• Chassis # 194679S738337
  • Engine # 19S738337
  • 350 Cubic Inch V-8 Making 300 Horsepower
  • Highly Original Example Featuring Mostly Original Paint And All Original Interior
  • Finished In Fathom Green With Green Vinyl Interior
  • Showing 50,954 Miles From New
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The Overview

The Corvette has and always will be a staple in the American car market from its early inception in 1953. Building off the remarkable success that Chevrolet had experienced with both their first and second-generation Corvettes, the third generation (C3) Corvette was introduced for the 1968 model year. While mechanical components remained largely the same, the car received a newly restyled body based off of the Mako Shark II concept car. The C3 Corvettes would see some of the marques more famous monikers introduced such as LT-1, ZR-1, Z07, as well as the collector’s edition. The C3 corvettes saw strong sales numbers throughout their 14-year production run and always remained competitive in sales, even into the late ’70s and early 80’s when emissions restrictions put a stranglehold on most vehicles. Today, the C3 Corvettes remain excellent value for the money, providing plenty of performance and good looks for the price.

The example on offer here, chassis number 194679S738337 and engine number 19S738337, is a highly original example finished in Fathom Green with Green Vinyl Interior. It currently shows 50,954 miles which are believed to be correct. This example features mostly original paint on the exterior and an all original interior. It is fitted with the 350 cubic inch V-8 making 300 horsepower which is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. The options list on the included copy of the original dealer sticker for this example shows the following being included from the factory:

  • Soft-Ray Tinted Glass
  • Auxiliary Hardtop
  • Positraction Axle
  • 4-speed transmission
  • F70x15 Red Stipe Tire
  • Front fender louver trim
  • AM/FM pushbutton radio
  • Green Vinyl trim
  • Fathom Green Exterior paint

This example was purchased by the current owner in 1998 from Holt Auto Sales in Holt, Michigan. At the time of purchase, the car had 48,422 miles on the odometer, meaning it has covered just over 2500 miles in its 21 years of ownership. Since the time of purchase the current owner has driven the car sparingly and serviced and maintained the car thoroughly. Shortly after purchasing the vehicle, the owner had much of the suspension gone through, replaced many deteriorated parts with correct versions, had the braking system gone through, rebuilt the carbs and more. A much more detailed sense of the service history under the current ownership can be gleaned by viewing the service history in the documents section below. In preparation for sale, the owner had the braking system gone through again as well as some electrical issues sorted out. Thanks to its minimal usage and excellent maintenance over the current owner’s 21-year custodianship, this car today sits in fantastic and original condition. This example would make an excellent candidate for Bloomington Gold Survivor status.

Included with the sale of this vehicle are service documents from the current ownership and a copy of the original dealer sticker.

The Details


body and paint

The car is finished in Fathom Green exterior paint, most of which is believed to be original to the vehicle. As with any vehicle in survivor condition, the paint does display common issues such as cracking, scrapes, and chipping throughout the vehicle in various spots. None of the imperfections, however, take away from the vehicle but instead ad to the overall allure of this excellent survivor quality example. The highest concentration of cracking and chipping is located on the beltline of the car and on the tops of the doors. For a better idea of the overall condition of the paint please see the photos above. The body of the car remains solid and straight with no major dings or dents that stand out. The front lower valence has some dings from normal usage and there is a crack in the bottom of the driver's side rear fender where it meets the exhaust on the underside of the car. Door gaps and body panel gaps are straight and within spec. It appears that this car was well cared for throughout its life and as such the body remains solid and straight.

glass and trim

The glass is all in good condition with no real issues to note. The headlights function as they should and are clean and clear. Chrome trim has nice shine and consistency to it with some minor scratching here and there which is to be expected from a survivor quality car.


