The Overview

Seemingly resembling of its predecessors, the XK120 and XK140, the XK150 was Jaguars last variation of the XK line before the infamous and ground breaking E-Type hit the scene in 1961.  Not to be confused as just another XK, the 150 received a thorough make-over and some much needed updates mechanically. From 1957 until October of 1961, nearly 9,400 examples would be produced in varying combinations, the most ever for a Jaguar Car. Of these only 4,445 FHC’s would be produced. TheXK150 is important to automotive history for many reasons beyond its iconic looks and stellar performance. It was the first production car with 4-wheel disc brakes, a standard that would carry through to today.


For Jaguar Cars, new options were offered to customers in seemingly infinite combinations between power, body, colors etc… The first cars were very straight forward and pure with the ubiquitous Jaguar Twin Cam 3.4L straight 6 engine. It wasn’t until the spring of 1958 when the “S” variants and later in 1960 the 3.8L was also offered. This was Jaguar with their XK150 entering a stride to take the sports car world by storm for the next decade. The example on offer here is exemplary of everything we look for in a Post War British sports coupe’:  Chassis # S835229 was produced on February 13th 1958 and was dispatched on February 27th 1958 through Jaguar Cars, New York to its first owner, a Mr. Axel Jensen of Port Amboy, NJ. It was delivered to Mr. Jensen exactly as viewed today, a Cotswold Blue over Red FHC.


Early history on this example shows through known ownership that it was later sold from its original owner to a William T. Haupt of Hopewell, NJ. From Mr. Haupt this 150 was passed along to a Dr. Sammartino of PA in 1988 as a birthday present from his wife. The original mileage at this time was reported as 41,302. At this time the car was a decent driver showing much patina and highly original, still carrying much of its original paint and interior. It was noted however that it was not rusty or in disrepair, and as such was probably a superb original example that today would have been cherished.  It was enjoyed at this time sparingly and always kept in a heated garage.


Into the late 1990’s and early 2000’s it was seldom used.  In 2002 the decision was made to bring it back to its former glory. At this time it was the recipient of a cosmetic restoration and thorough mechanical freshening.  After having the exterior properly stripped and disassembled it was re-sprayed in its original color of Cotswold Blue. It was then delivered to Marque Experts: Ragtops & Roadsters of Perkasie, PA to have an extremely high quality and correct interior installed as well as many mechanical updates as needed. The scope of work at this time included an entirely new interior utilizing only the best materials such as Conolly Hides and Wilton carpets. Total hydraulics and fuel system overhaul. The valves were adjusted and the timing checked. It was delivered with new chrome wires and tires at this time and enjoyed once more. As a highly original car to begin with this XK150 has never had excessive miles contributed to it, as such the motor has never been removed and the car remains to this day incredibly original in the engine bay and underside, as well as the trunk. It would stay with Ragtops & Roadsters up until March of 2013 and maintained with an open check book with very few miles contributed to the original 42,235 that shows on the clock today, miles that are indeed the total distance this example has traveled from new. In addition since 1988, about 1,000 miles have been contributed and well over $20,000 invested in its upkeep and care.


Cosmetically the car shows well, it could easily be shown in its current condition or toured with vigor. It should not be considered a concours winner, but rather a serious contender at any JCNA event in the driven class. The only notable flaw in the paint is that of a touched up chip about 1” long on the fender, and perhaps one or two other incredibly minute blemishes. All of the rubber is new and in excellent condition. The bright work is the only instance, whereby depending on the next owner, it could be tended to. It does show to be original and as such is showing its age to a degree. Some of it shines brightly; others have some minor pitting and dullness due to age. It is something that could be tended to or left, rendering this example perfectly enjoyable either way. The lenses, turn signals, glass and moldings are all present and in excellent condition throughout as well as in proper working order.


The interior is a touch under concours showing hints of use but otherwise flawless and a very nice place to be. The turn of the key starts the engine effortlessly with the automatic choke working properly. All of the gauges read accurately and are in total working order. Engaging the clutch and choosing a gear the driver is set off with instant power at their disposal. The oil pressure reads very strong at 60 pounds under full throttle when warm and the car holds excellent temperature (especially for a Jaguar) at all times.  Stepping on the brakes yields instant response and stopping with handling second to none for a 50’s era sports car.


The engine bay is something to admire from a 42K mile example. It is clearly mostly original with many stickers still in place and nothing missing.  It has never had the misfortune of being removed and it also totally numbers matching throughout. There are spot welds present throughout, in the door jams, firewall, and many places; all showing that this car is incredibly straight and original throughout, clean door jams, dead straight panels, and near perfect door gaps and panel fitment.


The underside it totally rust free and still retaining most of its original black paint on the underside, there are no items of concern or noteworthy. The trunk was also re-trimmed during the cosmetic restoration, and under the mat shows to be totally correct, even the painted surfaced. The spare wheel well shows just about all of its tools mounted to the flap, as well as the correct spare, hammer, and its original tools still in the roll. Beyond this the spare wheel well is completely rust free, totally solid and original, a common place for issues with these cars.


All things considered, this is indeed a rare opportunity for the serious Jaguar enthusiast or collector to acquire a very unique XK150 that has led a good life having never been neglected or rotten. It is offered out of only its 3rd ownership is a numbers matching example throughout, a cosmetically restored and thoroughly sorted example. It is offered with its original tools, JDHT Trust Certificate, and service records.  With known ownership from new, this XK150 is being offered for immediate purchase and deep consideration.





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