• Chassis # BN2L231422
  • Engine # 1B231422
  • BMIHT & 100M Registry Confirmed Genuine Example
  • Completely Restored by BMC of Philadelphia
  • Complete With Weather Gear & Various Documentation
  • Widely Event Eligible & Loads of Fun
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The Overview

The 24 hours of LeMans is regarded as one of, if not the most, enduring and challenging races of all time. It is where great racing drivers put their abilities to the ultimate test, and car manufacturers see if their cars withstand going flat out for 24-hours straight. It is this race that inspired engineers to build the legends of motor racing history, pushing the boundary of aerodynamics, grip, and speed.

This prestigious race still serves as the proving grounds for both racing drivers and car manufacturers, but it is nothing like it was in period. The race was much more raw with the possibility of death far higher, not just as a driver but for the spectators as well.

These dangerous and highly competitive times are the context in which the 100M was engineered. The raw sporting nature of the 100M is what speaks so profoundly to their value as collector automobiles and impressive sports cars. In comparison to the standard 100-4’s, there were not any massive differences visually to the 100M’s, but it was a combination of small changes that made for the increased performance.

Primarily, these upgrades included a louvered bonnet, special aluminum cold air box, performance camshaft, tuned carburetors, and ignition. This formula produced a potent and precise racer that was much quicker than the standard example with sportier looks and better performance all around.

On offer is a factory prepared 1956 Austin Healey 100M LeMans, chassis number BN2-L/231422, engine number 1B/231422. According to the BMIHT Certificate, this example was built on March 27, 1956, and delivered to Hambro Trading Inc. via Donald Healey and Company Warwick. It was originally finished in Healey Blue with Old English White coves over a blue interior. The certificate also confirms that this example is a genuine factory built 100M ‘LeMans’. Additionally a 100M Registry Certificate is present with the car which further supports the authenticity of this example. By our inspection we have noted That the original and current engine, body, and chassis tags all match and are correct as well as other components and that the car is indeed a genuine example as stated by both the BMIHT and the 100M Registry.

Exact history on this example is vaguely known from March 27th 1956 through 1971. A copy of a registration shows by 1971 it was owned by a Mr. John Perriello of Rochester, NY. In 1973 Mr Perriello sold the car to a Mr. Karl Kittelberger who kept the car until 1984 when an appraisal sheet shows a review of the car followed by a bill of sale in 1985 to the current owner/family. It remained with the current family from 1984 through the present with the restoration only taking place about 5 years ago. A few photos are present that document the cars condition prior to restoration by BMC of Philadelphia. It was completed to a very high standard with correctness in mind and remains in superb restored condition with only 100 or so miles contributed over the past 5 years.

The exterior of this example shows beautifully with the immense care taken during the restoration very apparent. The paint scheme has been altered from its original designation to an Ivory with Black coves and Black interior, accented with matching Ivory pipping on the seats. Although not correct, the paint itself still presents fabulously, and the color combination is much more uncommon and attractive, in our opinion.

The finish is consistent throughout the entire body of the car and has a beautiful shine. Upon close inspection, we see a thin scratch in the paint next to the rear bumper mount. Other than that item, there are no other significant flaws regarding the paint.

Panel fitment is spot on and raises no quarrels. The chrome is in excellent condition, free of notable pitting, scratches, or clouding, presenting as a recently restored example should. The rubber trim and seals are all supple, with no imperfections. This example has just received a fresh set of Vredestein Sprint Classic Tires which are mounted on a set of chrome wire wheels.

Looking over the interior, the black leather seats present no issues, showing well. Neither of the seats have any notable wear or imperfections. The door jams are neat and tidy, revealing excellent finishing techniques and care in the restoration. There is not much to the cockpits of these cars but what is there has been totally refinished and shows as such. The gauges were rebuilt, and fully operable, dash repainted, and new black rugs installed. The door panels have incurred no flaws from entry and exit of the car, matching the superb quality of the rest of this car.

Open up the louvered hood, and a near pristine engine bay is revealed. The engine block has been completely redone in correct Healey green. All related engine components have either been replaced, rebuilt, refinished and or some combination. It should be noted that the engine and chassis tag have been replaced and we do have the originals in hand as well.

The trunk area presents very well, the black liner immaculate, the metal clean, and no evidence that this example had any significant rust repair. The underside of this 100M shows just as well as the topside, with the quality of the restoration very much apparent. The wheel wells are clean, the frame is straight, suspension components are in order, and no items that would signal the need for tending to.

Mechanically, every system has been carefully gone through and sorted, making this example absolutely turn-key. The engine has received a total rebuild as well as the transmission and overdrive unit. Since this example had sat for a few years post its restoration, Leading Edge Autosport in Westchester, Pennsylvania completed a comprehensive service (fluids, bleed systems, spark plugs, and new tires etc.).

Now, a turn of the key followed by a push of the starter button, and the 110bhp engine fires up with a clean smooth idle. Once out on the road the new clutch feels great, the gear changes are smooth, the brakes are firm, and the engine is very responsive. This example is equipped with electric overdrive that is fully operational and a welcomed comfort to have when an extra gear is needed; it engages and disengages without an issue. This Healey is an utter joy to drive, very much a momentum car but the visceral experience it has to offer is second to none.

In short, this lightly aged, recently restored, genuine Austin Healey 100M ‘LeMans’ is near cosmetically flawless and mechanically sound. It is ready for any show, rally, or tour on a local or national level. This 100M is looking for its next caretaker and custodian to be a part of this car’s humble history. Included in the sale, but only at an appropriate price point, is an extra engine (rebuilt and sealed short block with only a little assembly needed), spare gearbox, head, carbs, manifolds etc… Regardless a Heritage Certificate, Tools, Jack, spare and tonneau cover are also included along with various books and records.