• Chassis # 1E10310
  • Engine # 7E1673-9
  • One Family Ownership & 25,280 Miles From New
  • Completely Preserved With Original Paint, Interior & Top
  • Original Window Sticker, Purchase Documents & Warranty/Maintenance Booklets Present
  • A Numbers Matching Example Throughout Per JDHT Certificate
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The Overview

The year 1961 marked the debut of a car that is considered by today’s standards, one of the most iconic and influential automobiles of the 1960s. The Jaguar E-Type erupted into the sports car world, leaving its mark on road cars to follow as well as the race track. Design-wise, the E-Type presents with such elegance and appeal, from its long sweeping front bonnet to its head-turning side profile. Numerous big name historically significant figures such as Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, and Brigitte Bardot all had E-Types in their garages. But there was another layer to the E-Type on top of the looks that made it that much more desirable.

The E-Type’s precursors, the XK140 and XK150 achieved great success and laid the foundation for its upbringing. The E-type introduced a series of technological advancements that the sports car world had not witnessed in production cars. Utilizing an independent rear suspension resulted in massive enhancements in handling performance. Jaguar also implemented power assisted 4 wheel disc brakes that would increase braking capabilities for the street or the track and a monocoque chassis design was a first as well.  

Driving an E-Type was and will continue to be, absolutely exceptional. Originally powered by a 3.8L straight 6 engine, they later received a larger 4.2L engine in 1965, that produced 265 horsepower at 5,500RPM and a 0-60mph time of 6.8 seconds. The lively engine was combined with a Moss 4-speed gearbox and standard limited slip differential. This trifecta provided a driving experience that was desperately craved by true enthusiasts. The combination of knockout good looks with ample power and performance rocketed the E-Type to monumental levels of fame that live on to today’s collector car market.

The example on offer, a 1965 Jaguar XKE open two-seater with chassis #1E10310 and engine #7E1673-9 is a numbers matching example. Remarkably original and one family owned from new, featuring completely original paint, interior, and soft top. It is finished in the same Pale Primrose Yellow with a Black interior and Black top as when it was completed on the assembly line on November 16, 1964, according to the included Jaguar Heritage Certificate. The car was originally dispatched on December 9, 1964, to Jaguar Cars, New York, USA. The early life of this car is well-documented thanks to the extensive amount of original documentation, including the original window sticker and original purchase documentation and all the things that go with it from day one. According to the included window sticker, the suggested retail price was $5543 but the car was fitted with whitewall tires, a $50 up-charge, as well as chrome wire wheels which cost an additional $175, bringing the total suggested retail price to $5768. The retail order for the car was filled out on December 28, 1964, by Adam Motor Corporation of Camden, New Jersey for the initial buyer, Mr. Norman R. Grimm. Mr. Grimm placed a $300 deposit on the car at the time the retail order was filled out and received a discount of $468 bringing the total on delivery amount to $5000. The car was delivered and titled to Mr. Grimm on January 7, 19,65 at which time he paid the remaining outstanding balance of $5000 in cash plus a $12 fee for tags, and drove his new Primrose Jaguar home to Haddonfield, New Jersey. Mr. Grimm enjoyed the car sparingly over the next 12 years before submitting the proper documentation to surrender the plates for the car to the state of New Jersey on January 29, 1977, as documented, and parking the car in the garage attached to his home with just over 25,000 miles on the odometer. The car remained there in the garage, protected from the elements and cared for until earlier this year when it was pulled from its 41 years slumber. It was then taken to a specialty mechanic who treated the car to a thorough mechanical refreshing totaling just under $20,000. Everything that could be replaced or refreshed was gone through including, but not limited to, the fuel system, the braking system, the suspension, the electrical system, and fluids. For a complete breakdown of what was covered during this mechanical refreshment, please see the detailed service records below. Once completed, the car was taken on a few careful last drives before being consigned to us here at LBI Limited.

