• Chassis # V811430LCA
  • Engine # V5401430LCA
  • A Numbers Matching Example
  • Offered With BMIHT Certificate & Original Build Record Copy
  • Very Well Optioned From New With 5-Speed & A/C
  • Well Serviced By Marque Specialist Steel Wings From 2002-Current
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The Overview

The engine displacement boom of the late ’60s and early ’70s left no manufacturer untouched. Buyers worldwide began demanding more displacement for their dollar and even stoic brands such as Aston Martin were forced to concede or face the wrath of the buyer. Coming off their wildly successful and drop dead gorgeous DB 5 and 6 series of cars, Aston Martin introduced the DBS in 1967 with a much more modern and muscle car inspired design. Unfortunately, though, the much desired V8 engine was not ready for production just yet, so the car was built utilizing the tried and true inline 6. In late 1969 the new V8 was finally ready and introduced to the world as the flagship of the Aston lineup, the DBS V8. At the time of its introduction, it was the fastest 4 seater production car in the world. In 1969 the DBS and its aging 6-cylinder were dropped from the lineup which meant the DBS V8 now became just the Aston Martin V8. Cars produced from May 1972 to July 1973 were referred to as series 2 cars and featured a finicky Bosch fuel injection. In 1973 Aston decided to switch back to Weber carburetors for the series 3 cars which lasted throughout 1978. Visually the cars received a taller hood scoop to accommodate the Webers as well as to add an even more muscly presence to the already macho lines of the vehicle. Adding the carburetors back to equation meant the V8 produced 310 horsepower and had a 0-60 time of 5.7 seconds with the ZF 5-speed fitted. For 1976, emissions equipment, unfortunately, choked the power figures back to 288 horsepower. A total of only 967 V8s’ were produced over the series 3 run. The Aston Martin V8 would see two more series over an 11 year period, with a number of visual and mechanical changes implemented, before the iconic series of cars was replaced by the Virage in 1989.

The example on offer here, chassis number V811430LCA and engine number V5401430LCA, is a 1976 model year Aston Martin V8. It is a matching numbers example per the included BMIHT certificate and build sheet. It was optioned from new with both a 5-Speed manual transmission and air conditioning. The car was originally delivered in Ascot Grey with a Burgundy interior although it now wears an elegant White over Grey color combo. It is believed that the repaint of the car may have been done either by the factory or very shortly after the car was completed as there are no signs of the previous color to be found on the car. This V8 was shipped on 5/27/1976 to the US distributor. From here the car spent a good portion of its life in California before being sold to an Aston Martin collector in Florida. It is believed that sometime during one of these ownerships that the car was repainted again in the white color it currently wears as the finish it currently wears is in very nice condition per the age. In the early 2000s, the car was traded to Steel Wings towards an automatic version. It was at this time that the current owner and consignor, who was both an employee at Steel Wings and an AMOC member, purchased the car. The current owner has cared for the car extremely well and driven it both carefully and sparingly during his ownership. Most recently, in January of 2019, the car received a thorough servicing by Steel Wings with a total of $8475 spent to bring the car up to excellent mechanical condition. Full receipts for this servicing can be seen above in the documents section. Given its careful and enthusiastic ownership and its recent servicing, this car needs nothing and is ready to be thoroughly driven, shown and enjoyed.

Included with the sale of this car are the original steering wheel, instruction book, jack, spare, BMIHT certificate, build sheet and recent service records.

The Details


body and paint

While this car originally wore Ascot Grey according to the build sheet it is now finished in an elegant white that shows off the aggressive lines of the body very nicely. It is believed that this white paint was applied to the car either at the factory or very shortly after the car finished production as no signs of the previous Grey paint can be found on the car. The finish of the current paint is fantastic, with a smooth even finish and good color throughout the entire body. Given the current condition of the paint, it is believed that the car was resprayed by a highly qualified individual once in its lifetime although we do not have confirmation of this. There is a bit of very minor stone peppering in the front section of the car and a couple of areas on the front bumper where the paint has some very minor spider cracks, relegated to corners and edges. There is a quarter inch size chip in the paint on the hood scoop that has been touched up, as well as a two-inch section just in front of the passenger door, also touched up. The paint on the edge of the rear cowl where it meets the driver's side fuel filler area is cracking along the edges. The body of the car is straight and clean with consistent and tight gaps all around. Both the front bumper and the rear black valence fit nicely although the painted rear valence does show some minor paint chipping in areas. The only real area of note is a small quarter tied dent in the lower portion of the driver's side fender behind the front wheel.

glass and trim

The Carello branded headlights are in good condition with clean glass. The black painted surrounds of the headlights show a bit of rock peppering but nothing too major. Side marker lights are in good shape, as are the taillights and rear mounted side reflectors. The correct triplex branded glass is in place throughout the vehicle, including the windshield, leading us to believe that is the original glass of the car. The rubber trim throughout the car shows some cracking and age in areas but for the most part, retains good structure and color. Chrome trim is very respectable throughout with excellent shine and smooth consistent finish with the only noteworthy thing being some minor swirling in some of the finishes.


