• Chassis # LSDW151
  • Engine # SW75D
  • Featuring A Lovely Original Interior
  • Complete With Tools, Spare, And Available Service Records
  • Exterior Cosmetic Restoration Recently Completed
  • The Final Variant Of The Silver Cloud
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The Overview

The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud was released in 1955 with a newly restyled design that departed heavily from the pre-war influenced Silver Dawn that it was replacing. Construction of the new Silver Cloud was body-on-frame which allowed the car to be fitted with special coach-built bodies, although most examples were fitted with the standard Pressed Steel Company body shell. These Series 1 cars were fitted with a 4.9-liter inline six-cylinder which would eventually be upgraded to a 6.2 liter V8 with the introduction of the Silver Cloud II in 1959. The Series II cars were largely unchanged cosmetically and it wouldn’t be till 1963 and the introduction of the Silver Cloud III that any real visible changes occurred.

First displayed at the Paris Salon in October 1962, the newly restyled Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III featured quad headlamps, increased bonnet slope, and a remodeled interior. Although the same 6.2-liter V8 engine was used, the car received uprated carburetors for what Roll-Royce deemed as “perhaps a 7% increase in engine output”. Shifting was accomplished through a GM Hydramatic, which Roll-Royce used under a licensing agreement. Standard body styles for the new Silver Cloud III included a 4-door saloon, 2-door coupe, and a 2-door convertible. In keeping with tradition, Rolls still provided bare chassis to be utilized by coachbuilders with some of the more popular versions coming from James Young and H.J. Mulliner & Co. There was also a long-wheelbase version available, with around 206 produced. With the exception of some minor updates, the Silver Cloud III remained largely unchanged during its production run of 1963-1966. A total of 2,044 factory bodied Silver Cloud IIIs were produced as well as 328 chassis which were sent off to coach-builders. The Silver Cloud III would see the end of its production in late 1966 when it was replaced by redesigned Silver Shadow.

The example on offer here, chassis number LSDW151 and engine number SW75D, is a 1963 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III. It is finished in a lovely 2-tone blue exterior and features a very nice original interior trimmed in blue leather. The exterior of the car has recently received a cosmetic restoration and remains in excellent condition while the interior was left untouched. Early history on this example is unknown but the car was purchased by the previous owner in 2007 from Gullwing MotorCars in New York. At the time of purchase, it appears that the car was finished in an all-black exterior color. The previous owner, who lived in Washington DC, maintained the car thoroughly at EuroMotorcars in Rockville, Maryland and a large stack of service receipts accompany the car. It appears that the current owner purchased the car around 2014. During his ownership, the car was painted from black to the chambering 2-tone blue that it wears today. The current owned serviced the car regularly, drove it sparingly, and stored it properly. As it sits today, this car has very few needs and is a lovely example with a charming original interior.

Included with the sale of this car is the factory spare, a nice original tool kit and jack, owners manual, as well as available service documents.

The Details


body and paint

This Silver Cloud III benefits from a recent exterior cosmetic restoration and as such remains in excellent condition. The two-tone blue paint job is smooth and consistent all around the car with fantastic color. There are some minor imperfections in the paint on the lower portion of the driver's side door as well as on the passenger side. The body itself is in good condition with nice tight gaps and good panel fitment. The panels are all smooth and straight with no dents or dings to speak of.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car is in good condition, clear and still containing triplex stamping.
The chrome is in serviceable condition with good shine but some light scratching and pitting throughout, especially in high traffic areas, as well as an inch long scuff on the rear bumper. Rubber trim pieces appear in nice condition with good structure and color. The headlights are clear and free of cracking, the same with the taillights. All of the lights, including the fog lamps, function as they should with the exception of the passenger side high beam which is currently inoperable.


