• Chassis # 76800042A
  • Just Over 32,000 Miles From New
  • Beautifully Preserved Example With Original Paint And Original Interior
  • Fantastic Patina Scattered Throughout
  • Exceedingly Rare Lefthand Drive Model Featuring Overdrive
  • The Most Powerful Of The Rover P4 Series
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The Overview

The Rover P4 series of cars, which is their designated factory name, was a mid-size luxury sedan that was produced from 1949 all the way through 1964. Although styling would remain essentially the same over the 15 years of production, various engines were fitted throughout the lifespan of this vehicle. The largest engine option would be released in 1962 with the introduction of the Rover 110. The 110 featured an inline 6-cylinder borrowed from the earlier 100 which produced around 123bhp. In order to help modernize the aging P4 line, additional amenities were provided as standard including electronic windscreen piers and an overdrive gearbox. Many of these cars stayed domestically in the UK and therefore retained the standard right-hand drive layout although there was a small portion of them exported with left-hand drive setups. After 15 years of being in production however, the design was getting stale and at the end of 1964, the P4 series was replaced by the newly styled P5 series of cars.

The example on offer here, chassis number 76800042A, is a rare lefthand drive 1963 Rover P4 series 110 model. It is finished in Black exterior and tan interior. It is a beautifully preserved example featuring original paint and original interior and just over 32,000 kilometers from new. According to the BMIHT certificate that accompanies the car it was built on August 7, 1963, and dispatched on August 16 destined for Sares SA, Lausanne, Switzerland. The history of this car is a little indefinite but it is believed to have been registered in Switzerland for a good portion of its life which is backed up by the destination provided on the Heritage Certificate. It was then traded to the Gallery Aaldering located in Holland in the early 2000s before being purchased and imported to the United States in 2008 by the current owner. Under the current ownership, the car as driven carefully and serviced regularly when needed. Most recent servicing occurred in early 2018 and included a tuneup and brake servicing. As it sits today, this car remains a fantastically preserved example with beautiful patina scattered throughout. Mechanically this car is very strong and runs and drives very well.

Included with the sale of this vehicle are the tools, jack, spare, and BMIHT certificate.

The Details


body and paint

Given the remarkably original condition of this vehicle, it does contain various imperfections that should be expected on an original paint vehicle however the paint does still hold excellent color and luster throughout the vehicle. There are various spots around the car where the paint has been rubbed through revealing red oxide primer underneath. There are various small chips and scratches, some of which have been touched up. Since the car has never been taken apart, body gaps and lines all remain very nice and tight. There are a few very minor dents and dings but nothing that detracts from the excellent character the vehicle presents.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car appears to be all original, with each piece retaining its triplex branding. The condition of the glass is good for the age, showing only very minor light scratching in various places. The chrome throughout the car shows as original and therefore does display some scratching and pitting but still retains good shine and a smooth, even finish. Rubber trim throughout still retains good color, structure, and suppleness although it does show its age in certain areas with minor cracking. Headlights, marker lights, and tail lights all have good clean clean glass and appear to function as they should.


The chrome wheel covers retain good shine but do display as original and therefore have some minor dents and scratches. The painted centers still retain good color and graphics.

notable flaws

Due to the extremely original and preserved nature of this car, there are certain inherent flaws that are present. For a proper idea of the condition of the car please be sure to thoroughly view all the photos located in the gallery above.


seats and surfaces

The tan interior compliments the Black exterior wonderfully and remains in even better preserved original condition. The back seats show some excellent patina in the form of light cracking over the backrest of the seat but retain excellent color and a surprisingly clean seating surface. The cracking on the back seats is very likely from sun exposure as the rest of the seats throughout the cabin remain in fantastic smooth condition. Both of the front seats show very minimal signs of wear and even retain solid fill and shape. The carpets throughout the cabin fit very well, retain great color and show very minimal signs of use in high traffic areas. The wooden trim through the interior remains in excellent shape with great color and beautiful, smooth grain to it. The headliner material remains tight and smooth and only shows a few spots of staining. The interior cabin light does appear to have fallen off and gone missing from the driver's side B-pillar. The dash area remains very clean and tidy with smooth wood and tight-fitting leather top.

functionality and accessories

The doors open and shut with ease and the windows roll up and down smoothly. The three spoked steering wheel remains in excellent original condition, with a bit of pitting to the chrome but a beautiful center horn button emblazoned with the Rover logo. Gages are all clean and legible with bright numbering and appear to work as they should. There is a period-correct Playmate radio mounted in the center of the dash with the chrome mesh-covered speaker sitting just above it, both in excellent condition. All knobs, buttons, and switches appear in good cosmetic and mechanical condition.

notable flaws

Due to the extremely original and preserved nature of this car, there are certain inherent flaws that are present. For a proper idea of the condition of the car please be sure to thoroughly view all the photos located in the gallery above.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay appears exactly as you would want to see from a car featuring this much originality. Surfaces show the correct amount of patina while components appear properly looked after. There are some more modern looking clams etc. but this could easily be switched out if the next owner chose to do so.

trunk area

The trunk area shows a highly original with a tan vinyl material covering the sides and retaining good color and fitment but showing signs of use. There is a black ribbed mat covering the trunk floor which remains in decent condition but does show some cracking around the edges. removing the mat shows clean and dry metal finished in black paint. The spare wheel well located below the trunk is in similar dry and clean condition.


The underside of the car follows the same recipe of original and preserved condition. While there are signs of use, the underside of the car is dry and shows nice clean metal throughout.



This car has clearly been cared for and cherished throughout its life given the outstandingly original condition of the car. This loving care can clearly be seen in the excellent running nature of the mechanical components of the car. The engine fires to life with ease and settles in a smooth idle once up to temperature. It produces healthy power on the road and appears to be tuned properly, displaying no flat spots or stumbles in acceleration.


The floor-mounted 4-speed transmission shifts smoothly and engages gears just as it should. The clutch feels solid with good engagement and feedback. This car does feature and Overdrive function that works in 3 and 4 gears and helps to keep the RPMs lower when cruising at higher speeds.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop and the suspension feels tight a compliant with no odd noises or issues to note.


The car wears Avon Radial Steel on all four corners and although there is tread life left on them, it would be advisable to replace them if any serious driving is to be done with the car.

driving experience

The Rover 110 is sure to grab people's attention as you cruise down the road with its quirky but charming looks. It is a very British looking automobile and given their rarity here in the United States you will undoubtedly receive a lot of “what is that” questions. The upgraded engine of the 110 series means that this little Rover can easily keep up with modern traffic and the 4-speed transmission and airy cabin makes this car a delight to drive. The Rover 110 is very rare in a left-hand drive version and the fact that this car remains in such fantastic original and preserved condition makes this a very special example indeed.