cars began dominating the racing circuits and with this realization combined with the push from his head engineers Enzo finally gave in.

While the Dino would technically take the honor of being the first mid-engine road-going Ferrari, the first real V12 road going “true” Ferrari was introduced in 1973 and was called the 365 GT4 BB. It used an innovative 4.4-liter “boxer” or “flat” 12 cylinder engine which allowed the weight of the engine to be concentrated lower in the chassis. This layout had been previously used successfully on the Formula One circuit but had never been implemented in a road car before. The 365 GT4 BB was a success and would later evolve into the 512 BB in 1976 with some minor changes including a displacement jump to 4.9 liters. In 1981, the car gained Bosch K-Jetronic CIS fuel injection and had its name changed to the 512 BBi. The car would remain in this configuration until 1984, after which, the Testarossa replaced it.

The 512 BBi on offer here is a 1983 model- VIN number ZFFJA09B000048165 and engine number 00717 . It is finished in Rosso Corsa red over tan interior; the same as it left the factory. The car currently registers 17,955 kilometers though the true mileage is unknown. This 512 is the recent recipient of over $20,000 of both mechanical and cosmetic refreshing, all of which is documented by included receipts. This servicing did entail the all-important timing belt and tensioners, both of which were replaced in April of 2017. For a complete listing of the detailed work done to the car see the included documents above.

This car was initially imported into the United States in 1983 by William Lyon. Just two short years later, in 1985, it was acquired by a Michael Jean of Denver, Colorado. The car was then sold, shortly after to another Colorado resident, with a mere 2,700 miles on the odometer. In 1987 the car was acquired by Karl Dedolph of Minneapolis, Minnesota with less than 3,000 miles on the odometer. Dedolph maintained the car until 1992 when he offered it for sale. Eight years later, the Ferrari was for sale once more where it was purchased by a Mr. Scott of Sidney, Ohio. It was at the time of Scott’s purchase that it was noted that the odometer had been changed. The 512 BBi, a few years later was acquired by collector Robert Iannucci, who maintained it until 2011, when it was sold to a Mr. Gallogly of Lakeville, Connecticut. The current owner acquired the car in the past few years and has driven it sparingly and maintained it superbly.

The exterior of the car presents excellently. The paint is glassy smooth and largely free of any blemishes. One must look quite closely to find any issues with the exterior. These include some very small rock chips in the paint on the lower front valence, a few minuscule paint chips which have been previously touched up on the front bumper, and a small spot on the passenger side of the rear clamshell where the shell has rubbed the body, a common occurrence on these cars. All plastics lenses both front and rear are clean and crack free. The headlights operate smoothly and are in perfect sync as they rise and fall. The car is equipped with yellow fog lights, resting neatly in the straight and blemish free front grill. The car retains all of its original glass, as denoted by the markings still present on each of the panes. The body gaps are surprisingly straight, a beacon of the excellent overall quality of this example. The recently refinished wheels are shod in the right Michelin TRX tires, sized 240/55 VR 415.

Moving to the interior, the first thing one notices is how clean and tidy it is. The tan leather provides a light and airy feel to the cockpit. Both door cards are free of any blemishes, and the leather fits smooth and tight. The driver’s door sill is likewise clean and unusually free of any scuffing or discoloration. The passenger sill is still ensconced in its original factory plastic! Both seats are clean and free of any issues on their seating surface with bolsters that remain tight and crease free. The backside of the driver seat has a small blemish where it had been rubbing against the luggage strap located on the rear parcel shelf. The factory carpets are in good condition and are relatively spot free. The leather-wrapped, three-spoke, momo steering wheel is clean and free of any scratching or tears. The period correct pioneer radio is mounted in the dash and functions as it should. All switches and knobs are in excellent condition and function without issue. The air conditioning works well, for an 80s Ferrari. The windows both move up and down freely, albeit at typical slower Ferrari speed.

The engine bay is spotless and tidy and presents as a car with even fewer miles would. The intake runner’s bright grey paint shines and instantly attracts the eyes once the rear clamshell is raised. All proper pieces and clamps seem to be in place, and nothing appears to be missing. All hoses and lines are supple and crack-free. Both the riveted body tag as well as the stamp in the chassis corroborate the VIN number of ZFFJA09B000048185. The engine itself is clean and oil free. The engine number stamping is easily readable and displays as 00717. The front trunk is likewise clean and issue free. The color sticker is located in the correct spot and reads Rosa Corsa, as it should. The underside of the clamshell has the proper padding located in the center. All electronics and wiring are clean and tidy. The master cylinder reservoirs display no signs of any issues or leakage. The spare tire cover is present and crack free. However, the spare tire is not present with the car. The underside of the vehicle is congruent with the rest of the car- The front chin area is free from any scratching, a rare sight indeed. Suspension components have recently been replaced and show no issues, same with the brakes. All pans and chassis rails are free from any real blemishes. The underside of the engine is remarkably clean with no oil collecting on the lower side, signifying a tight and leak free engine.

Inserting the key and turning produces a crisp response from the starter. The car fires up with ease, producing the mechanical and metallic zing that only a proper V12 engined Ferrari can. The engine quickly settles into a smooth idle which calms as the engine warms and the gauges register temperature properly. The clutch is slightly heavy, but that is to be expected. The take up is spot on, however, and the car pulls smoothly away from a stop. The Bosch fuel injection can be tricky to dial in, but this car seems to have zero issues in this area as the car moves smoothly through the rev range. The gears, in typical Ferrari fashion, are a bit difficult to engage when the transmission is cold but once the transmission temperature rises, the gated shifter provides a smooth and satisfying “snick” as it moves throughout all gear with no issues. The suspension feels tight responsive, as it should, with having been recently replaced. The brakes engage nicely, and no peddle pulsation or vibration can be felt. The absolute best part of driving this car is the noise that the flat 12, located just mere inches from the back of your head, produces as the car moves effortlessly through the range of revs. It is truly intoxicating.

This particular 512 BBi, finished in classic Ferrari colors, is a good original and well-kept example with absolutely no needs. Very often these cars have lived hard lives through the 80’s and are a bit rough around the edges even if they have been “refreshed.” This car, however, is quite honest and has been extremely well kept throughout its life and looks and drives as such. Benefiting from a recent thorough sorting, this car is ready to be shown, driven and enjoyed directly from purchase.

Included with this car are the original jack, in its bag, as well as its original owners manual with pouch, and partial tool set. The car is also accompanied by some service records and correspondence of previous owners to help back up the history of the vehicle. 

(Description updated 6/6/18)

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