• Chassis # G-HN3-L/20210
  • Engine # 18G-U-H/21262
  • A True Time Capsule Example Featuring Original Paint And Interior
  • One Owner From New
  • Offered With Original Books & Registration History
  • Includes Factory Spare, Soft Top, Tonneau Cover, Jack, Service Records, And BMIHT Certificate
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The Overview

The MGB is often thought of as the proper sports car. Much of the allure is founded on the early T-Series cars that introduced motorsports to countless enthusiasts. These MGs were the first rides for men like Carrol Shelby, and Phil Hill. MGs are lightweight and athletic, perfect for the sport of racing cars on a budget. The affable, approachable and durable nature only increased with the MGA, and then more so with the MGB. The B is not an exotic, or a muscle car, the pleasure of a B is not outright speed, or Concours cups, but real motoring gratification. It is a sweet spot of automotive design. The time when technology and design had elevated motoring to be more user friendly, but before cars were burdened with emissions, safety regulations, and coddling creature comforts.   

 The MGB was designed by Don Hayler and Syd Enever. Hayler joined MG in 1956 after a stint at Aston Martin. He brought some of the Aston Martin flair to MG, and was first tasked with the design of the MGA twincam, then the B. The B was launched at the September 1962 Earls Court Motor Show, and the styling was an enormous success with the public, though it took a few years for many designers to appreciate the MGBs Aston Martin inspired subtle rear fins. The B was an evolution of the MGA, with a new monocoque design replacing the old body on frame. The engine increased to 1.8 liters from 1.6, and could push the little roadster to almost 100 mph. It was not a groundbreaking design, but it was a well-executed evolution that honed MGs attributes.  

 This 1964 MGB chassis number G-HN3-L/20210, and engine number 18G-U-H/21262, was purchased by LBI because of its condition, originality and sole ownership history. According to the Heritage Certificate it was built in September of 1963, and fitted with wire wheels, heater, red tonneau cover, ashtray, MPH speedometer and packaway hood. In March of 1964 Al Filipone Imported Cars sold the Chelsea Grey roadster to Harry Lees of Glenn Riddle PA. It spent its life with Mr. Lees, as his Sunday driver. He cherished the car, and it spent most days covered in the garage. When he passed away a few years ago, LBI Limited was able to acquire it from his niece. She fondly remembers sitting on the battery shelf going for drives, with her mother and uncle in the front seats. The car was special to everyone in the family.  

The car is almost entirely original. It still has a set of keys on the vin tag, the chaulk mark under the hood, and many other rare original gems. We did clean up a few issues but made sure to keep as much of the car original paint as possible. You will see some blemishes, scratches and imperfections but they are on what we believe is original paint. We had to repair and paint a tiny section of the hood, after removing a small American flag Mr. Lees had screwed to the aluminum bonnet. The pinch welds and wheels we also had painted, as he had painted them red. We decided to have the wheels painted black to complete a period correct racer look. The black wire wheels with the side view mirrors on the fenders, and the Nardi steering wheel, give the usually demure B, an almost menacing look.

 Most MGBs around today, even the ones from the late 70s, have been restored or heavily touched. This car is almost entirely untouched. It feels, smells, and looks incredible. The patina on the red leather seats is perfect, and the metal bright work on the dash looks and feels from an era of tactical artistry. The motor revs easily, and makes a wonderful sound. The steering is delightful, and the shifting is a mechanical celebration. It has that rifle bolt action they are famous for.  

The little Brit has new Vredestein tires, new front brakes, brake hoses, fresh fluids, hoses, and carb adjustment. It starts quickly and goes down the road well. CR Cars of Philadelphia handled the aesthetic cleaning up of the car (hood repair, painting the wheels etc.), and did a thorough mechanical evaluation. They did not find anything in need of attention after repairing the few items already mentioned. It comes with the original books from Al Filippone imported cars, including the driver’s handbook, factory service booklet (with some completed servicing), most of the registration cards from 1964 to 1984, some service history invoices, the invoices from the servicing LBI Limited had completed, and the BMIHT Certificate. I find myself wanting to get every enthusiast I know to take it for a drive so they know what a proper sports car feels like.