As the car currently sits it remains outstandingly original from the beautiful Pale Primrose Yellow exterior to the patina’d and well-loved incredibly original interior. This car has immense character to it and stands as a testament to originality and preservation and with its recent thorough mechanical servicing, it needs nothing but a loving new owner who enjoys and appreciates a real and true as delivered example. Currently, the odometer reads 25,280 miles which is believed to be the correct and true mileage. It is often a shame when cars are left off the road for decades at a time but it is situations where such storage preserves vehicles leaving them in fantastic original condition that this car currently sits in it provides the basis for extreme rarity and purity in a Jaguar E-Type that so rarely happens.

Included with the sale of this car are the window sticker and original sales documentation, complete books in pouch with warranty card and stamped service booklet, factory untouched correct spare, original jack as well as available service documentation, period maps and other related accessories. 

The Details


body and paint

The Pale Yellow Primrose paints remains in excellent original condition throughout. Given its original state there are of course minor imperfections throughout the car such as some stone chipping in the front, some minor dings in the paint down the sides. There is a fairly sizable streak down driver side of the hood where something was dripping on the car and ate away at the paint, running from the curve of the hood down to the bottom of the rocker. The rear valence has some stone chipping behind the rear tires where stones have been kicked up and the paint in the license plate area is scuffed around the mounting points, revealing the oxidized but solid metal underneath. During storage it appears that there was a tire sitting on the rear deck lid for some time as the impression of it has rubbed its way into the paint leaving an interesting and unique bit of patina in the area. The body itself is nice and solid, benefiting from being stored in a nice dry garage all these years. Similar to the quality of the paint, there are a number of small imperfections most of which look like the product of living in tightly cramped garage quarters for most of its life. There are two small dings on the nose of the car, a peppering of small dings on the passenger side door, and a dime sized ding in the center of the rear drivers side wheel arch. Past these small bits of character, the body remains relatively nice and straight with good factory panel fitment and respectable consistent factory gaps. A key thing to look at on a real and original E-Type is the edges of the bonnet. Which are nearly sharp to the touch, totally thin and not rounded like most restored cars.

glass and trim

The front covered headlights remain in good condition with a bit of dirt and debris behind the lenses and small very minor stone chips to the exterior of the covers. The headlights themselves are clean and clear and in good working order. The housing for the drivers side marker/turn signal is cracked and looks like it was repaired with glue at one point which has now discolored a bit. The rear tail lamps are in good condition with nice clean chrome bezels. The chrome on the car has survived remarkably well with some minor scuffing here and there but a nice clean finish with excellent shine throughout. The rubber trim throughout appear in good condition, with some slight age showing and minor cracking but overall structurally sound and nothing to worry about. The glass is the original throughout. With the rear window in the original soft top showing minor hazing as expected due to age, but dead original and untouched otherwise.


The chromed wire wheels are in fantastic original condition with a bright clean finish to them. There are some minor nicks here and there and a bit of surface corrosion forming on one or two of the interior spokes but an overall nice clean appearance. The center knock offs are in likewise good condition with a bright, clean, and smooth finish to them


seats and surfaces

The interior of the car shows in excellent original condition with nicely patina’d but solid leather throughout. There is some creasing from age forming on seating surface and backs that lends a wonderful character to the interior that only careful age can provide. The carpeted back of the seats have some wear marks from rub and age but contain good color and respectable finish. The lap belts appear to be original, still adorned with their “Jaguar” emblazoned labels. The belts themselves are a bit discolored and the chrome of the buckles is a bit scuffed with some minor surface corrosion occurring, but are again in good original condition. The door cards are well fitting with smooth black covering and shiny chrome controls. The undersides of the doors as well as the jams show respectably and appear solid. The carpets show a bit of age but retain good color and only a bit of wear in high traffic areas. The floor pans underneath are dry and solid with original sound deadening in place. The wood rimmed steering wheel is solid with no cracking around the spokes and a good patina to the wood. The metal spokes are clean and tidy and the central horn button is free of cracking with great color and good clear plastic. The top of the dash is smooth with good color and no pulling around the vents. The shifter boot is a bit dry and has torn around some of the folds but remains solid structurally with great patina. The dash face and the gauge surround remains smooth and well fitting with great color.

