• Chassis # 1E 16458
  • Engine # 7E 15204-9
  • A Well Done Older Restoration That Has Held Up Wonderful
  • Finished In Its Original Carmen Red Color
  • Properly Serviced And Featuring Purposeful Driver Centric Upgrades
  • Sale Includes Original Steering Wheel, Jack And Spare, Heritage Certificate, And Available Service Records
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The Overview

The Jaguar E-Type, or XK-E for the North American market, is arguably one of Jaguar’s most popular and recognizable sports cars. Built from 1961 to 1974, the original design for the E-Type was based on Jaguar’s D-Type race car and boasted a top speed of 150 mph with a sub-7-second 0-60 time. The Series 1 E-Type was produced as both a two-seater coupe, made famous by its long hood in comparison to the rest of its body and a two-seater convertible. The Series 1 cars had two engines under the hood depending on their year of manufacture. Those made between 1961 and 1964 had a 3.8-liter engine while the latter 1965 to 1967 models had a 4.2-liter engine with increased torque, thus making them the most usable of the models.

Between 1967 and 1968, 6,726 Series 1.5 cars were produced as transitional models between Series 1 and Series 2. These had open headlights due to a US safety law, black rocker switches on the dash instead of the original toggle switches, de-tuning from three to two carburetors due to US emissions, twin cooling fans, adjustable seatbacks, and other cosmetic changes. The lack of a third carburetor resulted in a sizable loss of power for the US-market Series 1.5 cars. In total, 6,749 of the later 4.2-liter Series 1 roadsters were made, and 2,801 Series 1.5 roadsters.

This particular example, Chassis #1E 16458, is a beautiful example of a 4.2-liter Series 1.5 finished in Carmen Red with a contrasting black leather interior and top. It retains its original and matching numbers engine block (7E 15204-9) as verified by the included Heritage Certificate. The car was built on December 5, 1967, and delivered to Jaguar Cars of New York on December 13, 1967, before being sold to a Dr. Edward Gordon. From there, its history becomes a little muddled. We are led to believe that it was restored sometime in the early 2000s before LBI acquired it on behalf of a local collector and long-time customer in 2014. Since then, it has undergone numerous services including a return to a Series 1’s tri-carb setup, an exhaust system overhaul, hood and trunk adjustments, new door seals, and many more items as detailed in the available records to bring the car to where it is today. As it sits, this Jaguar is a turn-key opportunity for the enthusiast who drives more than they show, even though this would fare well at any local event. Given its age, this E-Type is still a competent driver with absolutely no issues keeping up with modern traffic. Throw its four-wheel disc brakes into the equation, and you’ve got a recipe for a fun time all around.

Upon purchase, the new buyer will receive the original steering wheel, a correct jack in a reproduction bag, a reproduction owner’s manual, the Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate detailing the car’s manufacturing information, and all of the service records dating back to 2015.


The Details


body and paint

As an older restoration, this E-type has held up well overall. The initial restoration was completed to a high standard that has stood the test of time. The car is straight down the sides with acceptable and consistent panel gaps. The paint shines well throughout with no major blemishes to be noted. The only item obvious to the trained eye would be the deck lid which does sit a touch high on the driver's side.

glass and trim

The windscreen is an aftermarket unit that shows a couple of minor blemishes upon close inspection, none worth addressing, however. The passenger and driver windows are the originals and do show some scratching. The car has all of its correct trim and brightwork present and overall reflects that of an older restoration with the majority of chrome presenting as show-worthy with the exception of the front bumpers which both show a couple of minor bubbles upon close inspection. Despite a few imperfections, the bumpers are likely not worth refinishing and are ultimately consistent with the rest of the car as a driver quality example.


The wheels are in excellent condition with no issues noted.


seats and surfaces

The interior is in excellent condition and saw total restoration at the time the rest of the car was restored. It appears correct materials were used overall with the only obvious modifications being that of an aftermarket radio from the 1980’s/90’s and a correct style aftermarket steering wheel (with the original being included). The passenger grab bar shows to be original with patina. The rest of the interior including the rear parcel area, seats, center console, door cards/chrome/trim, kick panels, etc... all appear to be correct and in good condition overall. Any blemishes can be considered minor and are attributes of a driver quality example.

functionality and accessories

From a test of all interior features, the only items not in working order are the map light and interior light rocker switches. Everything else on the interior appears to be in good working order. The fan could stand for some lubrication or further inspection as it was a bit noisy but was functioning. Otherwise, this example appears to have its various lighting and electrical items in working order.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is very tidy and clean. Representative of a well serviced and cared for example. While not 100% Concours correct it is reliably functional and could easily be shown as presented with no glaring issues. The only things worth pointing out are correctness related, such as incorrect clamps, but this was done purposefully as this car is driven. The cooling system has been upgraded as well as a tri-carb conversion completed (original parts included). The frame rails are straight and there are no indications of any prior accident damage.

trunk area

The trunk area is as equally tidy, finished in body color, and shows newer clamps and hoses for the fuel system. Again no evidence of any previous accident damage. Another area that also saw proper restoration, and today is reflective of a nice driver quality presentation that is overall correct.


The underside is again consistent with the driver quality car that this E-Type is. It shows to be well serviced but also used. The floors have been finished in a light undercoating which is common on driver level cars, in order to protect them due to more frequent use. The painted section on the underside rear of the car could stand for wet sanding and buffing to bring out a more consistent finish. There are no glaring leaks or issues to note, just a solid driver quality underside.



The engine starts easily, runs strong, and holds good oil pressure and temperature even on warmer days. This car has been frequently driven and used as well as equally serviced with no unwanted noises, smoke, or the like being reported.


The transmission shifts best when fully warm and operated correctly. We believe it to be the original 4-speed box.

brakes and suspension

The brakes work well, as intended with no pulling or pulsation, warped rotors, or squealing. The suspension is firm and feels good though we should note the car does sit lower in the front than may be deemed acceptable to some or per factory specs. Perfectly usable as-is but one item to note.


The tires are Vredestein Sprint Classic 185 HR15 91H with date codes from 2014. Still soft and supple with lots of tread life left. It should be noted that the spare does not match and is an older Michelin.

driving experience

This Series 1.5 E-Type Roadster offers everything a series 1 has to offer thanks to an upgraded carburation but benefits from later styling items such as cooling upgrades and a smaller diameter steering wheel. While not a Concours winner it would hold its own at any local show but its real purpose is to be driven and the most recent ownership reflects this in both its upgrades, care, and servicing. A well-rounded example that is inviting to use and enjoy immediately.