The Overview

The Jaguar E-Type has many paradigms regarding its diverse attributes. Everything from race winning Twin Cam power to streamlined iconic styling. It is a car that combines many of the best design and engineering techniques all culminating into one of the best looking and driving cars from the 1960’s. In its contemporary setting, the E-Type is still placed at the top of the scale when lists like the “100 Most Beautiful Cars” – The daily telegraph are released (2008). Even in its glory days the most exclusive of manufactures claimed its beauty (Enzo Ferrari). It is no real surprise that today it remains the must have collector car, and even if you’re only going to have one cherished car, the Jaguar E-Type must be it.


The example on offer here, Chassis # 889877 was produced January 16th, 1964 and dispatched to Jaguar Cars, NY, USA on January 28th, 1964. It arrived in to its first owner exactly as viewed today, in Opalescent Silver Blue with a Black leather interior, which it still retains today. Thanks to its accompanying JDHT Certificate, we know that this is a fully numbers matching example and remarkably original in many ways. Known history and very complete down to its original books, tools jack and hammer. Unfortunately the JDHT Certificate does not divulge the first owner. This is due to the fact that the original Warranty card is still with the car today, but has never been filled out by the first owner and returned to Jaguar in the UK to register the car in their database. As such it retains a blank warranty card and blank Maintenance Voucher booklet, both in perfect like new condition; a rarity to have them in the first place, even rarer for them to be blank.


Fortunately, the prior owner since 1993-2013 was able to confirm that this is indeed a two owner car. Having sold new to a Dr. Kainer of Illinois, it was driven regularly enough to be considered a weekly driver for some time, but as the original miles of 61, 945 convey, it was soon used sparingly on weekends. In the mid 1980’s we have a few receipts for misc. repairs, dated 9/16/1986 at 58,217 miles. It isn’t until 1993 that multiple receipts start to add up during 4/93-6/93 for thousands spent on what appears to be a re-commissioning by local Marque Specialist: Scotland Yard that covered the entirety of the steering, suspension, and braking systems as well as a total engine sorting and related maintenance on various systems.  It was also at this time that a total repaint in the original color was completed. Thankfully, the totally original interior was preserved at this time and is still installed today. It is safe to say the car was well sorted at this point, in order mechanically, cosmetically fresh and a very nice driver quality example overall. In late 1993 it passed to a Mr. Tsotsos, the E-types second owner, and resident of Illinois. During Mr. Tsotsos ownership, very few miles were accrued once more. In 2008 in an effort to freshen the car once more as it had less than 1,000 miles contributed since its restoration in 1993, the engine was removed and a full rebuild commissioned. Completed by Skips Automotive Machining in Lincolnshire, IL, the work entailed a total breakdown and rebuild of all components. Including balancing the crank, new pistons, rings, bearings, and a totally rebuild head, water pump, started, generator and rebuilt carburetors amongst other systems; all of which is documented and included with the car (see attached receipts below). During this time the suspension was also gone over and updated as well with new ball joints and bushings where needed, as well as a new clutch.  With little miles since the restoration in 1993 and only 800+ miles contributed since the total engine rebuild and updating, we essentially have a freshly restored E-Type Coupe with only 1,800 miles on it since completion.


Upon LBI’s acquisition, we commissioned Ragtops and Roadsters of Perkasie, PA to bring the car up to date since it has had very few miles since completion. A proper servicing was ordered which included adjusting of the valves and timing, a complete fluid and filters change, brake bleeding along with a general tune up of the car. Today it presents well both mechanically and cosmetically.


From the outside we see a nice consistent paint job that is not concours but very nice throughout; easily local show quality and enjoyable with a deep luster and the correct shade of opalescent Silver Blue. The gaps are good but the doors could be slightly better although not in need of attention to be enjoyed. The bonnet and boot fit well, as does all of the chrome and glass. Some of the rubber is newer, some of it older (replaced in 1993) but overall nice and not in need of attention today. The panels are straight down the sides, the mouth retains proper thin metal and the car does not reveal any poor metal work or show evidence of excessive filler use anywhere. Many but not all factory spot welds are still present, which is a good sign this car was never overly rusted or improperly tended to.  We have noted that the rockers were most likely replaced, but the floors are still original. The floors also have the benefit of still retaining the correct factory red primer, which is very much a rarity. The chrome is older but shows very well with no attention needed.  The only noteworthy exterior cosmetic fault is that of two very slight dents on the roof which are hard to see, but present. We assume they should easily PDR (paint-less dent removal) with the right talent applied.


Upon entering the incredible original interior, we noticed clean door jams and good rubbers. The seats are incredibly original with heavy patina and absolutely smell of 1960’s Jaguar: Incredible. Also interesting is the center console light switch which is the first time we have noted such an interesting feature. The radio appears to be a 1980’s period accessory that has been nicely fitted some years ago. The carpets, kick panels, seats, shift boot, headliner, sun visors, rear compartment etc… are all still the originals and are absolutely incredible with nice patina. It put a very nice, rare, and original touch to this example and is something that is often missing from these cars, a real treat. The dash, gauges, and all components except the heater appear to be in total working order. The gauges report proper engine oil pressure and temperature readings as expected from a sorted out example.  The rear compartment shows the original stowage area, along with a replaced rear mat from an earlier car, however the original is included. Entering the spare wheel well shows a very correct and rust free spare wheel well with everything in order.


Upon starting this E-type we notice it only takes a turn of the key with little or no choke. It idles smoothly and well with great oil pressure even when warm. The temperature stays within an acceptable range and all other system work well. The clutches engages properly, the car goes easily into gear and accelerates well making good power. We have noticed the brakes have a bit more sponginess in them than we would like to see in an E-Type, but have noted they do stop the car and can be used cautiously. Our conclusion is that while they were just bled, they may be in need of attention in the coming year or so as they were most likely last completed in 1993 during the restoration. Inspecting the engine bay shows many points of originality as well as correctness and cleanliness, and a car that is very much in order overall. The underside is of the same consistency, rust free with no known issues either.


Buying an E-Type coupe today is not a hard thing to do, one really just needs to pick a color and write a check. However, if the combination of a totally sorted out and up to date example finished in original colors, numbers-matching, and still retaining its totally original interior, is desired, than options become very limited. Throw in an original set of tools, jack, spare with original tire, hammer, all of the proper books (including service manual), and all documentation with known history as all verified by its two owners and a JDHT Certificate, and now a proper opportunity worth much consideration comes to light. Please inquire with any additional interest, we will be glad to assist you in detail.


 Available Documentation: (Click on the links below to view the file)