The Details


body and paint

This MGB’s factory-applied Chelsea Grey paint is almost entirely original. An American flag was screwed to the hood, we had it removed and the area repaired and painted. The repair was done well, and it is difficult to spot. The pinch welds below the rockers were painted red at some point by the car’s sole owner Mr. Lees, this was also painted back to the original color. The rest of the body is original paint and shows well for being over 50 years old. There are imperfections on each panel, and upon close examination, one can find some checking and scratches. There is a larger imperfection on the boot lid where a few drops of solvent must have been spilled at some point, and there are two small areas on both front quarters where a small medallion was removed. There are small knicks and scratches to be found on this car, but nothing that distracts from the overall patina and charm. The body itself is very straight, with no evidence of ever having been in an accident as all panels appear original. Overall very consistent with what is desired in a preserved but heavily patina’d example.

glass and trim

All the glass looks to be original to the car, and in excellent condition. The windshield gasket looks good, and we had new vent window gaskets installed. The rest of the gaskets are in various conditions as to be expected with an older unrestored car. The stainless steel and aluminum around the windshield have no noticeable faults. The stainless-steel side trim is straight with a consistent shine, though there are dings and dimples. The front and rear bumpers are very straight and complete, with a nice luster and consistent condition. Upon close examination, you can find pitting and imperfections throughout the bumpers. The side-view mirrors, cowl vents trim, wipers, and luggage rack are in excellent shape for their age, and one has to look very close to find flaws. The front and rear lights look to be all original and without noticeable cracks. The associated gaskets are accounted for. The headlights are both correct Lucas units and are not noticeably pitted or cracked. The headlight trim rings look nice and still have their gaskets. None of the trim or glass is noticeably flawed.


The factory-fitted wire wheels were recently stripped and repainted black. There are no real imperfections to be found. The chrome spinners have a nice shine but do have small scratches and pitting when one looks very closely, this is to be expected as they are probably original to the car.


seats and surfaces

The inside of the car is similar to the exterior in that it is original and well cared for, with no glaring faults. The red door cards are clean and tight, though the driver's side shows some scuffing and marks. The seats are nicely aged with creasing throughout. The driver’s side upper seat side bolster has worn through. The carpets under the red rubber MG floor mats are in good original condition and have likely always had these rubber mats protecting them. The center tunnel and rear shelf carpet have imperfections and stains. The dash face crinkle surface is in excellent condition, though there is still residue under all the toggle switches from where there were small decals. The glove box door has been decorated with some MGB memorabilia, and we did not have the heart to remove it. It is part of the character of the car. The gauges are bright and clear, with clear glass faces. The steering wheel is a period correct Nardi wheel and in excellent condition. Original but blemished steering wheel included.

functionality and accessories

All the switches, gauges, dials, and stalks work. The door handles are smooth and sturdy, and the windows go up and down easily. The parking brake holds well. All the exterior lights work.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

Like the rest of the car, the engine bay is mostly original. We had the air cleaner assembly and brake master cover repainted in the proper factory black, as Mr. Lees had painted them red. The proper decals were applied to the air cleaners after the repaint. All the hoses, clamps, wires, and cables appear to be period correct or original. Overall the engine bay is clean, original, and shows that of a functional, usable example.

trunk area

The trunk area looks very clean and original. The jack, mallet, and proper bags are accounted for. The trunk prop is sturdy and looks like it has never been bent or damaged as can often be the case on these cars.


The underneath of the car is heavily undercoated, even the rear axle is undercoated. This was probably done when new, with reapplications a few times over the car’s life. We thoroughly inspected all the usual spots for rust and could not find anything beyond surface rust on the front cross member and suspension pieces. The box sections and inner rockers look to be in excellent shape.



As far as we know the engine is completely original. It starts easily and revs quickly and smoothly to its red line. The car is not lacking in power and does not smoke or run hot. If you look closely at the bottom of the engine and under the car you can tell there is some oil sludge that has collected over the years, but nothing unexpected from an older car. The engine just received a basic tune-up from years of sitting, and could use further attention as needed but is functional and reliable in its current state.


The 4-speed shifts very well with tight, quick, and defined gates. The clutch is smooth with no slipping or inconsistencies noted

brakes and suspension

The front brake rotors, pads, and hoses were just replaced, and the car stops quickly and straight, with a nice firm pedal. The suspension feels compliant and controlled. Much of the suspension is original, and as more miles accumulate the older bushings and hardware will reveal their age. The mechanic who evaluated the car found no immediate issues with the suspension, and found the car to drive well, but did mention that a suspension refresh will be needed after a season or two of enjoyment.


The car has brand new Vredestein Sprint Classic 165 HR14s.

driving experience

One cannot help but notice that there is something special about this MGB. Is it the rare color combination? The amazing patina? The sole owner history? We think it is a combination of everything that brings a spirited life to this roadster. This same energy can be found behind the wheel. After putting some miles on this example (albeit during some fitting drizzly English style weather with the tonneau installed) it reveals just how good it is. The rack and pinion steering is precise and perfectly weighted, with the period Nardi wheel adding a dash more sport. The shifter feels great with the perfectly mechanical clicks into each gear. The motor makes a great sound and feels healthy and strong. All the years of love have kept this B in great form. The second owner will have something truly gratifying and special.