• Chassis # 10704412052463
  • Engine # 11798512037790
  • Nearly New With One-Owner & 9,952 Miles
  • All Documentation From Day One to Current
  • All Books, Window Sticker, Warranty Docs & More
  • Incredibly Well Preserved With Nearly No Faults

The Overview

The Mercedes Benz SL is perhaps the brands most recognizable long-term sports car. The 300SL is of course the genesis of this love affair, the W113 “Pagoda’s” ruled the 1960’s, and when manufacturing techniques were revitalized in the early 1970’s the W107 gave way to a new era. While the hierarchy of the SL world is easily defined as perhaps the older the better, it isn’t always the case. There are many overlooked and underrated cars in the world, and one for certain, is the Mercedes Benz 107 SL’s. While they may not reflect the sports car that the name suggests (Sport Light – SL) they do provide for long usable power, comfort, creature comforts, reliability and a style that can easily define an era. Today however, one is not like the other, most of these cars were used and enjoyed and were used cars many times over. To find an extraordinary example is rare, and to find a perfect one is near impossible. Once in awhile there is an anomaly where the first owner decided to care about their car to an extent, which is nearly devout, religious, and calculated. This brings us to the 107 on offer, a 1979 Mercedes Benz 450SL.


Chassis # 10704412052463 was delivered new to its first owner, a Mr. Fiore on February 17th, 1979 by Francis Dean Mercedes Benz of Pittsburgh, PA. It was optioned as a 606-Maple Yellow over 104-Bamboo MB Tex fitted with optional 513-Becker Europa Radio and 746-Dark Brown Soft Top. The original window sticker notates this exactly, at a cost of $29,927 and the original Pennsylvania title shows an issuance date of March 1st, 1979. Mr. Fiore would remain the only owner of this example for nearly 37 years and to date, the car has only covered 9,952 miles. The astonishing low-mileage were not left without care, even low mileage cars should be carefully looked after and as such, Mr. Fiore always kept the car in a climate controlled environment, serviced the car and/or repaired what minor items necessary to ensure perfection over the years. Receipts and service tickets are available for review. There isn’t much history to this car, it was sold new as described and shown in the original docs and was simply kept, hidden away, properly as a preserved and treasured belonging to its single owner.


The cosmetic condition is impressive to say the least. Many of these cars tend to see aging on a lot of the anodized aluminum trim pieces in addition to dried out rubber. This car has nearly no issues with either item. The trim pieces all show incredibly well and the rubber is still supple with the only replaced item that of the tires and windshield wiper rubbers, both due to cracking were replaced. The paint is 100% original throughout and has been verified as such with a paint meter and careful visual inspection. There may be a flaw or two upon extreme visual inspection, but none are obvious and the car needs nothing. The wheels, bumpers, front and rear valences, trim items, glass and the like are all stunning, without issues and indeed reflective of the 9,952 miles on the odometer. The car is straight down the sides with everything in order as it were when new. All of the lenses (lead lights, tail lights) are clean and clear, free of fading or cracking which is common with many of these examples.


Upon entering the interior, the door jams are noticeably perfect, as are the door cards, and again the rubber is also supple appearing as new with factory glue still showing as well. The seats, carpets, dash top, wood, rear storage area etc… are all flawless. The wood does not have a single crack, and the finish is still mirror like. The hardware on the seats still shows as-new and the dash with all of its buttons, pulls, knobs, switches etc.… are all without issues. Nothing is cracked, broken or anything short of well preserved. The dash top does not have a single crack where even the best of these cars will have at least one. The headliner, visors and everything is all in order as well. There truly is nothing to pick out beyond maybe a scuff or light instances of normal wear associated with the mileage, which is still minute.


The engine bay is an education to say the least. Many items retain the correct cadmium plating, coatings, rubber, and markings from the factory. Everything is clean, nicely detailed and as it has always been with nothing disturbed beyond normal servicing items. There are remnants of tags in the engine bay, stickers, factory markings, in paint or chalk, with the evidence of little use but a lot of care throughout. There is just enough grease and grime on the lower portion of the suspension and engine to match the mileage making for a genuine appearance. The trunk is no exception. The spare wheel is still wrapped in its original rubber, and again there is still factory glue showing as correct near many of the rubber components. Everything about this car right into the trunk is untouched as it would have been from new.


The underside reflects the mileage for use, the flaws should not be mistaken for correctness and as these cars were from the factory. The original clamps, coatings, exhaust, fuel lines, and of course metal is present throughout. Spot welds adorn the joining metal and all of the suspension components and underside of the mechanical components are all marked from the factory with nearly not a single bolt showing evidence of being turned. The floors are straight and there is really nothing to pick out as a flaw beyond minor detailing that could perhaps improve the current presentation.


As expected the car starts easily, runs very well with easy shifts, normal braking and handling and overall no questionable instances of operation. All of the accessories are in proper working order. There is truly nothing about the car that needs attention to the best of our knowledge. Further detailing would only make it brighter, cleaner and more exceptional.


Included in the sale are the original books, window sticker, warranty information, additional keys that still have tags on them (in German), the minor tags and stickers originally on the car for delivery, and any delivery paperwork. The original tools, jack, spare, and first aid kit are also present and included. There truly is no such thing as a perfect car, there may be a flaw to be found here or there but in the grand scheme of perfection, as it is applicable to a 107 SL, this is surely in league of its own and an absolute must have for any true collector who has to have the best of the best.



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