The Overview

As the 911 made headway in the design department and production was to begin on Porsche’s new flagship sports car, the 356 was still very much in production by the end of 1964. While the bodies were no longer being produced by 1965 and 911’s were now taking over in the assembly line there were still stock piles of 356 drive trains without cars to put them in. At the same time Porsche realized that not everyone could, or wanted to afford the new 6-cylinder 911. The 912 was to be a lower dollar and more economical 911. It offered 356 SC power with the all new 911 styling, with plenty of options the 912 was far from a poor man’s sports car and was an all together different driving experience.  To find a first year Porsche model of any type is a rare thing indeed, a first year 356 is nearly impossible to find. A first year 911 is slightly easier to find, but again, very expensive. Even a first year (1975) 930 would prompt one to pay up if it you could find one. As such a 1965 Porsche 912 is no different, it’s the first year for the infamous 912, and should be highly regarded as the most collectible, important, and interesting of all.


The example on offer here, Chassis # 452653, shows to be a true 1965 Model, built in 65 and first sold new towards the end of 1965. Thanks to its Certificate of Authenticity, we know that this example is also numbers matching with engine # 851595 still in place to this day.  As a true 65’ it shows to have the important marking’s of 7/65 printed on all 5 of it’s wheels. In addition it also retains the 4-screw horn grilles, as is correct for a 65’. Factory options include Chrome wheels, 5-Speed Transmission, and US Equipment.


While exact early history is not known on this particular example, we do know that it lived the majority of its life in the mid-west and on the west coast having had a few different owners from new until about the mid 1990’s when it was acquired by a Darryl Zitting of Salt Lake City, Utah. We are told that during this ownership the car was very much in order as a mostly original and very solid example at that time in its original color of Alpine White. It showed as a car that was regularly driven and as such we believe the miles today to be accurate at 107,306. During the ownership of Mr. Zitting the car received a total repaint in Polo Red in the mid 2000’s. The paint job overall was well done to excellent driver quality standards at the time of completion. At this time most of the rubbers were replaced as well as a few chrome items replaced/replated.  During this ownership we have also noted a clutch replacement, as documented in the cars file.


Shortly after, in June of 2010 the car was acquired by a Randall Davis of Akron, OH. Upon  Mr. Davis’ acquisition the car was immediately sent to Dart Auto, LLC of Commerce City, CO to receive a total engine rebuilt and further sorting. Receipts are present from this time showing the work completed, amounting to exactly $10,000 for services performed. From this point the car received little use even though it was now very much in order mechanically, and freshly rebuilt.  The car remained in CO until LBI’s acquisition a short time ago.


This 1965 912 came to us exactly as you see it today, a true 65 with all of the right elements to be considered a great car and even better property as enthusiasm and values for these rare early Porsche continues on its upward trend. This example is not perfect by any means and could certainly benefit from a set of caring hands to finish it off as a superb driver, or it is a perfect and solid base for a total restoration. Cosmetically the paint shows very well for a driver and is not in need of any attention to be enjoyed. We have noted a few rubber items are not present as well as less than perfect chrome. But very acceptable from the standpoint of a driver and very presentable. The windows appear to be all original with no major blemishes and the gaps are quite good overall.


The car starts and has very strong compression but is not quite dialed in from sitting around and will need a minor tune up to be put back in order. As a totally rebuilt engine with receipts proving it, the new owner will have the benefit of a very timely and costly job already completed. Otherwise all systems appear to be in order with a firm brake pedal and proper clutch feel as well.  The interior shows as a 107,000 mile car does, older with some items replaced to get by as the car aged. The ever important and correct 3-gauge dash is all present along with many of the other items but the seats are in need of recovering while the rear seats appear to be the originals. The headliner is decent but not perfect and the mats appear newer and are in good overall condition. It does appear that at some point an aftermarket stereo was installed and so there is a speaker in the passenger wheel well and drivers side kick panel. All easily removed to be put back to correct and stock.


The front trunk is missing the original mat, but a replacement can easily be found. We have noticed it is completely solid in the front pan where most 912’s suffer from rust, and the tools, jack, and spare are present. There doesn’t appear to be any accident damage to the front of the car and all of the metal is straight and correct.  The engine bay shows the same, straight and correct overall, highly original and in need of nothing for a driver quality example.


The underside, perhaps the most important aspect of any Porsche, is straight, clean, rust free and has no instances of rot, rust, or prior replacement as far as we can tell. There are many spot welds present and the front trunk from the underside is also solid as are the wheel wells and valences in the front and rear of the car. The dog legs are also solid, and the rockers are not in need of any attention either.


This is a rare opportunity to acquire a 65’ 912 with numbers matching and excellent early features. With some minor attention this example would make for a fantastic driver. Or, there couldn’t be a better or more solid basis for restoration. Either way, this is a rare opportunity at what the market is slowly defining to be a very important and worthwhile car to collect, enjoy and invest in. Offered with its original manual, some records, tools, and spare.  Please inquire with any additional interest.



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