• Chassis # AR3025102
  • Engine # AR0150012313
  • Long-Term California Car
  • Recent Cosmetic Restoration And Sorting
  • Factory Lemans Blue Car
  • An Excellent Driver Quality Example Finished In Stunning Colors
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The Overview

The newly redesigned 105 series Alfa Romeo Coupes were released in 1963, replacing the elegant Giulietta Sprint. They were designed by the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro for the Bertone company and were built on a shortened floorpan from the already in production Giulia saloon. All models throughout the astounding 15-year run would use the same four-cylinder, alloy twin-cam engine design, although displacement would be bumped to 2.0 Liters for the 115.01 series which was introduced in 1971. Starting in 1967, cars designated for the USA would be fitted with SPICA fuel injection while the rest of the world retained carburetors. The 115.01 series which was the designation for the 2.0 liter US cars, would see 130hp produced from its fuel injected 4 cylinder. A number of small visual changes took place both internally and externally when the 2000 was introduced. These included a separate instrument cluster in the interior, a new grille design, and larger rear tail light cluster. Production of the 2000 GT Veloce carried on into 1976 when the 105/115 series was replaced by the 116 “Alfetta” cars.

The vehicle on offer here, chassis AR3025102 and engine number AR0150012313 is a 1974 Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce, or as commonly called, GTV. According to the information we have at hand, it appears the car was delivered new to California where it spent most of its life, trading hands twice before ending up with the third owner and current consignor who purchased the car in July of 2016 and resides in Massachusetts. When the current owner purchased the car it was in scruffy driver condition and they decided to undergo a cosmetic restoration. From December 2016 to July 2017, the car was completely stripped and prepped for paint. It was then repainted in the factory color of Lemans Blue and the exterior was reassembled. From July to October of 2017 the owner carried out restoration of the interior and the exhaust system, going through and refreshing or replacing just about everything that could be replaced including carpeting, headliner, dashboard, instrumentation, badges, heater box and controls, etc. ( A detailed list of what he included in the restoration can be seen below in the documents section). After the restoration was completed the car was driven sparingly on nice days and maintained and serviced regularly. Most recent serving which occurred in April of 2019 included replacing engine oil and filter, replacing fan belt, new spark plugs, and adjusting the parking brake. As it currently sits the car has been very well gone through and really needs nothing. It is ready for immediate enjoyment and would make for an excellent vehicle that could be driven on nice days and even extended to light daily usage. It is well finished and the Lemans Blue paint is very eye-catching, sure to draw crowds at cars and coffee events or any Italian themed show this little GTV pulls up to.

Included with the sale of the car are the correct spare, jack, available service records, and some extra parts including original headrests.

The Details


body and paint

The car was repainted in the factory color of Lemans Blue in early 2017. The paint remains in good condition with nice color and consistency to the finish. There are a couple of small scratches and rock chips in the front area of the car from normal usage as well as two small dings in the paint on the driver's side door that has since been touched up. There are also a couple of spots where it appears there was some contamination on the body when it was painted, leaving a bit of a rough texture to the paint. Body gaps and panel fitment are respectable with consistent lines throughout the car.

glass and trim

The chrome trim throughout the car presents well, with good shine but some minor scratching and scuffing to the finish. There is a sizable scratch in the rear chrome bumper under the license plate bracket. The bezels for the side mounted reflectors show a bit of pitting. The headlights are clean and clear and the grill has a wonderful shine and a nice clean, colorful Alfa badge. The side windows, rear wing windows, and rear glass all appear to be original and are branded “Securit”. The front wing windows are “Sicursiv” brand and may have been replaced in period. The front windshield is a more modern replacement unit done in 2018. All the glass is in good shape with no serious scratching or pitting to note. The exterior rubber trim and seals were replaced in 2018 as well and retain excellent color and nice supple nature throughout the car. The plastic tail lights are in good shape with no cracking to speak of.


