• Chassis # TS8593ME
  • Engine # 8593
  • Fitted With A Judson Supercharger And A Number Of Other Excellent Upgrades
  • Recent Thorough Sorting And Cosmetic Reshrement
  • In Excellent Order And Ready For Thorough Enjoyment
  • Includes Manufacturer’s Literature, Workshop Manuals, Factory Dual SU Carburetors, And Factory Exhaust Tips

The Overview

The Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1910 during the early days of motoring. In these infantile years, inventors and manufacturers alike were still battling to find the golden standard of what the car should be. Henry Fredrick Stanley Morgan, the company’s founder, took some very different approaches to automobile construction that still live on to this day. For the first 26 years of the company’s existence, all of its offerings consisted of only 3 wheels. They also used wood heavily in the structural makeup of their cars, a process that was carried all the way through to today, where they still use wood for framing the body shell.

The Plus Four was conceived in 1950, and production ran until 1969. The Plus Four was uniquely Morgan’s only second attempt at a car that wasn’t a three-wheeler. At its introduction, the Plus 4 was fitted with a 2088 cc Standard Vanguard engine on a widened and beefed-up 4/4 chassis with a stretched wheelbase. Hydraulic brakes were also fitted for the first time on a Morgan. The Plus Four sold well for the small company, but at the end of production, only around 4,584 examples had rolled off the production line. The Plus Four was replaced by the more powerful Plus 8 in 1969. 

The Morgan Plus Four offered here, chassis #TS8593ME, is in good condition benefitting from a fairly recent refurbishment. In 2013, the entire exterior was repainted in red, as well as a light interior refreshment and additional engine and suspension upgrades. On the mechanical side, a Judson supercharger was added to give the car a bit more power, along with a Marvel Mystery oiler and upgraded Koni shocks. Cosmetically, red and black leather upholstery was added, which, unfortunately, has not aged very well. Additionally, a Haartz convertible top and tonneau cover, a custom-made rear luggage rack, and a Bluemels Brooklands steering wheel were added, as well as the previously mentioned repaint in red. Today this Plus Four needs nothing to be thoroughly enjoyed. It is in great mechanical condition, and the addition of the Judson supercharger makes this particular example unique and even more of a blast to drive. 

This Plus Four is offered with manufacturer’s literature and workshop manuals, factory dual SU carburetors, and factory exhaust tips. 

The Details


body and paint

The fairly fresh repaint that happened in 2013 has held up rather well. It is consistent throughout, with good depth and shine. There are a few minor imperfections in the paint, such as a hairline crack around the topside of the left fender and a small chip on the lower portion of the right side fender.

glass and trim

The windshield is in less than ideal condition and realistically could use a replacement. There is light peppering across the entire windshield that is mostly only noticed in direct sunlight. The trim around the windshield and doors is in fair condition but is showing its age.


The wheels present nicely and are finished to match the exterior of the car. All of the wheels contain some very small chips in the paint, except for the 5th spare wheel mounted openly on the back of the car.

notable flaws

Given the age of the restoration and the normal usage of the car, there are some imperfections, as to be expected. There is a hairline crack on the left fender, a small chip on the lower portion of the right fender, the windshield contains some heavy stone peppering, and there are some minor, very small chips on each wheel. For the best idea of the overall condition of the car, please refer to the detailed photos in the gallery above.


seats and surfaces

The black and red leather upholstered seats are in fair condition. The passenger presents perfectly while the driver side is suffering from some cracking on both the seat back and bottom. The steering wheel was replaced in 2013 during its refreshing as well as the wood dash, and both present in nice condition.

functionality and accessories

All of the switches on the dash work as they should. All items appear to be in good functional condition.

notable flaws

The upholstery on the driver's seat has not aged well and is suffering from some cracking.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is in good order, and is clean and tidy. The Judson supercharger is clearly visible and all the supported hoses and wires are routed cleanly.


The underside of the car is rust-free and, upon inspection, looks very clean, considering the mileage of the car.



The 1,991cc inline-four has been equipped with a later-model cylinder head, a Judson supercharger, and a Marvel Mystery oiler. It fires up quickly with no issues to note. Out on the road, it makes nice smooth linear power with no stumbles or flat spots in acceleration.


The 4-Speed transmission provides a positive engagement with nice and defined gates into each gear. No awkward grinding or any other problems were noted on our brief test drive.

brakes and suspension

The brake pedal is a bit firm with what feels like a short amount of travel, but the brakes do bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension feels responsive and lively. It transmits the feedback from the road surface very well and provides a light and nimble driving experience.


The tires have plenty of tread remaining; however, they are DOT coded from 2012 and likely should be replaced before extensive use occurs.