• Chassis # 665815
  • Engine # 665815
  • A Beautifully Restored, Matching Numbers Example
  • Finished In Rare And Stunning Arktis Blau
  • Over 247 Hours Invested By Marque Specialist Kickstart Restorations
  • Includes Tire Pump, Restoration Records, Keys To the Gas Tank-Mounted Storage Box, And A Clean Michigan Title
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This car is currently located in: Pontiac, MI

The Overview

The BMW R69S, first introduced in 1960, was a higher-performance variant of the popular R69 model, which was produced from 1955 through 1960. The R69S came about as BMW felt it necessary to begin focusing on enhancing the performance and handling of its motorcycles to meet the demands of riders seeking more power and agility. The R69/S featured the same 594cc boxer layout twin engine as the more pedestrian R69. However, with some key upgrades, including larger carburetors and high-compression pistons, power was increased to 42hp. The bike featured a unique Earles front fork, which provided superior stability and handling, especially at high speeds. The R69S also came equipped with a four-speed transmission, a first for BMW motorcycles, which allowed riders to make the most of the bike’s powerband. Additionally, the R69S featured a full-duplex tubular frame, which was not only strong and lightweight but also contributed to the bike’s excellent handling characteristics. Overall, the BMW R69S was a testament to BMW’s commitment to engineering excellence and remains highly sought-after by motorcycle collectors and enthusiasts.

Today, the R69S has risen to the top as one of BMW’s most desirable collector bikes from the post-war era. Thanks to its stunning good looks, easy riding nature, and legendary reliability, these motorcycles have seen a strong upward trend in pricing over the last few years. Restoration costs on these machines can quickly skyrocket, so money is best spent on an example that has already been tended to. While most of these were delivered in the classic Arvus Black, there was the option to order your machine in other colors, with these examples tending to bring a premium as they are certainly more rare. By 1969, production was beginning to wind down on the /2 series, and many of the machines delivered to the United States were the R69US variants with the telescopic forks, making the R69S version with the Earls Forks a bit more rare. 

The example on offer here, chassis # 665815, is a 1969 BMW R69S. It has undergone a top-notch and exhaustive restoration at the hands of marque specialist Kickstart Restorations of Wolverine Lake, Michigan. It currently wears its factory-correct and very rare shade of Arktis Blau, a dark blue metallic color offered in 1969 and popularized by its use on the BMW 2002 automobile of the time. Chassis 5815 was acquired by the selling consignor out of South Carolina in 2018 as a non-running project bike. It was largely complete but in need of much love. Restoration on the motorcycle began in 2021, and when completed in February of 2024, over 247 hours were invested in the final product you see here. The original five-digit odometer, which has been restored to the same level as the rest of the machine, currently shows 22,844 miles, although the true mileage is unknown. A comprehensive breakdown of the work completed on the bike is available in the documents section, but no expense was spared, and no bolt was left unturned. 

Proper finishes abound throughout the bike, as one would expect to see on a top-tier restoration. The R69S was completely disassembled and the frame was cleaned and repainted. The proper components throughout the bike received new cad plating which was completed to original specifications. The engine was removed from the frame and disassembled for a complete rebuild in which all new components were utilized. The engine rebuild included the following:

  • Freshly bored and honed cylinders 
  • New pistons and rings
  • Balancing of the reciprocating assembly (rods and pistons)
  • Rebuilding the cylinder heads with new valves, replacement guides, and springs
  • Performing a three-angle valve grind
  • Rebuilt and trued crankshaft to BMW specifications
  • Replacing all the gaskets and seals
  • Installing a Blue Emerald Island coil, points, and condenser.
  • Replacing the alternator, rotor, diode board, voltage regulator, and starter relay

The correct Bing carburetors (1/26/91 and 1/26/92) were removed, cleaned, and rebuilt as expected. The four-speed transmission was entirely rebuilt with re-shimmed gears as well as new replacement bearings, seals, and gaskets. The rest of the drivetrain was treated similarly and entirely rebuilt and refreshed with new components. The suspension systems were entirely disassembled and rebuilt with new components and refinished as they should be. The 18” Weinnmann Aluminum rims were polished and rebuilt with new spokes and fitted with new Heidenau tires. The braking system was also completely gone through, utilizing all new and correct components in the rebuild. 

As it sits today, this beautiful 1969 BMW R69S remains as fresh as one could ask for. It could be considered an essentially “new as delivered” example, and in some aspects, is likely better than when it rolled of the production line in 1969. The restoration is truly top-quality work, leaving nothing to be desired and no issues of note. This fantastic R69S is ready for immediate enjoyment, and thanks to the meticulous work completed by Kickstart Restorations, combined with the rare and attractive color, this beautiful machine is sure to turn heads and be the darling of any show, Concourse or collection that it might grace. 

This R69S is offered with a tire pump, service records, keys to the gas tank-mounted storage box, and a clean Michigan title in the seller’s name.


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