• Chassis # ZARBA5411C1015150
  • Engine # AR01544001536
  • Showing Just 7,200 Original Miles
  • A Remarkably Preserved Example With Just One Owner From New
  • Largely Original Paint With A Fantastic Original Interior
  • Sale Includes Factory Spare, Tools, Books And Sales Documents, As Well As Available Service Documents
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The Overview

The Alfa Romeo Spider was Alfa Romeo’s follow-up to the Giulia Spider, which in itself was a variation of the two-door Giulietta with more powerful engines and updated exteriors. The Spider was further redesigned and produced in four generations from 1966 to 1994. Series 1 ran from 1966 to 1969 with the Series 2 taking over from 1970 to 1982/83. The Series 2 changed the exterior styling and over time using a variety of engines ranging from a 1.3L Twin Cam I4 to a 2.0L Twin Cam I4, all backed by a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine displacement also gave each Spider a corresponding designation, with the 1,290cc-equipped Spiders being known as the Spider 1300, 1,570cc ones as the Spider 1600, and 1,779cc ones as the 1750 Spider Veloce.

1971 saw the introduction of the most powerful engine on offer, a 1,962cc unit that replaced the 1,779cc unit and thus changed the car’s designation from 1750 Spider Veloce to 2000 Spider Veloce. Between 1974 and 1976, Alfa Romeo equipped US models with large black rubber bumpers to meet the stringent North American crash requirements. Series 3 was introduced in 1982 and replaced the SPICA mechanical injection of earlier models with a Bosch electronic fuel injection. The styling wasn’t revised until 1983, making 1982 models one-year-only cars with Series 2 bodies but Series 3 drivetrains. 22,059 examples of the US-spec Spider Veloce 2000 were produced.

This particular example, Chassis # ZARBA5411C1015150, is a one-owner 1982 model that was always garage-kept and maintained until the owner passed away in December of 2021 and the title was switched into the estate’s name. The car is finished in aqua metallic over a brown leather interior with matching deep pile carpeting and shows just 7,265 miles on the odometer. It was delivered via Port Newark to Century Motors Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio with air conditioning and metallic paint being the only options installed. It came equipped with the fuel-injected 2.0L I4, limited slip differential, four-wheel power disc brakes, power windows, intermittent windshield wipers, and Campagnolo five-star alloy wheels.

This Alfa still has all of its original factory equipment, including the Panasonic AM/FM cassette radio, woodgrain steering wheel, and electronic digital clock. It was regularly maintained by its owner throughout its 39 years of ownership at numerous shops with service records dating back to 1984. Some of the craftsmen that helped keep this beauty on the road include the dealer it was bought from, International Auto Sport in Merriam, Kansas, as well as Carriage & Motorworks in Kansas City, Kansas. Its last oil and filter change, including coolant, gear oil, and a new battery, was performed in December of 2020. In September of 2021, it received a new cap and rotor, a new fuel line, and a new injector filter from Royal Autowerks in Overland Park, Kansas to remedy the stalling it was experiencing. It returned to that shop in October of 2021 for a new fuel filter, pump, and fuel pressure regulator. 

In June of 2022, we gave the car another refresh at CR Cars Inc. of Philadelphia, PA that included new tank and inline fuel pumps, a fuel tank sending unit, flushed fuel lines, drained the fuel tank, new left door strap and mount, brand new tires, and detailing of all four wheels. Thanks to its careful ownership over the years as well as it’s recent refreshing, this Alfa Spider is currently in excellent mechanical condition and is ready to be thoroughly enjoyed by a new owner.

This Spider presents an exceedingly rare opportunity to own a classic Alfa Romeo in nearly factory-fresh condition and unbelievably low miles. With some minor tinkering, this Pininfarina-designed work of art will provide its future owner many years of gallivanting about on PCH curves or to the nearest Concours event. Upon purchase, the new owner will receive the original window sticker, original owner’s books, and all of the service records on file.

