• Chassis # 9110300418
  • Engine # 6300402
  • Extensive Documented History From New
  • Numbers Matching & Original Colors Per COA
  • Featuring A Well Preserved Interior & Rebuilt Mechanicals
  • Includes Porsche COA, Books, Tools, Manuals, Spare, Jack, And Service Records
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The Overview

The Porsche 911 is perhaps one of the automotive histories longest-running models. As a result, it is also a car that is continually being re-engineered, redeveloped, and improved upon generation after generation, all while keeping the classic lines and experience of the famed 911 intact. The first production model was introduced in 1964/65, but it was evident that by 1968 a change was necessary. The plan was to offer a range of models within the 911 line-up. The result by 1969 was 3 different 911’s to choose from, the T, E, and S variants of which all could be tailored for the ordering customer with a variety of interesting options. The T was the base model which by 1970 still had carburation; the E and S variants were both fuel-injected and offered additional power and a top speed over the T. The S however was the pinnacle of power for production 911 models in 1970. It offered the type 911/02 motor which produced 178HP and higher top speed than any before it. This was Porsche entering into its prime and these “long-hood” 911’s would go down in history as the most coveted and a true representation of what a 911 should be.

The example on offer, Chassis # 9110300418 offers a genuine lineage of ownership and an inviting condition. Comparing the car to the accompanying Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, we can see that it sports its original colors. It even has some unique options such as a 110 Liter Fuel Tank, raised front seat by 20MM and a raised steering wheel hub. Most importantly though, this “S” retains its original engine, number 6300402. Beyond the excellent presentation, there is something just as important that one doesn’t always have the opportunity to acquire when purchasing a collector car, to any degree. That something is history. In this particular 911’s case, extremely well-documented history, on paper, from day one to current with no gaps or inconsistencies. From its original sale to its most recent oil change, the lineage of who, where, what, when and even why can be clearly understood. A rarity but also a treasure not to be overlooked. As such, all of this has been made available for review in the “View Documents” section of the listing, with the general overview as follows:

Owner 1 – Unknown

4/9/1970- Original delivery by Stoddard Imported Cars, Willoughby, OH. @ 50 Miles

4/29/1970- 300 Mile Periodic Maintenance by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 657 Miles

9/7/1970- 3,000 Mile Periodic Maintenance by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 6,995 Miles

11/1/1970- 6,000 Mile Periodic Maintenance by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 12,209 Miles

7/14/1971- 6,000 Mile Periodic Maintenance by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 15,825 Miles

11/17/1971- 6,000 Mile Periodic Maintenance by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 16,798 Miles

Owner 2 – Elton Motch of Gates Mills, OH

5/10/1972- 2nd Owner purchased “used” from Stoddard Imported Cars @ 19,697 Miles

10/12/1972- Remove and Replace Oil Tank + Rust Proof by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 20,016

10/20/1972- Repair Tire by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 22,500 Miles (Estimated)

8/24/1973- 24,000 Mile Major Service by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 24,228 Miles

10/24/1973- Body Work Completed As Needed by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 25,791 Miles

6/8/1974- Replace Spark Plugs by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 27,000 Miles (Estimated)

3/2/1975- General Tune-Up With Plugs and Belts by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 28,167 Miles

6/5/1976- 30,000 Mile Major Service by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 29,805 Miles

6/7/1976- 6,000 Mile Periodic Maintenance by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 29,825 Miles

6/30/1982- 6000 Mile Periodic Maintenance by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 32,095 Miles

7/1/1982- Suspension/Brakes/Clutch + More by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 32,095 Miles

8/10/1982- Body Work Completed As Needed by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 32,095 Miles

5/6/1988- Fuel Pump Replaced by Stoddard Imported Cars @ 32,100 Miles (Estimated)

Owner 3 – Dick Sattler of Milwaukee, WI

5/15/1988- 3rd Owner Purchased from Stoddard Imported Cars @ 32,500 (Estimated)

7/6/1988- 4-New Tires, Fuel System Service + More by Capitol Import Autos @ 32,971 Miles

8/2/1988- Fix Engine Oil Leaks + More by Capital Import Autos @ 33,197 Miles

8/22/1988- Remove A/c System and Repair Electrical by Capital Import Autos @ 33,365 Miles

2/17/1989- R & R Various Suspension Components by Capital Import Autos @ 33,925 Miles

5/3/1989- New CV Joints, Fuel Lines, Hoses + More by Capital Import Autos @ 34,000 Miles (Estimated)

