• Chassis # 18345129883
  • A Time Capsule Example Featuring Original Paint And Largely Original Interior
  • Showing Just 64,000 Miles From New
  • Well Maintained And Ready For Enjoyment

The Overview

The story of Volvo’s first sports car is rooted in the founder and at the time, president of the company, Assar Gabrielsson. After visiting America he got a first-hand look at the Corvette C1 which greatly piqued his interest. Following that trip, he got to work designing a sports car of his own and the P1900 was born, the often-forgotten predecessor to the P1800. 

Shortly after the creation of the P1900, it was confirmed that there may be a chance to enter the American sports car market, always a lucrative proposition for up-and-coming car brands. The project was then sent to Britain, where spare production lines in Birmingham could be filled with P1800 assembly from bodies that were made from pressed steel in Scotland. Though the project technically began in 1957, the unveiling of the new P1800 took place in 1960 at the Brussels Motor Show. Immediately after, cars began shipping out to North American buyers, which is surprising given how many other unique sports cars we managed to miss out on over the years!

The extremely original Volvo P1800S on offer here, chassis #18345129883 is an excellent driver quality example showing only 63,000 original miles. It is finished in the same Graphite Gray over a red interior that it left the factory with.  This example has 2 just two owners from new, with the original owners being professors at Yale and utilizing the car only during their summers in New Haven, Connecticut. It was purportedly never driven during the winter time and the condition does support this considering how original this example actually is. Though we cannot fully verify, the mileage is said to be correct and accurate. The “Volvo City West of Milford, CT” selling dealer emblem is still affixed on the rear under the license plate area, and they actually are still in business and remember this car. The paint measures between 2.1 and 3.6 mm all the way around besides the roof, which is around 6 with no evidence of paintwork there. Though the paint has its blemishes and knicks it is believed to be entirely original along with the rest of the interior with the exception of the seat fronts which have been redone in a high-quality manner. The car is mechanically strong and appears to have been loved and well-maintained throughout its life, leaving it ready for further enjoyment.

All in all, this is an excellent driver quality example finished in a unique colorway still sporting its original paint. Though it has some flaws here and there, this is a great opportunity to get into a unique Swedish sports car with some wonderful patina in great mechanical shape. 

Included in the sale of this vehicle is the spare tire, manuals, and past service records. 



The Details


body and paint

The paint is completely original throughout the exterior of the car and in acceptable condition given that fact. Being all original, there are numerous imperfections and spots that have been touched up over the years. Most notable though is a larger portion of the lower quarter panel behind the passenger side front wheel where the red primer is heavily showing through. Around the right side of the front of the hood, there is an inch-sized gash in the paint, as well as minor blemishes on the front bumper, the doors, the fenders, and the trunk, many of which have seen touchup paint over the years. The body is straight, however with the car being all original it does contain numerous imperfections in the form of small dings scattered throughout. There is a small quarter-sized dent on the passenger door as well as a dime-sized indent just above the hood.

glass and trim

The glass all appears to be original to the car displaying the correct markings on each piece. The brightwork is in ok condition around the windows and down the sides of the car, showing scratching and haze as one would expect for an example in original condition. The chrome bumpers, while hazy, appear to be void of any knicks or cracks and remain in decent condition.


The wheels are in decent condition showing minor ripples on all four. There appear to be no major knicks in any of the wheels which would benefit nicely from a good polish.

notable flaws

Being an original car, there are numerous imperfections one would expect with age. Big takeaways are the dings in the brightwork that surrounds the windows and runs down the side of the car, the small dents located on the passenger door and hood area, as well as the inch-long gash in the paint towards the front of the vehicle by the hood.


seats and surfaces

The interior is also highly original displaying the perfectly worn patina one expects to see in an all-original example. While the seats are original to the car, they have been properly recovered and do not take away from the allure of the rest of the interior. All other knobs and switches appear in very good condition showing minimal signs of use. The dash is in great shape given its age and originality.

functionality and accessories

All knobs, switches, and other gear in the car function properly as they should with no issues to note.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay presents in good condition. A peer under the hood shows off the well-kept B20B 2liter engine. There are some very minor signs of age in the form of light corrosion on some of the painted components. Looking past that, a view of the body on the inside presents nicely with no signs of rust or decay and certainly no indications of any incidents. Overall the condition of the engine bay falls nicely inline with a well-kept and original driver quality example.

trunk area

The trunk area presents nicely with the correct spare tire mounted on the right side. The correct style ribbed black rubber is present and in good shape. There is some very minor corrosion forming on the edge of the trunk lid near the latch mechanism.


Much like the engine bay, the underside presents well enough and matches the quality of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. It wear a thick layer of undercoating, helping to keep the underside nice and solid over the years. There are no signs of any real issues past or present when underneath the car. Some very minor spots of corrosion are scattered about but we found nothing to be concerned about during our inspection.



The 2-liter Inline-4 fires to life with ease and settles into a respectable idle once up to temperature. On the road, it makes ample power and shows no real signs of issues. The engine could probably stand to have a proper tuneup done to it but as it sits today it runs well and shows no real issues.


The transmission shifts gears smoothly and holds power well. The clutch has appropriate take-up and solid feedback with no real issues to note. It holds power well and shifts through the gears as it should.

brakes and suspension

The brakes feel appropriate, bringing the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no apparent issues. The suspension feels compliant and tight with no odd noises or road manners to speak of.


The tires are Firestone F-560 with DOT date codes of 2020. All 4 show an excellent amount of tread, solid sidewalls, and no issues.