• Engine # 27631
  • Offered In Relatively Complete Project Form
  • A Rarely Seen In The US Model
  • Ready For Reconditioning

The Overview

The 1955 Rumi Sport is an artisan piece of Italian machinery, beautifully capturing the style and passion of its mother country. Compared to other sportbikes of its era, the Sport was compact, peppy, affordable, and well-received by enthusiasts of its day. 

In 1906, Achille Rumi founded Fonderie Officine Rumi (FOR) Bergamo, Italy, and originally supplied the textile industry with cast components for large-scale weaving machines. During WWII, Rumi began manufacturing firearms, torpedoes, and miniature submarines for defense. Following the postwar economic boom in Italy, Donnino Rumi, Achille’s son, re-branded FOR to Moto Rumi and began producing small-displacement motorcycles, prototyping the 125cc “Rumi Turismo” by 1949. The model owed its design to Pietro Vassena, an industrial designer already famous for descending 412 meters into Lake Como in a midget submarine he designed. The Turismo debuted at a 1950 trade show and then again at the Bergamo Moto & Bicycle exhibition, charming audiences and leading to strong sales for newly-founded Moto Rumi.

In the wake of the Turismo’s success, Moto Rumi launched the Sport, which sealed its status as a lighthearted enthusiast brand. Technically, the Sport improved upon many of the Turismo’s ignition and gear-change issues, and its 125cc two-stroke twin produced a healthy 7 horsepower routed through a 4-speed transmission. The Sport’s design was striking, borrowing the best angles from British cafe racers and adding a dose of Italian flair. With an optional 18-liter fuel tank, the Sport boasted a long riding range and a respectable top speed of 100 km/h (60 mi/hr). Though official production numbers are unknown, the Rumi Sport remained an Italian curiosity during its production run from 1950-58, especially considering that Moto Rumi fell into bankruptcy during the 1960s. Well-kept examples of the Sport are highly collectible. 

Though little is known about this particular Rumi Sport, #27631, it is a largely complete example presented in project condition. LBI sourced the bike from a motorcycle collection in Port Angelis, WA, where it had spent the previous few decades in barn storage. In its current state, this Rumi is ready for reconditioning and appears to be largely complete with the exception of control cables. It is unclear what items may be able to be resued but for a better idea of the current condition of components please have a look through the thorough photographs above. For the motorcycle enthusiast who appreciates provocative design, rich history, and throaty twin performance, Rumi Sport #7631 makes an entertaining, lighthearted addition to any collection.