The car currently wears a set of aftermarket 14-inch wheels that look ear appropriate and compliment the car nicely. For the most part, the finish on them is very nice with smooth and clean painted surfaces. The elongated center caps do show some dings around the edges and the passenger side rear is missing its Alfa emblem.

notable flaws

For the most part, the Leman Blue paint presents very well. It does, however, have some minor scratches and dings in the paint in the front of the car. The chrome is a bit scuffed and scratched throughout and there is a 3-inch section of heavier scratching on the rear bumper under the license plate mounting area.


seats and surfaces

The interior of the car was thoroughly gone through recently with almost everything either refreshed or replaced with new correct components and because of this, the interior remains in excellent condition. The interior is finished in a nice tan color that compliments the exterior of the car superbly. The seats are all well fitted and show very minimal usage to them with nice tight fitting material and no discoloration or issues to speak of. The black plastic cover to the driver's side seat adjustment mechanism has some minor cracking present. The black carpets retain good color and fit nicely while showing minimal wear. The door cards are clean and tidy and the wood veneered dash is in excellent shape having been replaced during the restoration process. The dash was replaced in 2018 and still retains excellent color and shows no cracking or issues. The headliner is new and in excellent shape.

functionality and accessories

Everything in the interior appears to function as it should. The gauges are clear, colorful and easily readable. The windows move up and down with ease. The shifter boot is in great condition and the shifter itself moves easily through its range of motion. All toggles, switches, and knobs appear in good cosmetic as well as mechanical condition. The pedals have their proper rubber pads in place. The car has been fitted with blue seat belts that compliment the exterior color nicely. The thick-rimmed wooden steering wheel is in great condition. The seals on the rear wing windows are still very new and do make closing the windows a bit difficult. The emergency brake works well, holding the car firmly in place.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay presents respectfully, with a clean tidy, driver quality appearance to it. Painted surfaces are smooth and inner fenders are nice and straight. Everything looks well kept and cared for, with all hoses, lines, and wires looking in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. At some point in the cars life, a modern MSD Ignition system was added, a respectable upgrade to assist in the day to day usability of the car. The underside of the hood contains the proper stickers and the rest of the stampings and tags are all in place as they should be.

trunk area

The trunk area is in likewise tidy shape with smooth metal and clean painted surfaces. Clean and well fitting black carpet covers the trunk floor. Lifting the carpet reveals the included spare which is of the original style wheel, a little dirty but solid overall. The spare wheel well is nicely finished although it does show some signs of past rust repair hiding beneath the paint.


The underside of the car displays as well kept driver quality. Parts of the underside have been resprayed in black but there does not appear to have been any heavy repair work done. There is a crack in the rear valence just above the muffler cut out as well as some surface corrosion forming around the front jack point on the passenger side rocker. Suspension components appear well looked after although there is some overspray present on some of the pieces. The engine, transmission, and rear differential appear in good shape and show no real leaking or visual issues. The exhaust system was recently replaced and remains in good shape.



The car fires to life quickly and easily with a short turn of the key. Once up to temperature it runs and idles smoothly with no issues. The engine revs freely and makes good power with no stumbles or flat spots in acceleration noted during our brief testing of it.


The clutch engages nicely and has a positive and light feel to it. The transmission moves easily through the gears and holds power well although first is a bit tricky to engage unless the car is at a dead standstill.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no pulsing of the pedal or odd noises or behavior. The suspension feels compliant and tight with excellent feedback and good road manners.


The car wears Barrum Brillantis 2 tires in 185/70/14 on all four corners. They all appear in great shape with plenty of tread life and nice solid sidewalls. The spare is on an older Michelin Radial tire that appears as if it could be original. Driving on it would not be suggested by us.

driving experience

People often use the term soul when referring to Italian cars and the Alfa Romeo GTV is no exception to this. When behind the wheel it feels as if the car is alive and you as the driver are interacting with it in a glorious harmony of man and machine. It is by no means “fast” even in its 130hp 2.0-liter engine form but it certainly moves along in a spritely manner. Where these little coupes really shine is the absolutely fantastic connection you feel to the road when behind the wheel. They provide a positively visceral driving experience in which you can feel every crack and undulation in the road giving the driver a connected feeling as not many other cars can. The twin overhead cam inline four-cylinder loves to rev and makes absolutely fantastic noises while doing so. This particular 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV has been well looked after and has had the benefit of a cosmetic restoration, leaving it ready to be thoroughly enjoyed and driven. As it sits this car is absolutely ideal for weekend blasts through the countryside, light daily driving duty, hitting cars and coffee on the weekends or even taking part in the Italian car show circuit.