The wheels on the car in good condition with clean bright and polished sections. The black painted portions show a bit of fading to their color but are overall clean and tidy.

notable flaws

There are some areas of minor chipping in the paint, most of which have been touched up and do not take away from the overall appearance of the car in the slightest. There is a small quarter sized dent on the lower portion of the driver's side front fender behind the front wheel.


seats and surfaces

Although this car was originally delivered with a Burgundy interior it now has a nicely appointed Grey interior. The interior as a whole is believed to have been done very early in the cars life, similar to the paint, as it has all the hallmarks of looking, smelling and feeling like a good original interior. The seats themselves are done in a Recaro style finish which is not technically correct but again, they have all the makings of a nice original look and feel to them. The seat leather is smooth and clean with some minor creasing forming around the edges and a bit of light bolster wear on the outer portion of the driver's seat. The back seats are clean and smooth and appear to have seen minimal usage. The contrasting white stitching throughout the interior is tight with minimal pulling or fraying. Lifting the carpets reveals red oxide primer on the floors of the interior. There is a bit of surface corrosion on the floor of the driver's side rear passenger footwell, an easy fix should the next owner choose to go about it. The black carpets are in decent shape, showing normal wear and discoloration in high traffic areas but are overall fairly clean and tidy. Leather door cards are in good condition with a bit of wear and a few knicks in high traffic areas. At some point in the cars life, there were Bose speakers added to the rear shelf of the car, trimmed nicely in the correct colored leather with white stitching. The car currently wears a beautiful wood-rimmed Nardi steering wheel, with the original included in the sale. The black leather covered dash is in good shape with nice color and no real pulling or waviness to speak of. The Grey cloth headliner is in good shape, with a tight fit and no staining or discoloration.

functionality and accessories

The interior has been well looked after and as such, reflects a nice tidy environment where everything seems to function as it should. The gauges are all clean and visible with good color and appear to all function as they should. Interior overhead lights illuminate when the doors open and even the handy folding map light in the glove box functions as it should. The doors open and close with ease and the windows move up and down with smoothly. The car has factory installed A/C although we did not test the functionality of it.

notable flaws

There is a bit of surface corrosion on the floor wells of the rear passenger area. It is not bad and the floors are still fully sound and solid and it would be deemed an easy fix should the next owner choose to pursue it.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay has a nice honest look to it. There is some wear on areas of painted surfaces but overall the whole of the engine bay looks well kept. The current owner and consignor was an employee of Steel Wings so mechanically the car has been well looked after.

trunk area

The trunk area is clean and tidy. The black carpeting and panels retain good color and weave. The interior illumination light works as it should. Pull the panels to the side reveals red oxide primer on the body panels. The spare wheel is secured nicely in a solid wheel well.


The underside of the car is dry and solid although it does show signs of its age and usage. Painted surfaces have red oxide primer peaking through. The floors appear to be solid and show no signs of ever being damaged or rusty. Suspension components and brakes appear to be well looked after.



The car has been well maintained mechanically during the ownership of the current consignor and it shows in the running and driving nature of the vehicle. The big V8 engine fires to life with a short turn of the ignition. Once up to temperature it settles into a smooth and consistent idle. The engine revs freely and makes excellent power through the RPM range. There does not appear to be any stumbles or flat spots in the throttle during our brief testing of the car.


The 5-speed ZF transmission appears to be in excellent mechanical condition. Shifts are deliberate and smooth. The clutch pedal feels responsive and has a nice pressure to it. The transmission revs freely through the RPM range and holds power nicely.

brakes and suspension

The braking system was gone through thoroughly during the cars servicing earlier this year, leaving the brakes feeling solid and responsive. The suspension feels tight and compliant with no odd noises or road manners to speak of.


The car wears Goodyear Eagle GT +4 235/70/15 tires on all four corners which appear to be in excellent condition all around with plenty of area life left in them.

driving experience

Aston Martin has always delivered a very elegant product to its buyers so the outward appearance of the muscular V8 is a bit out of the ordinary. Sliding into the driver's seat, however, takes you right back to the refined Grand Tourer that is stereotypical Aston Martin. The driving position is extremely comfortable and staring out over the long hood with its giant hood scoop is an exhilarating view. Power delivery is smooth and the ZF 5-speed transmission encourages the driver to mash the throttle and move through the gears with ease. Although well planted and smooth, the car is certainly a grand tourer and feels a bit heavy when the roads become twisty but it still behaves in a very responsive and fun manner. Between the muscle car inspired lines of the exterior and the deep rumble and slight shake of the big 5.3-liter V8 engine, these cars toe the line beautifully between raw and refined.