• Chassis # 1E13737
  • Engine # 7E 10697-9
  • A Matching Numbers Example
  • An Older Restoration Finished In British Racing Green Over Tan Interior
  • An Excellent Driver Quality Example Featuring Strong And Well Sorted Mechanicals
  • Includes Original Toolkit, Jack, Factory Spare , Booklets, Manuals, And Available Service Records
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The Overview


No British car can quite compete with the icon that is the Jaguar E-Type, or XK-E as it was dubbed for the North American market. Its claims of a 150 mph top speed, sub-7 second 0-60 mph acceleration, and advanced steering and suspension systems made the E-Type a trendsetter for its time and for cars that followed. Produced from 1961 to 1974, the car was produced in three consecutive series. The Series 1 was produced from 1961 to 1968 and initially came equipped with a triple SU carburetted 3.8-litre six-cylinder Jaguar XK6 engine from the XK150S. In 1964, the engine’s displacement was increased to 4.2-liters that had the same power but an increased torque from 240 to 283 lb-ft. The 4.2-liter cars also had reclining seats, better brakes, electrical systems, and a synchromesh four-speed transmission. A total of 16,195 Series 1 4.2-liter cars were produced with 6,749 of them being Open Two Seaters (OTS).

This particular example, Chassis # 1E13737, is a 1967 Series 1 4.2-liter OTS model. According to the Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate provided with it, the car was originally delivered through distributor Peter Lindner of Frankfurt, Germany to its initial owner, a W. F. Mastroler. It was later imported to the US sometime before 1981 where its next owner, the then-proprietor of a Jaguar dealership in Buffalo, NY, purchased the car in 1996. He regularly serviced the car throughout the late 1990s before restoring it sometime in the mid-2000s. The car underwent a respray, going from its original Opalescent Silver Grey over a red leather interior to its current dark green color over tan leather. The numbers-matching engine and transmission were also rebuilt during that restoration, although the head appears to have been re-stamped. The ignition tumbler has also been relocated to the steering column at some point in this Jaguar’s life.

The Jaguar was listed on Bring a Trailer in 2021 where it was bought by William Bravo of Pennsylvania. He was unfortunately only able to enjoy the car for a few months before he tragically passed away, leaving it in the care of his daughter and later executrix of his estate. We acquired the car in May of 2022 and found it needed a tad bit of love and care to work at its full potential.

Leading Edge Autosport in West Chester, PA installed new clutch hydraulics including master and slave cylinders. The left rear wheel bearing was replaced alongside its respective seals and rings as well as the rear trailing arms and all sway bar link bushings. The rear braking system was entirely flushed and replaced with all new calipers, pistons, and pads along with the respective brake hoses. Under the hood, a new power steering belt, power steering suction hose and reservoir cap, battery hold-down kit, and a brake fluid reservoir were all installed. On the underside, we had the rear differential drained and refilled as well as new exhaust clamps installed. A new set of Vredestein Spring Classic tires were mounted and balanced on all four of the original wire wheels to round out the refresh and give this XK-E the look it deserves. 

There is no driving experience quite like a classic Jag and this XK-E has the best of both worlds. With a mechanically sorted engine and a driver-quality body, it will provide the ideal grand tourer for somebody seeking a taste of British motoring in their collection.

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive the original toolkit, jack, touch-up paint, a pair of color-matched driving gloves, as well as all of the booklets, manuals, and service records.


The Details


body and paint

An inviting driver quality example is the overall way to describe the cosmetic condition of this E-Type. It is straight down the sides, the gaps are fair-good, and the blemishes that are present are in the way of minor paint inconsistencies upon close inspection and minor chips here or there. It is otherwise very presentable with consistent and deep BRG color throughout the exterior.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be the correct original Triplex with scratching found on all glass, blemished but correct and original. The trim is complete. The bright work is good overall, worthy of showing, but not perfect with flaws present here or there. Some rubber such as the driver's side taillight is showing its age as a few other pieces are as well. However, the majority of the rubber appears to have been replaced at some point and is in good condition. The headlight buckets are green and should be silver as is correct for 1967.


The wheels are correct chrome wires and appear to be in nice condition overall with no attention needed.

notable flaws

The hood has an eraser-sized chip, a few chips on the door edges that have been touched up, a small chip on the driver's side of the body forward of the door gap, and a few light scratches to be found throughout. A wet sending would likely bring this car to the next level.


seats and surfaces

The interior is indicative of an older restoration. Correct overall and presenting well with signs of use throughout the interior. The rubber on the driver sill has flaked and is partially missing, and the rubber on the jam is dry and cracking as is the top rubber where it meets the window. An aftermarket stereo is present with larger speakers than stock. However the interior is in order besides some minor entry/exit scuffs in high traffic areas, the door cards, kick panels, center console, dash, rear parcel shelf area, etc… are all in nice showable condition.

functionality and accessories

Everything appears to be in correct working order with the exception of the Map light and interior gauge lights which work intermittently. Otherwise, all toggles activate the item as listed and all exterior lighting is in working order as well.

notable flaws

Some minor scuffs and scratches are present as well as some degrading rubber components, all in all in line with the driver quality presentation.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is clean and presentable but shows signs of use as expected from a driver quality example. Various areas show servicing was recently completed, including the cooling, clutch, brakes, etc. A serviced example with minimal leaks and overall adhering to that of a stock example. Some items are incorrect such as clamps etc. A fair engine bay, which is well suited for a driver.

trunk area

The trunk area is in tidy and correct condition. Removing the boards to expose the spare wheel well shows a solid trunk section but still in primer rather than painted BRG. An easy item to correct should a future owner decide to undertake the process.


The underside shows signs of use throughout with minor leaks/seepage expected from a driver. The car is solid however with only minor surface corrosion to be found here or there. The floors do show to have been dented and are the most obvious blemishes present. The rockers/sills and floors all appear to be solid with no issues noted.



The engine starts easily and builds oil pressure quickly, settling down to an acceptable level once warm. There is a brief puff of smoke upon start up but goes away quickly. The engine has a strong throttle response and held proper temperature during our short test drive. A strong and reliable motor that has benefited from a rebuild earlier in its life as documented via photos on file. The only obvious modification is that of a power steering rack, made most obvious by the reservoir, a sensible upgrade to aid in driveability.


The transmission shifts as intended with no issues noted. The clutch release point is a little high, but the clutch does not slip and benefits from a recent slave and master rebuild.

brakes and suspension

The braking system benefits from a recent overhaul of calipers with new pads as needed on 3 of 4 corners. The brakes worked well on our short test drive. No pulling or feedback indicating any warping or issues otherwise.


The tires are new 185 VR15 91V Vredestein Sport Classics on all 4 corners with a date code of 2021. The spare was not replaced.

driving experience

As a driver, this car really fits the ticket of what one is looking for if the intent is to consistently use an E-Type. It could be shown if desired, but won’t be a Concours contender. In these colors, as a 1967, and in this condition this is a wonderful and inviting combination of factors for the enthusiasts looking for a one-car garage or to add to any collection. A respectable example that starts easily, runs strong, and does everything right enough to put a smile on your face.