• Chassis # 1811507
  • Engine # 1811507
  • A Fully Numbers Matching Example
  • Only 39 Miles Since Comprehensive And Thorough Restoration

The Overview

Following the end of World War II, Germany was prohibited from producing motorcycles but once the ban was lifted by the Allies, BMW went back to work immediately and released the 500cc R51/2 which was quickly replaced by the R51/3. The 600cc R67 and R67/2 quickly followed up the success of the 500cc offerings. The R60 series of BMW motorcycles were first introduced in 1956 as an updated model to its previous 600cc offering, the R67. The R60 would see the addition of some modern technology such as an enclosed shaft drive as well as some odd changes made to the suspension. Although they had invented and first used telescopic front forks back in the 30’s it was decided that the “Earles” style fork would be used on these R50 and R60 models, a decision that helped in the predictable handling nature of these motorcycles as well as aiding in their ability to be used with a side car attached. Starting in 1960, BMW introduced the slightly updated R50/2 and R60/2 which saw updates such as changes in the switchgear and a slightly larger headlight as well as some changes to the 600cc engine to aide in reliability and power, increasing engine output to 30hp. Although only available in the now-classic black with white pinstriping, it was possible to special order an R50 or an R60 from the factory in other colors such as Granada Red, Dominican Blue, or Dover White, among a few others, although these are all fairly rare. The R60/2 would remain in production through 1969 when the new and drastically updated /5 series of BMW motorcycles were introduced.

The motorcycle on offer here is a 1967 BMW R60/2, chassis # 181150 and engine # 1811507. It is a triple number matching example, meaning the head tube tag, the frame, and the engine numbers all match. This motorcycle is finished in the common, but always stunning, black with white pinstriping and currently wears a solo Denfield tractor sale seat. This R60/2 has benefited from a full restoration completed earlier this year and has under 40 miles on it since. This BMW was acquired along with 7 other motorcycles from a private collector in 2017. The current owner, an experienced BMW restorer, began restoration of the motorcycle shortly after acquiring it. The bike was completely torn down and inspected, detailing any and all pieces that needed to be replaced or refurbished. The engine was completely disassembled and inspected. Every bearing was replaced, as well as all seals and gaskets, along with rebuilding the crankshaft and replacing the oil slingers. The transmission was also completely disassembled and inspected with all new bearings, gaskets, bushings, and seals being used int reassembly. The final drive was completely disassembled and inspected and the bearings were replaced and properly shimmed per BMW specifications. The frame and swingarms were powder coated and the remaining parts that needed paint were finished with a two-stage base and clear coat along with the appropriate and well-done hand pinstriping.

A brief rundown of work completed that have not been outlined above as provided but the current owner and restorer:

  • New pistons
  • New rings
  • Cylinders bored
  • Heads rebuilt
  • Cylinder barrels painted with high-temperature paint
  • All new gasket sets throughout the motorcycle
  • Original horn was rebuilt
  • New air filter
  • New carburetor rebuild kits
  • New front brake cable
  • New rear brake cable
  • New dual throttle cables
  • New clutch cable
  • All rubber components throughout the bike were replaced
  • New hand grips
  • New footrests (both driver and passenger)
  • New swingarm bearings
  • New steering head bearings
  • New fuel petcock
  • New tire pump
  • New bulbs in all the lights
  • New complete wiring harness
  • New key system
  • New spark plugs
  • New Coil
  • New regulator
  • New points
  • New Heidenau tires
  • New Denfield solo tractor seat
  • New stainless steel spokes
  • New tubes
  • New fuel hoses
  • New stainless steel bolts throughout the motorcycle

The restoration was done to a very high caliber and it shows in both the cosmetic and mechanical nature of this R60/2. The motorcycle fires to life easily with a little tickle of the carburetors and one or two swift steps on the step-style kickstarter located on the left side of the bike. It settles quickly and easily into a happy, lazy, and quite idle. Throttle response is excellent, with a quick turn of the hand throttle the RPMs of the engine rise eagerly. On the road, this R60/2 pulls strong and shifts through the gears smoothly. The braking system is smooth and consistent and works just as it should. All of the electrical components are in good functioning order with the headlight, turn signals, and horn functioning nicely. These BMW R60/2 motorcycles are an absolute joy to ride. They make sufficient power to keep up with modern-day traffic while looking absolutely gorgeous going down the road. This motorcycle is a real head turner and will undoubtedly spark conversations no matter where you go as it is a very inviting piece of german engineering. With just 40 miles on an exquisite restoration, this R60/s needs nothing but a new owner who would love to ride and show this fantastic motorcycle wherever they desire.