The Details


body and paint

The body is straight with consistent panel gaps. The paint is in excellent condition, especially for a color that is known to fade and age quickly when exposed to the elements. The paint looks to be all original with the possible exception of a small section of the nose panel; a repair that was done very early on in the car’s life as it looks to be the same age as the rest of the paint. This is a small superficial repair and there is no sign of anything being replaced, or filler used. There are a few very small scratches in the paint but they require a detailed eye to locate. The passenger door edge does have some discoloration to the paint, but again this is not easily noticeable, and indicative of the 1980s Alfa Romeo quality control. Overall the car looks to be in near “showroom” condition. It is not a restored jewel but an unrestored gem that looks like it was just driven from the dealership in 1982.

glass and trim

The glass is all original with the proper etchings and stickers. The windshield retains the integrated radio antenna. All the stainless steel trim looks excellent, as do all the gaskets, weather strippings, and rubber parts. The insignias are all clean, straight, and well preserved. The reverse lights are the only indication of the car’s age as the plastic has very slightly yellowed. The convertible top looks to be original, and the plastic back window is clear and almost flawless. The front and rear rubber bumpers look good, they are without cracks or noticeable blemishes.


The wheels are straight and free of any curb rash or defects. The Alfa insignias in the center are slightly faded.

notable flaws

The slightly yellowed reverse lights, faded wheel insignias, and some very small scratches are the only notable flaws.


seats and surfaces

The entire interior is very well preserved and indicative of a well-stored and low-mileage vehicle. The seats have some webbing in the leather but overall are pliable and in excellent condition. It should be noted that there is some separation of the stitching on the passenger seat back. The material is in excellent shape but the stitching has come undone, an issue easily remedied by a competent interior specialist. The dash has no cracks, and the HVAC fan switch that is cracked or faded on 99% of Alfa Romeo Spiders looks almost new. The door panels are defect free, and the spring-loaded map pockets are still springy. The carpets are tight and clean, and the same can be said for the space behind the seats. The sun visors are still in ok shape, but like most Alfa Romeos of this era the foam interior has degraded and they are a bit flaccid.

functionality and accessories

All the gauges, stalks, switches, lights, etc. work properly. The radio works, and the fan works at all speeds. The AC is only slightly cold and has not been converted to modern refrigerant. It would probably be best to keep it on R12.

notable flaws

Overall the interior is in remarkably well preserved condition. It should be noted that the passenger seat has experienced some separation in the stitching on the seat back. The material itself is still in fantastic condition, it just appears that the stitching has come undone allowing a piece of the leather to come loose. This should be an easy fix for any competent interior specialist.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay looks almost untouched, with original hoses and clamps. The brake booster hose still has the DOT embossed number on it. All the factory stickers are in place. Though almost everything is original, nothing is dried out or cracking.

trunk area

The trunk is clean and rust-free. The spare tire looks unused, and the carpet is clean and stain-free. None of the plastic clips are broken.


The underside of the car was ice blasted leaving it in fantastic and clean condition, although even prior to that process it was in impressive condition. The underside stands out as another example of the car’s well-preserved and low mileage life.

notable flaws

The AC is not very cold, and it does look like one or two coolant hoses have been replaced.



The Bosch fuel-injected engine starts immediately and runs well. The engine idles smoothly and revs freely. There is no smoke or odd noises.


The transmission shifts smoothly into all the gears. The throws are long by modern standards but they are direct and engage gears as they should. The clutch pickups smoothly and feels healthy.

brakes and suspension

The brakes work well and stop the car quickly and in a straight line. The suspension is compliant and there are no odd noises or vibrations in the steering wheel.


The new Pirelli tires are in the correct factory size. These Spiders are often found with wider tires but the narrow factory size makes for a better steering feel and straight-line stability.

notable flaws

In our opinion, the shocks might need replacement in the future. They are adequate for now but it is something that we felt should be noted.

driving experience

I should preface this conclusion by admitting that I have owned a half dozen Alfa Spiders over the years, but none with such low mileage and so well preserved. It is a treat to drive one that is almost new. Everything feels light, well made, and precise. The motor is healthy and strong, and loves to rev. The transmission shifts well. There is body roll and brake dive but the ride is compliant and enjoyable. It is not a fast car by modern standards but it does enjoy a brisk pace. It's hard not to smile behind the wheel of this gem.

- Ezra Haines, LBI Limited Specialist