The chrome-plated wheel covers remain in great condition with the exception of a small ding on the driver's side wheel. The covers have excellent shine, clean metal, and a nice painted section that matches the dark blue exterior of the car.


seats and surfaces

This Silver Cloud III features a very inviting original interior finished in light blue leather. The seats contain a smattering of patina throughout them, with light creasing forming on the surface but no cracks or tears. There is some slightly heavy wear on the driver's side bolster area but it does not appear to be cracked or split. The matching blue carpeting throughout retains decent fitment with some areas pulling a bit and some light staining in high traffic areas. Overall though, the carpet retains good color and weave for the age. The wood trim throughout the interior of the car remains in good condition with only some minor peeling and cracking of the clear coat on it but still retains excellent color and smoothness. The leather-trimmed door handle on the driver side has some cracking but remains structurally sound. Leather-trimmed doors cards have a tight fit and finish and the leather is still in good shape. There is a bit of surface corrosion on the driver's side door sill but the metal appears to be of sound nature still. The wooden dash front remains smooth with excellent color and the leather-trimmed top portion retains good color with some very minor patina on the front most edge but an overall tight fitment. The headliner has some very minor staining but nothing out of the ordinary for an original interior.

functionality and accessories

The doors of this Silver Cloud III open and close smoothly and the power windows roll up and down with ease. The gauges are clear and retain good color and clarity although some patina has begun to form on the numbers which can be expected from an original interior. The emergency brake holds the car in place although it could probably be adjusted a bit for a slightly firmer hold. The shifter and turn signals work exactly as they should. The HVAC system appears in good cosmetic condition although the mechanical nature of it was untested by us. The steering wheel is in good original condition showing a bit of patina but still retaining good color as well as being free of cracking. The radio turns on, illuminates and tunes in channels. The dash-mounted clock ticks away, although we are unsure if it keeps proper time. The under-dash AC unit appears to function, it turns on and blows cold although thorough testing of it was not carried out. The windshield wipers operate as they should and all the gauges lights for the dash function as they should.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay of the car appears in fairly original condition with the proper amount of patina located on surfaces. It does appear well kept, which corroborates with the extensive service history of the car from 2007-2014. There are no external signs of any issues and all components seem to be in good order.

trunk area

The trunk area of this car is in good order with the floor of the trunk being covered by a heavy black ribbed mat that retains good fitment but does show signs of age. Light the mat reveals clean wood and metal covering the trunk floor with smooth paint and proper attachment hardware in place throughout. On the left side of the trunk is a very nice original toolset that looks to be largely complete. The spare tire, jack, and other tools are tucked neatly underneath the trunk floor behind a freshly restored panel. Overall there are no issues to note here.


The underside of the car shows a bit more of the age of the car than the exterior or the trunk. Leaf spring gators in the rear are cracked and torn, It appears there was some undercoating reapplied at some point, and on the rear inner portion of the driver's side rocker there is a very home done looking metal repair where someone used heavy amounts of some form of sealer. Structurally though, the car appears in good order with no signs of current issues and all mechanicals appear in proper order as well.



The 6.2 liter V8 fires to life with a few turns of the starter. It appears that the automatic chokes are working as they should as the car idles high until it is warm and then settles into a smooth and appropriate idle. Once up to temperature the car revs freely and makes ample power. The V8 propels the car down the road with ease and appears to have no faults in the tuning nature of it at this time.


The GM Hydramatic transmission appears to operate as it should. Initial engagement of gears is a bit jerky, however, this is fairly normal for these transmissions. Out on the road, the trans holds power and revs freely.

brakes and suspension

The brakes on the car are a little peculiar. Because of the way they function, the braking force is very minimal when the car is moving slow and excessive pressure must be applied in order for them to bring the car to stop. At normal driving speeds, this is much less apparent, however, we would suggest having the braking system gone through by a professional as even though this is fairly normal operation, the brakes could probably use a bit of an adjustment in order to function slightly better. The suspension feels acceptably compliant. It is soft and soaks up bumps however it is beginning to border on being floaty and we would recommend having both the suspension and the braking systems looked over before any serious driving is undertaken.


Currently, this Silver Cloud III wears Cooper Trendsetter SE white line tires on all four corners. While they do contain ample tread still, the sidewalls are beginning to crack and we would suggest replacing all 4 tires before undertaking any serious driving.

driving experience

Rolls-Royce has always known how to deliver a proper luxury vehicle and the Silver Cloud III is no exception. With a well-trimmed cabin and comfortable seating position it is just as much of a joy to drive as to be driven in this car. The V8 engine makes plenty of power to keep up with modern-day traffic and with air-condition and power windows, you have all the amenities to keep you comfortable as you glide down the road.