All four wheels are in great condition with clean brightwork, good painted surfaces, and nice bright center caps.

notable flaws

This car would be considered a very nice survivor quality example and as such has the associated patina located throughout the car in the form of some cracking, chipping, and scraping of the paint as well as a couple of minor dings. All of this serves to validate a nice survivor example with plenty of character and patina.


seats and surfaces

The green vinyl interior is all original and remains in excellent condition but does display some patina in high traffic areas. The door cards are in good shape with a bit of wear forming around the door handles. The seats themselves are in excellent original condition, showing good color and clean and tidy seating surfaces. The hard plastic back to the driver's seat has a crack on the top edge. The carpets show stereotypical fading of the color and some additional wear in areas such as the driver's side footwell but remain tight and well-fitting. There is a small crack in the plastic of the center transmission tunnel cover, located right behind the emergency brake. All the gauges are easily legible and have good color to them. All knobs, switches, and dials appear in good original condition, showing a bit of patina perfectly inline with the rest of the car.

functionality and accessories

The interior appears to be well looked after and such all components appear to function as they should. The doors open and close appropriately, the windows roll up and down with ease, and the shifter moves smoothly through its range of motion. The emergency brake holds the car firmly in place, and the gauges appear to read their respective functions as they should.

notable flaws

The interior is entirely original and therefore shows minor imperfections in the form of charachter and patina smattered throughout. There is a small crack in the plastic to the rear of the emergency brake.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay, much like the rest of the car, remains in fantastic original condition. Painted surfaces show a bit of age and patina in an exact manner you would expect from a survivor class car. The valve covers have been repainted in their correct color and the radiator has been replaced. There is an aftermarket expansion tank located on the passenger side of the engine bay. Correct clamps, hoses, brackets, and wiring were used throughout the engine bay to help with the original nature of the vehicle. Brightwork such as the air cleaner cover remains in great shape with good shine and original looking stickers in place. Original stickers are present in their correct locations.

trunk area

The “trunk area” located behind the seats, is in good original condition as well with some fading on the carpets but otherwise clean and tidy. Lifting the battery box lid reveals correct and original stickers still in place. The top, which stows neatly into this space, appears to have the original framework but has had the material replaced at some point.


The underside of the car appears exactly as expected with a well-kept survivor quality example such as this. Although some minor road dirt and surface corrosion have accumulated in some areas, the underside appears solid and dry. The exhaust has been replaced but the original tips were kept and put back on. There are no signs of mechanical issues present upon inspecting the underside.



This C3 Corvette has been well maintained over the last 21 years of its ownership and it shows in the strong running nature of the engine. The 350 c.i. V-8 barks to life with ease and settles into a smooth and consistent idle. It makes excellent power and has no flat spots or stumbles upon acceleration.


The optional 4-speed transmission shifts smoothly through the gears and holds power throughout the rev range. The clutch take-up is smooth and consistent with good positive feedback.

brakes and suspension

The braking system was recently thorough sorted before the car was brought to market and works flawlessly. The car comes to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension seems solid and compliant with good road manners.


The tires are Coker Classic Redline Radials on 4 corners and appear in excellent condition with plenty of tread life left on them. The car was originally delivered with redline tires, although they would have been of the biased ply variant. Upgrading to the Radial tires is a sensible and safe choice while still looking correct on the vehicle.

driving experience

The third generation of Corvettes provides a fantastic experience for the price. The early cars such as this 1969 example still retain the elegant and muscular look that corvette’s helped to pioneer throughout the 1960s before the bulk of cars got bloated and rubbery due to safety “upgrades”. The 350 cubic inch V-8 in this particular car provides plenty of power as well as a fantastic soundtrack to accompany the top-down motoring that this convertible offers. As with any vehicles these days, survivor quality examples are few and far between. To have the chance to purchase a car that has been cared for, cherished, and most importantly, left in its natural state such as this one has is a rare opportunity indeed. This car would make an excellent candidate for Bloomington Gold Survivor status and given its excellent original nature would be hit in any corvette circle or collection.