The Overview

The Post War American Car Manufacturers have but only a few real performance legends to contribute to automotive history as compared to their European counterparts. It may not be from winning the Mille Miglia or the LeMans 24 hours (though some have), but more so from a contribution to the masses. The Ford Mustang is one such car; released in 1964 it provided an inexpensive and fun experience for anyone looking for a top down experience, a track car, or a GT car that worked as both a daily driver and a brute on the track. The Mustang has always had the advantage of varying appeal, and today still offers a variety of interesting aspects. As it is now and has always been, it’s all about options. The first generation of Mustang offered from 1964.5 through 1966 was offered in coupe, convertible and fastback format.  While there were standard options available, the enthusiast could pick from upgraded horsepower in the 289, a 4-speed, A/C, different carburetors, power options and packaged to tailor the car exactly as the customer pleased.


The Example on offer here, Chassis number 6T08A208587 happens to be a very well optioned car. Completed at Ford’s Metuchen, NJ factory on February 15th, 1966 it left the factory exactly as presented today; Signalflare Red over a Black Standard interior. Interesting factory options on this A-Code Mustang include 289-V8, 4-Speed Manual, 4-barrel Carburetor, Power Top, Power Brakes, and Luggage rack. Nearly everything a GT would have had besides a few minor trim pieces; a very well optioned performer with this combination.  It also has the benefit of known Pennsylvania History, having sold new out of Philadelphia, it was kept locally and has remained PA titled since 1966. While exact early history is not totally known, we can tell from available documentation and thorough inspection that this example has always remained a solid running driving car and never a rusty or wrecked car that was brought back to life.  In addition, it also retains its original and correct date coded engine.


Service receipts pick up with a Glen Young of Hellertown, PA in 1985 around 105,000 miles for general services performed by local service stations as well as Glaziers Mustang Barn. Later, in 1989/1990 the car was sold to a Mr. Jim Paar of Bethlehem, PA. Upon his acquisition, a cosmetic restoration and mechanical refurbishment were started; which entailed minor rust repair, total strip, repaint, new interior, and rebuilding o f the engine and related components, bring the car up to date at this time. Just as the car was finished it was appraised by R/T Antique Classic Street Rods for $14,500 in late 1990, at the time roughly 107,000 miles showed on the clock. Mr. Parr enjoyed his newly restored mustang for approximately 11 years until it passed to its next caretaker, a well known Collector in Nazareth, PA.


Upon his acquisition the car showed about 111,000 miles and was immediately delivered to Glaziers Mustang Barn for a total servicing and sorting as needed. Glaziers completed a total suspension overhaul including shocks, bushings; springs etc… bring the suspension components completely up to date. It was further driven and always kept in a climate controlled collection and accompanied by an interesting array of other sports cars. This remained the American Sports Car of choice in the collection. General service was always completed over the years, again by local shops, and in 2005 Glaziers again completed another task of updating the car. This time to Rally Pack Specification which included gauges, fog lights, wheels, and in addition rear GT style valance, exhaust and engine dress up kit was also installed. By this point the car resembled that of a GT in every way besides some minor trimmings, but more importantly it gave it a full package of rare options, power, and a very fun car to drive.


As a car that has been well cared for during the past 25 years and sympathetically restored it is no doubt today in turn key driver quality condition. While it may not be a show winner, it does not currently warrant any work to be driven and enjoyed. Cosmetically the car is very consistent throughout, the paint work is shiny and the body straight overall, especially for 25 year old work.  Small touched up scratches, chips and blemishes are present in a few spots, but consistent with a driver. The chrome shows well in some areas and original with patina in others. The rubber trim components are in good overall condition with no major cracking, as are the tires, newer and ready to go. The glass appears original and free of any major blemishes. The gaps and panel fitment are not quite as perfect as they could be, and may be a point to be corrected in the future, minor but worth mention.  All of the correct A-Code exterior trim, escutcheon, emblems etc… are all present with nothing missing, as is the case with the interior.


Upon entering the interior we can see presentable door jams, nice door panels and newer seats that present well. The carpet is also newer and in excellent condition throughout. All of the lighting gauges and items are in proper working order. The gauges read accurately and the power top switch works without fault. The radio is a stock looking, but newer unit and the dash presents nicely as well. The top is newer but there is a small tear that appears to have been previously repaired on the driver side rear. The rear plastic however is in good condition with the fitment and operation in order.  Under the dash appears tidy overall and in general the interior is in good condition for anyone looking for a good driver quality condition.


The car starts easily, runs extremely well with good oil pressure and holding appropriate temperature once warm. The running and driving condition of this Mustang is surely one of its high points, especially with the optional factory 4-barrel carburetor and 4-speed. The throttle is quick to respond and the car makes good power through the rev range without hesitation, even when cold. The clutch feels good though we notice some minor clutch chatter depending on the revs given when releasing, it is something that could be tended to or easily left for another 10,000+ miles without an issue. The brakes work well for 1966, and the car handles as expected from a 1966 mustang, tight. The steering is of the same quality and overall the experience behind the wheel culminates into a fun, reliable, and genuine experience. Mechanically it is very well done, sorted, and turn key.


The trunk and underside are areas to inspect on any classic car, this Mustang appears to be solid everywhere and consistent with that of a driver in anyway. Neither are requires any attention for the enthusiast pursuing a driver quality example.


The Ford Mustang is a legacy as much as it is a car, and with the 50th anniversary upon us the Mustang is yet again making its marque in automotive history. When first launched it was both inexpensive and a blast, not much has really changed, it is still a car that offers a lot of great experiences for the money, especially in today’s high priced collector car world. Included in the sale are the original engine dress items, boot cover, spare, jack and other misc. spares as well as the original owners manual. Whether you’re an enthusiast or collector, and even if ones primary interest has always been something other than Mustang’s or American cars in general, this car represents an opportunity worth much consideration.  This is a car that is just plain good fun on any given day and can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, any time.



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