The Overview

Launched in the spring of 1963, Mercedes-Benz would continue the highly revered SL line with the introduction of the W113 chassis. Commonly referred to as the “pagoda” due their distinctive hardtop shape, the W113 would become an international icon, combing sheik styling and comfortable motoring, with unsurpassed build quality.


Despite being the beginning to a new era, the W113 would share the same chassis construction of the 190 SL, and being slightly heavier, would become of the sturdiest models of that time. The series began life with the 230 SL, powered by an overhead-cam fuel injected 2.3 litre straight 6 engine, rated at 148 horsepower. The W113 would also offer an automatic transmission, as well as available power steering, a first for the SL generation.


While many hailed the new 2.3 power plant as a great improvement over the 190 SL, four years into production Mercedes would unveil the 250 SL, powered by a 2.5 litre straight six. Despite the horsepower remaining nearly the same, torque was dramatically increased as a result of using 7 main bearings versus the previous 4 used in the 2.3 litre engine. One advertisement used read “Mercedes-Benz announced a more potent 230 SL, the 250 SL”. With this increase in power, also came the increased power to stop, as the 250 SL would be offered standard with four wheel disc brakes.


With the help of the Mercedes-Benz Heritage Center we know that chassis #11304310005158 was ordered with the following specifications:


Chassis number: 113 043 10 005158

Engine number: 129 982 10 002501

Transmission number:         016866

Key code: TW 073

Exterior color code: 050 – white body & 291 – dark olive hardtop

Interior color code: 124 – green parchment mbtex


Option codes:

401 single seats

416 hardtop mounted

422 power steering

461 instruments in English

491 USA Version

503 side view mirror, left

524 paint coat preservation

533 interference suppression, without radio

597 heat insulated glass

600 trim strips on hardtop

641 white wall tires

669 mode of packing VE

721 soft – top fabric, green


Finished in it’s original white color, this SL left Germany originally mated with the dark olive hardtop, which it still retains today. Having undergone a cosmetic restoration done to a very high standard during the last decade, it shows very well, and could pass as original without close inspection. It appears that all bright work and door seals were removed during the restoration showing the time invested.


This W113 has its headlight notches, which many cars now lack after multiple restorations. Having excellent gap fit all around, panels are straight, and as you make your way around this automobile, the only imperfection is a small scrape on the front right fender noted in the photographs. Bright work is in nice condition, however upon close inspection one will note they are as would be expected for a decade old restoration.


Opening the hood, the first thing you notice are the factory spot welds around the inner edges of the front fenders. An exceedingly clean engine bay, it is matched by a fresh firewall pad and fresh rubber hoses all round. Everything is neat and tidy, and ready to drive or show.


Glass and rubber seals are in very nice condition, as are even the thin inner trim surrounding the reflective glass of the side mirrors. Wheel covers match the olive green hardtop as they should, and blend nicely with the cars configuration.


The interior however in this 250SL may be the most interesting feature of this car, as it is 100% original. Amazingly well preserved, we’re very fortunate that the former caretakers have been wise enough appreciate the distinctive color combination. As one would expect, the interior sports a wonderful patina only resulting from decades of careful use and enjoyment. The W113 series sadly would be the last generation to feature the classic painted dashboard, a characteristic continued from days of the 300SL. Black backed VDO instruments compliment the steering wheel and stand out amongst the white dash, while the white lettering draws a nice connection to that of the body and dash color of this 250 SL. Beautiful chrome inserts adorn each end of the dash, housing air vents, while one will be sure to note the vent controls all intact, and operational. Door panels show nicely and the side pockets do not sag from over stuffing, which we find impressive for an original car. Wooden interior trim surrounds the lower windshield and is in very nice condition, from limited UV exposure. A beautiful matching soft green soft top in very nice condition, remains hidden until needed in the rear well.


This 250 SL starts effortlessly, and runs and drives smoothly as one would expect from such a tidy example. The four-speed manual transmission shifts nicely, and adds a fun sporting element to this pagoda. Despite it’s classic lines, we love these cars as they have no problem keeping up with modern day traffic.


From a production standpoint, the 250SL is the rarest of the series, with only 5,196 cars produced, one quarter the number of it’s predecessor. This example, offered with a copy of the original data card, this 250 SL is complete with its two tops, books, tools, as well as factory jack and spare. A wonderful timepiece with great character, this 250 SL is a turnkey automobile, ready to be enjoyed.


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