The Overview

0-60 in 43 Seconds, and a top speed of 57.1 MPH; statistics that only the Fiat Multipla can be proud of. Putting it all into perspective however, the Multipla was able to carry 6 people, achieved 38 MPG, and was widely affordable by the masses at 799 Pounds Sterling, according to The Motor, a British Magazine that tested Fiat’s first version in 1956. The Multipla was widely used throughout Italy and the rest of Europe as a Taxi in cities, but served as a widely used people carrier in many capacities throughout production. When production ceased in 1969 a total of 243,000 units were produced. Today, there are likely far less in existence and while not exactly “rare” they hold a unique place in the world of collector cars. The Multipla pushed the bounds of design and efficiency and offered mobility for the masses; it may have even invented car-pooling. One thing is for certain, this is a must have micro-car for any collection.


The example on offer, a 1963 Fiat Multipla, Chassis # 100D108105232, has a long documented history from new thanks to its original Italian Registration booklet as well as a statement from the ACI (Automobile Club D’Italia). The car was first registered on February 6th 1963, and built December 20th 1962. From what we can tell, the car stayed with its first owner who restored it about 10 years ago and seldom used it. It was exported to Canada in 2007 to its second owner who was also the President of the Fiat Club of Canada. It was gently used and shown at a variety events each year until coming to Pennsylvania in 2015 with its current collector/owner.


Cosmetically, the car shows well for a nice driver quality example. While not perfect, it is straight down the sides with good gaps for a Multipla, considering build quality when new was not all that good to begin with. The colors fit the shape well and the paint is nice throughout with few blemishes as noted in the photos. The glass shows some imperfections, and some trim items are faded in spots. The rubber is still supple and overall the car is inviting as a car to be driven with no real need for improvement. Some items to note are the non-original style mirrors, and evidence of some light filler use in places, but nothing drastic or unexpected in one of these. The tires are newer and have a lot of life left on them as well.


Entering the Multipla, one is surprised on how much space there really is for such a small car. Creature comforts are few and far between but the interior is nicely restored. New rubber components, (mats and trim items) carpet, seat covers, headliner, and just about every single item has been totally restored throughout. The interior is basically new in every way but not without attention to correctness. There are one or two items as noted in the photos that can be considered flaws, but in total there is nothing of major concern.


Driving a Fiat Multipla is no doubt a unique experience and something any car enthusiast can appreciate. This particular example starts instantly, runs strong and does not smoke or have any concerning noises. The clutch and gearbox work as they should with the steering in brakes doing their equal part without fault. The windshield wiper and lights work throughout as does the fuel gauge, speedometer and turn signals. The more people you add the slower it does go, but it is not without a few laughs and a good time. This Multipla is very reliable, dialed in, and ready for use and enjoyment as a car to show and drive.


A Fiat Multipla is not a must have collector car, it is a must have micro-car and a fun part of automotive history that will capture sheer enjoyment from its passengers and owner. Every collection should have at least one Micro-Car, and the Fiat Multipla offers a well rounded experience that is well worth consideration. Offered with the sale are the original jack, spare, lug wrench and supporting documentation.



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