6/4/1989- R & R Valve Covers + Fix Windshield seal by Capital Import Autos @ 34,341 Miles

Owner 4 – George Burbach of Milwaukee, WI

10/1/1990- 4th Owner Purchased from 3rd Owner @ 35,000 Miles (Estimated)

11/1/1990 – 5/29/1991 Full Engine Rebuild completed

6/30/1992- Re-Cover and Install Sport Seats

5/14/1991- Throttle Linkage R & R Leaks Fixed + by Capital Import Autos @ 37,700 Miles

5/25/1995- Major Tune-Up & Servicing of all systems @ 39,000 Miles

8/3/2012- Major Service and Sorting for sale prep by Back Racecraft, Verona, WI

Following its preparation for sale in August of 2012, the car was acquired by the current and 5th owner. A collector in Pennsylvania who has enjoyed the car to the tune of adding nearly 4,000 miles since his acquisition. The car has been a participant on the “Into The Sun Rally” and has been enjoyed regularly with service as needed to match. Today, the car reflects that of an excellent driver quality example. It is a straight car with nice paint, rubber and glass, a clean and highly original interior, and correctness shows throughout with no real deviation from its stock specification. Mechanically, it runs strong with plenty of top-end power and no faults noted. A good old 911S that offers usability and collectability at the same time.

Included in the sale are the original books including the maintenance booklet in pouch. Also included are the tools, jack, spare, and a detailed maintenance record.

The Details


body and paint

Appearing straight down the sides with good gaps on all panels and a consistent final paint finish to a high standard. Though perhaps not concours perfect, it shows minor imperfections and one or two little inconsistencies. It is also worth noting a few small speckles on the nose of the car from highway driving. Nothing major to note, very nice.

glass and trim

All of the glass appears to be original to the car, with the exception of the windshield which is a correct replacement. The only flaws noted are on the windshield which shows a few minor, small, chips and a couple of scratches. Not worth replacing on such a high quality driver car such as this, but present.


The wheels are an older refinish that show signs of use and age. Correct style and size and likely the originals but each wheel shows flaws in the form of scratching and age.


seats and surfaces

The interior shows incredibly well as a mixture of original and older refurbishment as needed over the years. The sport seats which were fitted in the 1990's show to have been recovered at that time, though not correctly so. The dash, dash facia, door panels, headliner, kick panels, rear seats etc... are all in incredible original condition with no issues noted beyond some honest fading in the headliner. The carpets are the only thing in question, we believe they must have been replaced at least once but many years ago as they are too nice to be original but show a nice patina as well.

functionality and accessories

Everything is in complete working order as tested both inside and outside of the car as expected from a car that has never been totally apart, always on the road, and never languishing allowing systems to go bad from lack of use.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

From a cursory inspection the engine bay appears to be very correct, tidy, and new in most ways with proper cadmium plating still present on various items. The coatings and surfaces are all clean and appear to be in the correct style with nothing appearing modified, missing or out of place. With only a few thousand miles on a total engine out rebuild completed in the 1990's it is an indication that the car was very well kept after the fact, and used just enough to keep things supple.

trunk area

The front trunk is very complete, undisturbed from original overall and shows to have never been hit or rusty by the inspection of the metal and structure. Some items have seen attention such as new matting, gas tank, and other systems repaired as needed but overall it has a genuine original look to it. While the rest of the car has seen some paint work the trunk area we do not believe has been touched. An older but correct style Michelin X spare is still with the car as well.



The engine starts easily but struggles to idle when cold at times. Otherwise, it shows strong oil pressure, keeps temperature under normal operation and makes ample "S" power throughout the rev range. More impressively, when on cam in the upper end of the RPM scale. A well built example with proper attention to the mechanicals showing through in its running condition.


The car shifts as good as any 911 with a 915 transmission can. All of the gears are easily engaged up or down when warm with no syncro issues noted with the linkage feeling tight.

brakes and suspension

The tires are newly installed, period-correct, Pirelli Cinturato 185/70 R15's with full tread life left.

driving experience

A proper S variant of a long-hood 911, if dialed in, can and will make you realize the difference over the T or E Variants. This example is does just that. With a properly rebuilt engine, tight suspension, steering, effective brakes, the car makes incredible power once "on cam" and operates just as it should for a totally stock S. There are no obvious faults from the cars operation or driving experience having been rallied and driven regularly.