• Chassis # 070816
  • 46,000 Kilometers From New
  • Featuring Original Paint And Interior
  • Powered By 1895 cc Diesel Engine

The Overview

For the second half of the 20th century, these FIAT trucks were a common sight on the road and wherever there was work to be done in continental Europe. The 241 along with its sibling, the 238, served as the Turin firm’s answer to the VW Type 2 Bus as the multipurpose platform on which to mount numerous functional body styles. Both were the successors to the 1100T introduced in 1957 and the twins served very much the same purpose as simple, dependable transportation. Unlike the Volkswagen, Fiat employed two separate drivetrain setups between the 241 and 238. The former being a rear-drive with the motor-mounted midship between the seats, while the latter was front-drive with the motor similarly located under the passenger bench. This allowed for endless variation and further provided customers the opportunity to purchase exactly what they needed. 241’s are all powered by 4-cylinders either in 1.5-liter gasoline or 1.9-liter diesel form. 

While many different shapes exist behind the cab, upfront the familiar friendly face shared by many FIATs of the period can be found and makes for a charming look. It is a clean design that provides excellent visibility out of the wide front windscreen and is surely a feature appreciated by all that had to maneuver the small truck through the medieval streets of Continental Europe. Having served as delivery vehicles, work trucks, and even within the military, it is only fitting that these multipurpose FIATs can now serve as members of fine classic automobile collections.

The 1978 Fiat 241 offered here, chassis 241ATN070816, was first registered for use on Dutch roads in 2018 according to the documents on file. Sometime thereafter, the vehicle was exported and joined a collection located in the Pacific Northwest. Beyond these details, little is known about the FIATs whereabouts prior to this time. That being said, the wonderful condition exhibited by the truck today indicates that this 241 was well taken care of over the course of many decades, and the roughly 46,000km present on the odometer all but certifies this. Within the past couple of months, the vehicle was coaxed back into life, and after simply juicing the batteries back up, the diesel motor fired back into life. 

A relatively common body style, this 241 features a traditional 2-seat cab with a pickup bed out back. Highly functional, the corrugated metal sides are all hinged to drop down and provide easier access to the cargo. While some dent repair work was recently finished, we believe the FIAT to be highly original with both its interior and most of the paint still present. As a consequence of its former commercial duties, areas of paint that have been touched up appear to have been done so with a brush. This is common of the period and yet another detail that adds to the many endearing qualities of the truck. Additionally, the Saint Gobain glass shows to be all original and matching with even the proper seals still in place. While the many decades have largely been kind to the truck, there are some minor flaws present in the way of scuffs, chips, and small spots of surface corrosion. The interior shows in very much the same way, however, the seat upholstery has held up incredibly well with even small scratches being difficult to find. Shifting the transmission is completed via the column while a basic binnacle housing Veglia instrumentation provides the operator a speedometer and fuel gauge. It must be said there is little in the way of creature comforts but this only bolsters the raw and pure driving experience- especially with the diesel churning a foot away.  All of these little details add to create a charming and usable finish that will be appreciated by those who care for preservation. 

We can further happily report that the switches, gauges, lights, and respective components are all functioning as intended. The motor runs strong and the transmission shifts smoothly. Overall the FIAT operates as intended and will be ready to use for its next owner. It should be noted however that the tires are beginning to age, and should be replaced sometime in the near future. 

A slightly larger and fantastic alternative to some of the Kei Trucks now making their way onto our shores, the FIAT 241 offers all of the practicality but with some additional Italian charm. The vehicle is complete with its spare tire and jack but also features an instruction manual in Dutch for those looking to brush up on their low country vernacular. Perfect as a shop truck or even a bike hauler, this FIAT will most certainly be a trusty tool for its next owner.


The Details


body and paint

As an original, unrestored example, this Fiat has an evenly dispersed patina and consistent flaws throughout. Every panel has a nick, scratch, or scuff of some kind and a variety of areas have also received touchup with what appears to be a paintbrush. A common period remedy for a utility vehicle such as this. Overall the look is consistent with no signs of previous accident damage or rust. Fundamentally in order with signs of use.

glass and trim

All of the glass is Saint Gobain, matches, and appears to be the original. The seals appear to be the originals and are still in good condition. The mirrors, side markers, door handles, trim pieces, etc… are all in good original condition albeit with some consistent patina.


The wheels are in very well preserved original condition and match the rest of the vehicle.

notable flaws

The most glaring issue noted is the driver's side door which was previously dented, scratched and touched up. It stands out a bit but is really the only major thing one's eye is drawn to.


seats and surfaces

The theme of original and well-preserved continues on the inside of this Fiats spartan interior. Everything appears to be as-delivered new with signs of use and wear. Some scratching, patina, and areas of wear are apparent upon inspection. But nothing is broken, unusable, or out of place, wonderfully preserved overall.

functionality and accessories

All switches, gauges, lights, windshield wipers and other components are in correct working order. As a simple utilitarian vehicle there is not much in the way of accessories, but what is there appears to be in correct working order.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay appears to be dirty but simple and functional.

trunk area

The bed appears to have had new wood installed more recently as well as a small section of diamond plate added toward the tail gate.


The underside is solid but with minor areas of surface corrosion noted throughout. Used and dirty, but purposefully so as a utility vehicle. Matching the rest of the theme overall.

notable flaws

It should be noted that the engine cover is missing one securing hook on the driver's side.



The engine starts easily and runs strong making ample power from such a small displacement non-turbo’d diesel engine. No unwanted noises, but normal amounts of smoke for such early diesel technology.


The transmission shifts smoothly and is a column shift, very simple to operate with no issues noted.

brakes and suspension

The brakes and suspension seem to be normal for a utility vehicle such as this. Everything feels like it is in the correct operating condition.


Currently this truck has 5 Michelin X 6.70 R15’s installed, they are older and slightly hardened but could still be used for low-speed travel and local or show use.

notable flaws

The underside does show leaks from both the transmission and engine, likely not worth addressing and consistent use will prove to be beneficial.

driving experience

This Fiat 241 is like nothing else we have driven. Fun in all the right ways, simple, and connected to the driver. A really great way to get some chores done locally, fun to show with motorcycles in the back, and an important part of the history of the utilitarian vehicle we know today as the truck.