functionality and accessories

The gauge faces have excellent color to them and read bright and clear. The glass covering the speedo and tachometer have a bit of dirt built up behind them but nothing that impedes readability. All the switches and toggles remain in excellent shape with clean crack free plastic and good bright bits. All the switches appear to perform their mechanical functions as they should; wipers work, washer fluid squirts out, the emergency brake light illuminates when the brake is engaged, the interior light switch works, the map light illuminates and the flan blows at two different speeds. The original Blaupunkt radio sits in place at the bottom of the dash in excellent condition with clean and readable numbers, good dials and buttons and clean metal face plate. It does not appear to currently function but this is undoubtedly an easy situation to remedy. Both windows roll up and down with ease, the door handles function as they should and the emergency brake holds the car firmly in place although judging by the pull could probably be adjusted a bit.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay, much like the rest of the car displays in a highly original state and therefore has patina and mild imperfections throughout. There is some chipping of painted surfaces as well as some dirtying and minor surface corrosion forming. All tags, stickers and stampings are in their original and correct locations. The iconic and hard to find original air box and intake are in place and in good cosmetic and structural condition. The radiator appears to be original and is still adorned with a Texaco Antifreeze sticker on the top. Most of all, in studying the engine bay one can see factory correct placement of various clamps and rubber hold down, and even grease pencil marks of the body number on the firewall, seldom seen and attributing to the fact that this car is dead real.

trunk area

The trunk area is clean and tidy with the only real issue to note being some scuffing on the trunk floor mat. The side and rear bulk head panels fit nicely and aren’t saggy or discolored. Removing the trunk mat reveals solid wood panels still adorned with the factory grease pencil markings found again. The spare wheel well is dry with good solid original metal and paint.


The underside of the vehicle displays as a good honest and original car with use. Floor pans are smooth and solid with no signs of any issues throughout the car life. The exhaust was replaced at the time of mechanical refreshing and remains in good condition. The suspension was also recently replaced but all mounting points cross rails show as nicely original as well as being structurally solid. The wheel wells are a bit dirty but overall very sound in structure with a bit of paint chipping around the outer lips. The bottom front edge of the drivers side rocker has a bit of surface corrosion but is still sound and solid. Various spot welds and key points of originality can be found as you inspect the underside which is consistent with the rest of the car.



This E-type benefits from a recent thorough mechanical refreshing and it shows in the running nature of the car. With a little help from the choke the engine fires to life with a couple turns of the starter. Until up to temperature its runs a bit rough, as is common with these cars and engines, however, once standard operating temperatures are reach the engine settles into a smooth and controlled idle with snappy throttle response. Once out on the road it makes excellent smooth power and feels strong and healthy. No flat spots or stumbles were noticed during out brief testing of the vehicle.


The gear selector slides easily through its range of motion and moves in and out of gears with ease. The clutch hydraulics were all replaced recently, leaving the clutch engagement smooth and controlled. The transmission engages gears with ease, holds power well, and revs freely through the RPM range.

brakes and suspension

Both the Suspension system as well as the braking system were recently sorted and there are no issues to note. The car comes to a smooth controlled stop with good responsive brake pedal feel. The suspension feels tight and compliant, exactly as it should. The car feels tight, new, and reflective of the low original mileage in terms of its feeling and performance overall.


The tires were also replaced with correct style Vredestein Sprint Classics during this cars mechanical refreshing and have seen minimal road use since, leaving them practically new still.

driving experience

Every car enthusiast should experience the joy of driving an E-type at some point in their motoring career. Peering out over the long bonnet and pushing the big straight 6 through its paces is a truly joyful experience. The only thing that can make the event any more special is doing it behind the wheel of a true original and untouched example that has never been apart, surrounded by the kind of patina that only years of careful aging can provide. There is something truly unique and impossible to fake about the feeling of running your fingers across paint laid down by the factory over 50 years ago and lowering yourself carefully down into a seat that has been worn in by the gentle hands of time. This is the way classic cars were meant to be, oozing character and wearing their stories out in the open rather than hidden under layers of hastily laid down fresh paint. It is not very often that opportunities come along to own cars this original and special. Between its striking Light Primrose Yellow exterior, carefully worn interior and recent mechanical refreshing, this is the perfect car to carefully and thoroughly enjoy. It it finally awake from its decade long slumber and back on the road, ready to create many more years of memories and stories.