The Overview

The Porsche 911 is perhaps one of automotive histories longest running models. As a result, it is also a car that is continually reengineered, redeveloped, and improved upon generation after generation, all while keeping the classic line and experience of the famed 911 intact. When the first production model was introduced in 1964/65 it was evident that by 1973 a change was necessary. While Porsche had developed a new galvanized chassis with slightly different styling, a longer wheel base, shorter hood, horn grill deletes and crash bumpers the look was the same but different in many ways. With this also came many engine enhancements of which was the new CIS fuel injection to replace the old MFI unit. As the transition occurred on the assembly line a good number of 1973 production cars received rubber bumperettes and the newer drive train with the CIS injection, these cars are now commonly known to be 1973.5. They are an interesting combination of Porsches in period new drive train technology but with all of the great attributes of the old 911 styling.


The example on offer here, Chassis # 9113111868 comes to us as an incredibly original example and undoubtedly one of the better and genuine 911’s we have owned in recent times; and overall a true, nearly new representation of a 1973 driving and ownership experience in every way. While a COA is currently on order, we do know through thorough investigation of both the car and its documentation/history that it was delivered new in the special ordered color of 8310-Green Metallic. Beyond this we have also noted the factory “S” Options in the form of Koni Suspension, Gauges and brakes. Other options include Comfort Package and rear heated glass. No doubt a well optioned example and most likely ordered specially for its first owner by salesman George T. Christ at Porsche Audi O’Hara, Chicago. The original Maintenance Record shows this first owner as a Mr. Donald Wilson of St. Louis, MO and the original Porsche Audi O’Hara Warranty Card is still present with the original owner’s manual as well. Mr. Wilson regularly serviced the car with O’Hara per the recommended services until October of 1973 when he then entrusted the services of Reid Vann Foreign Car Service. The last reported mileage per the original Maintenance record was 9,516 miles as of 6/7/1974. It wasn’t until late in 1976 when the car was sold to a close friend of Mr. Wilson, a Mr. Howard Kapalan of Chicago, IL. Mr.Kaplan was this 911T’s singular owner and caretaker until June of 2014. During his ownership Carrera chain tensioners were added as well as general maintenance performed, but overall the car accrued very little miles and in total only shows 66,283 on the odometer which are absolutely original per the condition of many different components on the car.


We know this is indeed a true 66K mile example of a two owner Targa that has only ever had one light respray in its original color, general service completed over the years, a new targa top added, A/C compressor removed (but still present with the car), and an in period steering wheel and radio added (originals are still with the car), that’s it. It is very honest in its presentation and has never been molested or altered beyond these known facts and certainly has never been rusty or hit. Otherwise this is a very good, solid, and honest 911 that is representative of a highly original example with limited ownership and will easily be a prized possession for anyone who understand what a good car really is.


The cosmetic condition of this Targa is that of an excellent original driver, it is not concours perfect; rather it is a respectable and consistent original with a well done in period respray. While it does have superb fitment and gaps throughout there is the occasional scratch and/or dent here or there, paintless dent removal would be effective but overall the car does not warrant any paint correction. It has a consistent luster throughout and presents nicely overall and can easily be enjoyed in its current state. The chrome is not perfect but is original with some patina and blemishes, all of which are consistent throughout and again could be enjoyed as is in its shiny but not quite perfect original state. The rubber components overall are excellent and are still very usable, all of the seals, grommets and bumpers are in good condition overall with minimal dryness or wear. The glass is absolutely original throughout with no notable blemishes.


Upon entering the interior one notices a surprisingly nice original driver’s seat for 61K miles, this is thanks to the sheepskin cover that was installed on day one, it has since preserved it and thus we have an excellent bolster all things considered. Otherwise the interior is 100% original and absolutely impressive with light patina and one fantastic representation of a proper and original Porsche interior. The dash top is near flawless as is the dash face. The carpets show light patina as do the rear seat tops when folded down. The period steering wheel and radio are about the only complaints, but they go well with the car and the originals are present if the next custodian decides they need to switch them out. The targa top and inside targa bar headliner are both excellent with no issues noted. All knobs, switches, and accessories right down to the “Fasten Seatbelt” indicator are working correctly as well. A remarkable place to spend the afternoon, the interior of this 911 will not disappoint.


The Engine bay is just like the rest of the car, completely original but shows to have been used and enjoyed. Original paint is present throughout the engine bay and the engine appears to have never been taken out. There are no indications anywhere in this area that the car has ever been hit and/or tampered with, ever. All of the factory equipment beyond the AC Compressor (which is included) is still present and totally in order. This is a correct numbers matching motor, number 8135067, and all of the original CIS equipment is still installed as well. Overall nothing appears out of place in the engine bay and it presents very well.


The Front trunk is another place of preservation, much like that of the door jams there is original paint in the front trunk and front trunk jam as well. Close inspection shows again that the car has never been hit or rusty and is indeed original. Upon removing the factory material to review the body structure, we notice original paint and finishes throughout the inside of the front trunk with no rust issues present in the battery box’s. All of the wiring is untouched and factory markings are still in place from final assembly. All of the spot welds, seams, and metal throughout is excellent; Consistent with the rest of the car in every way, and indeed original.


As with all early 911’s and many other cars from the era, rust is a serious factor in pursuing a good car. After inspecting the underside of this 911 we notice a few leaky areas from the engine/trans (as is common with these cars) but absolutely no rust whatsoever and undoubtedly the original pans, sills, rockers, and all related components. Dealer/factory undercoating is still present and the Z-Bar product installed on the car when new most likely saved and preserved it over the years as well. All of the valences and wheel wells are thin as they should be. Rust has never been and will not be an issue should the next care taker continue the trend of utmost appreciation and care for this excellent 911.


Its common knowledge that 911’s are doing something special in the market place; they are special cars that have long awaited the opportunity to come in to their own. This interesting last year long hood T Targa, with its special colors, options and superb original condition will prove to be a specimen worth investing in as the trend continues. Complete with all books, tools, spare, original AC equipment, steering wheel and radio, this is just about as good as it gets for a “good old car” that won’t disappoint so long as its driven and enjoyed.


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