• Chassis # HBJ8L35548
  • Engine # 29KRUH10139
  • Only 1,000 Miles Since Completion by Marque Experts BRC of Philadelphia
  • A Numbers Matching Example Finished In An Original Healey Color Combination
  • Offered With BMIHT Certificate, Spare, And Boot Cover
  • An Excellent Example To Show Or Drive
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The Overview

The Austin Healey 3000 underwent many changes throughout its 8-year production life, culminating in the BJ8 series which provided the smoothest and most comfortable driving experience of all the “Big Healeys.” Power was increased from 136 to 150 horsepower by the addition of a new, high lift cam and SU HD8 carburetors. Power assisted brakes now came standard and the interior was modestly redesigned to allow for better instrument monitoring by the driver. The chassis was also slightly altered to allow for better ground clearance. Production of the 3000 ended in late 1967 when it was unfortunately determined that the Austin Healey brand was no longer viable. A total of 17,712 Mark III Austin Healeys were produced during from 1964 to 1967 and they remain one of the most iconic British roadsters to have ever been produced.

The example on offer here, chassis number HBJ8L35548 and engine number 29KRUH10139, is a 1967 Austin Healey 3000 MK III. It is finished in an interesting and originally available color combination of Golden Beige Metallic with Red interior. Though the original colors were White with a Black interior, this highly sought after factory color combination was commonly offered on the later BJ8s. Not much is known regarding the cars early history but the car was treated to a full nut-and-bolt restoration by marque experts, BRC of Philadelphia, who are world renowned for their restorations of Big Healeys. They have restored over 600 “Big Healeys” and their knowledge and craftsmanship truly show in the stunning results that come out of their workshop. Though the car was restored over approximately 8 years ago, it presents excellently with less than 1000 carefully driven miles since restoration completion.   

It is offered with BMIHT certificate, spare and boot cover.

The Details


body and paint

As the car has covered only a 1000 careful miles since its complete restoration, the delightful Golden Beige Metallic paint remains in fantastic condition. It has excellent shine and nice bright color throughout with a good smooth finish. The body likewise remains smooth and straight with excellent body and panel gaps all around. There is a small bubble forming under the paint on the driver's side rear quarter panel. It is not very noticeable and does not appear to be compromising the integrity of the paint at this time.

glass and trim

The glass throughout remains clean and clear. The chrome has a beautiful shine to it and all pieces are straight and smooth. Rubber components and trim remain supple and bright. All the lenses for the lights are clean and clear with no issues to report. The fitment of the front bumper is slightly off with one side riding a bit higher than the other.


The chrome wire spoked wheels are presently well with a nice shine to them but would benefit from a proper polish.

notable flaws

The is a small paint bubble on the driver's side rear quarter panel (see photos). It appears that this was most likely due to a small bit of dust during paint prep though it does not present any cause for concern or spreading as the paint has long since cured. The fitment of the front bumper is a bit off, causing one side to ride slightly higher than the other.


seats and surfaces

The bright red interior provides for an excellent contrast to the Golden Beige Metallic exterior. The seats are well appointed and remain in excellent condition with only some minor creasing and folding of the fabric around the edges. The tri-spoke Moto Lita steering wheel is always a highlight on these BRC restored cars and remains in fantastic condition with bright chrome spokes and a smooth rich wood rim. The color matched carpets are bright and relatively wear free with the only issue of note being some bunching over the transmission tunnel. The red vinyl on the dash and center stack remains smooth and tight. The wood covered dash is rich and smooth with no noticeable cracks. There is a minor bit of scratching present on the chrome bezel that houses the switches and ignition on the center stack. Fitment of the vinyl trim piece at the base of the shifter housing is a bit off and the rubber boot on the shifter is a bit bunched up, as they tend to often get.

functionality and accessories

This car was entirely gone through during restoration and driven sparingly since which leaves all the interior switchgear and gauges functioning as they should. The gauge faces are colorful and legible with clean clear glass covering them. All switches, knobs, and pulls function as they should and are in excellent cosmetic condition. The handbrake holds the car in place with ease although it does appear it is an original piece that was not re-chromed thus having some minor pitting. Window winders and door handles are in good condition and function as they should.

notable flaws

There is some pitting present at the base of the emergency brake lever that is really only visible if one were searching for it.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay, much like the rest of the car, remains in fantastic and highly correct condition. Painted surfaces are colorful and smooth, plated surfaces are bright and correct. All the hose lines and cables remain in great condition, fastened by their correct style clamps. While the engine bay is in a nice, tidy order it could stand to be professionally detailed in order to really bring it up to show quality. There are various nuts and bolts that can be removed, painted and reinstalled to clean it up a bit further if one choose to show the car on the concours circuit.

trunk area

The trunk area is tidy, with the correct ribbed mats covering surfaces. They are a bit ill-fitting in the corners but overall the appearance is very respectable/correct. Pulling up the matts reveals a clean and correct fuel tank. The battery area is likewise nice and clean with a built-in kill switch for convenience. The spare chrome wire wheel is held in place with its correct bar and leather strap tie down.


The underside of the car displays as one would expect from a car driven very sparingly since restoration. Painted surfaces remain smooth and clean with nice, straight metal. There is some minor surface corrosion on some of the suspension hardware, leaf springs, and brake calipers, but nothing of worry.



The engine fires right to life with a healthy and strong turn of the starter and a little help from the choke. Once up to temperature, the engine settles into a smooth and consistent idle. The engine revs freely and makes nice smooth power throughout the rev range with no hesitation or flat spots. The entirety of the engine and drivetrain were restored on the car and it is clearly apparent in the excellent running nature of the vehicle. It has been driven only on special occasions and has been sitting off and on for the past few years so a basic service is recommended.


This car retains its correct 4-speed transmission with overdrive. The transmission moves easily through the gears, holds power very well and is smooth. The clutch operation feels normal, responsive and deliberate in the take-up.

brakes and suspension

The brakes are responsive and tight, bringing the car to a smooth controlled stop with no notable issues though the car has been sitting with occasional use so a service is recommended. The suspension feels tight and compliant with no odd noises or road manners to speak of.


The car wears a newer set of Vredestein Sprint Classics which are in good condition with minimal miles on them and plenty of tread life left.

driving experience

The Austin Healey 3000 has cemented itself as one of the most iconic British roadsters and for all the right reasons. The low slung nature of the car puts the driver close to the road and the light steering and responsive suspension allow for a fantastic road feel. The raspy exhaust note of the inline 6-cylinder provides for a positively delightful soundtrack and the spacious cabin provides ample room with interior refinements for comfort over the earlier models. This fully restored car is ready for a new owner to enjoy it on open roads, or the concours field.