• Chassis # 15641
  • Engine # 00430
  • Remarkably Original Late Production Example
  • Complete With Manual, Copies of Original Docs, Spare & Jack
  • 52,350 Miles Believed To Be Original
  • Ferrari's Most Usable 1970's GT-Car
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The Overview

The formula for a great grand tourer is a combination of long-legged power, comfort, and an engine in the front with power to the rear wheels. Providing for a sense of confidence in a never-ending journey to destinations beyond the horizon. Doing all of this in style, with flare, and a visceral additive to call the journey perfect is where Ferrari has completed their finest work over the years. Hailed as the luxury variant of the Daytona by many, the 365 GTC/4 provides sensible and purposeful changes over the Daytona such as power steering, electric windows, AC, +2 seating in the back and updated rear suspension to name a few.

The example on offer, Chassis # 15641 is a US-Production example sold new by famed Ferrari concessioner Chinetti-Garthwaite Imports, Inc. Algar Enterprises delivered 15641, as recorded on the original warranty paperwork and MSO, first to Autohaus, Inc of MA who delivered it to it’s first owner, Branded Liquors of Westwood MA on October 3rd 1973. The original color was Silver, and the selling price was $27,250. While exact early history remains unknown, service records from SF Restoration of CT pickup in 1994 during ownership of a Mr. Sherban, also of CT. The mileage at this time was just over 49,000 and it appears that the car was serviced with SF Restoration through 1997/1998. During which time a wide variety of items were tended to. Including a transmission rebuild, cooling system and suspension rebuilds as well as the brakes, all detailed in copies of the invoices.

Shortly after the car made it’s way to CA where it was under the care of known Ferrari enthusiast Bryant Kreaden before passing to Heritage Classics in West Hollywood whereby in late 2004 the car was acquired by its current collector owner. The mileage at this time was recorded as 51,411. Upon receiving the car in NJ the owner had some minor service items tended to including some work on the fuel system, 2 new tires etc… Over the years it was seldom used with a mere 939 miles added to the odometer since 2004. From 2004 to current it was however run regularly and driven sparingly for the purposes of keeping it as a running driving example.

While the car may have needs mechanically to bring it back to a reliable grand tourer in “turn-key” status, it does show strong fundamentals of a good example. Having never been hit or rusty to our knowledge, retaining a highly original preserved interior and in running driving condition without major faults. 365 GTC/4’s come in many different conditions from project to restored. This is a car that provides a strong basis to be driven and enjoyed with servicing, or (against our opinion) the basis for a straight-forward restoration. A genuine old Ferrari with loads of desirable patina and a bright future for enjoyment and investment.

Included in the sale are a jack bag with accessories, spare, a manual and copies of original documents and service records.

The Details


body and paint

The body shows straight original panels overall with good gaps and no notable rust or evidence of prior accidents or filler. The fitment throughout appears to be factory and beyond the minor dent or ding, paint can be found chipping, checking, cracked, and flawed consistently, throughout the car.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be all original and free of any major blemishes. The trim is all present and in good driver quality condition and could be polished or cleaned to be enjoyed as-is. The rubber is in surprisingly good condition and could also be used as is with not major seals failing. The front bumper rubber does show some waviness and overall everything is aged, but in a manner acceptable with a highly original example.


The wheels are consistently flawed and blemished, but are the correct original Compagnolo wheels with matching spare. The tires are the correct type Michelin XWX’s though aged and cracked.

notable flaws

Nothing major stands out, but it should be noted that the exterior cosmetic condition is consistently aged and blemished as to be expected of a highly original never restored example. Good enough to enjoy as-is for a driver quality car, but arguably so.


seats and surfaces

Nothing major stands out, but it should be noted that the exterior cosmetic condition is consistently aged and blemished as to be expected of a highly original never restored example. Good enough to enjoy as-is for a driver quality car, but arguably so.

functionality and accessories

Not all functions have been tested it is believed that most of them are in correct working order but one should count on various systems needing some minor tending to if at all simply from lack of use.

notable flaws

The interior can be classified as highly original. As such perceived flaws are more marques of originality than material blemishes. The leather is shrunken in areas, scratched and things are generally worn in appearance though nothing is damaged to any degree worth mentioning and the interior remains complete.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay shows as having been serviced with expendable items replaced over time. Nothing is missing and everything from new appears to be present. Overall it is dirty and oily with leaks present throughout as expected from a highly original car.

trunk area

Tidy and correct with some peeling carpet but no evidence of any accidents and in original condition overall with some aged areas but no rust noted.


The chassis is straight and original with no signs of previous repair albeit with some dings and dents from use. The undercarriage shows some leaks throughout but is acceptable for a driver quality car. Many rubber bushings show age and cracking throughout.

notable flaws

The exhaust is showing some age, the suspension and brakes need tending to as evident by inspection but again, fundamentally strong, and solid unobstructed original underside.



The engine starts easily, runs strong with little to no smoke once warm and generally quiet. It feels powerful with decent but not perfect throttle response. A healthy exhaust not emanates from the exhaust and the car stays cool overall showing strong oil pressure and temperature.


The car shifts easily with good syncro’s from the short testing that has been completed. The clutch works well but the hydraulics likely should be reviewed.

brakes and suspension

The brake pedal is hard and not performing as it should and is likely in need of a system wide refurbishment. The suspension while not making excessive noise does show cracked and aged rubber components throughout and is likely in need of a servicing.


Cracked and in need of replacement, though the correct type.

driving experience

This GTC/4 starts easily showing strong oil pressure and doesn’t overheat, it drives well for a car with only 939 miles added to the odometer over the course of 14-years and it functions without any indication of major items needing tending to. It is a good original car that with sorting and mechanical refurbishment will be a joy to own.