• 1 Of Just 700 Examples Produced
  • Finished In Desirable Juniper Green And Tampa Beige With Matching Interior
  • Features Chrysler's Iconic Fluid-Drive System
  • Well Equipped With Spotlight, Fog Lights, Pushbutton AM Radio, Heater, And Clock

This car is currently located in: Hershey Pop-Up Showroom

The Overview

The exclusive and much desired Town & Country nameplate returned shortly after World War II. These post-war Chryslers shared their pre-war predecessor’s design elements and construction by continuing in the “woodie” aesthetic. In the years following the Town & Country’s return, the vehicle was offered solely as a 4-door sedan and as a 2-door convertible up until the turning of the decade. Representing the end of an era for Chrysler’s luxurious “woodie” automobiles came the 1950 2-door hardtop. By the time the 12-month production ceased, Chrysler built just 698 examples. 

Chrysler, marrying the roofline of the Imperial to the Town & Country’s wood-accented body, called their new two-door hardtop, “Newport”. The car was large but aesthetically graceful. It rode on a 131.5in wheelbase/ 223in overall, making it the longest 2-door American car of its era. Its decorative ash framing was hand-formed and assembled over steel body panels and around side panel inserts. Newport was offered exclusively with a 135bhp straight-8 323.5ci engine tied to a Fluid Drive transmission which allowed for semi-automatic gear changes. One of the more notable technical features of the Newport was its braking system which utilized twin expanding discs that rubbed against the inner surface of a cast-iron drum. This gave Chrysler the title as the first of the “Big Three” to outfit a vehicle with 4-wheel disc brakes. When new, the Newport retailed as Chrysler’s most expensive offering.

The Juniper Green and White paint scheme of chassis 7411686 accentuate the car’s “convertible-hardtop” look. The “Clearbac” wrap-around window design further distinguishes the styling characteristic. On close inspection, the exterior condition of 7411686 can be described as excellent. It is said that this example benefited from a comprehensive restoration. Today the brightwork, woodwork, and paint show very little in the way of aging. The green and white color scheme are carried through to the leather and cloth interior upholstery. The interior wood trim is believed original and displays a welcomed patina. Optional equipment on chassis 7411686 includes an AM radio, heater, and clock. Under the hood, everything is clean and well-addressed with proper hoses, clamps, and labels. The aforementioned disc braking system remains intact. Chassis 7411686 is offered today in wonderful condition throughout. We happily report that it drives as nicely as it looks. 

With the exception of a few prototypes built-in 1946, the Town & Country Newport was the only wood-bodied Chrysler hardtop coupe ever produced. The historical significance of the one-year 1950 hardtop makes the final Town & Country an especially interesting example of Chrysler’s famed wood-clad luxury cars. Finding one of these last true original “woodies” in any sense is indeed a treat. 

The Details


body and paint

This beautiful Town & Country was the recipient of a very well executed restoration leaving the exterior of the car in wonderful condition. The Juniper Green exterior paint was masterfully laid and remains smooth and consistent throughout the car with excellent color and clarity. The only area of note is a very fine, light scratch on the driver’s side near the headlight. The iconic wood paneling on the exterior is believed to be original and remains in good condition as well. There is some minor consistent cracking developing in the the clear coat and a small split in the wood on the rear cowl as well as on the drivers side door in front of the mirror, but overall the wooden accent trim presents very nicely. There are no dings or dents on the body and the panel fitment remains excellent with consistent gaps all the way around the car.

glass and trim

The brightwork on this car remains in fantastic shape with a smooth even finish and tons of shine. There is some very fine and light scratching on the front bumper, the drivers side door handle, and the front grill but this is very minor and does not detract from the overall excellent presence of the brightwork. The glass throughout the car remains in fantastic and clear condition, same with the headlights and taillights. Rubber trim and seals appear to have been replaced at the time of restoration and remain in excellent condition.


The chrome hubcaps appear to have been refinished as well and remain in excellent condition with a smooth and bright surface as well as colorful painted centers.


seats and surfaces

The interior was restored to the same highly professional level that the exterior was treated to and also remains in fantastic and highly correct condition. The seats throughout the car appear in fantastic condition with beatiful leather and cloth and nice tight stitching. The rear seats appear almost unused and present fantastic. The green carpets fit well and show excellent color with minimal signs of wear. The headliner is tight and clean. All the surfaces on the dash show clean finishes with tight fitment and stitching. The brightwork throughout the interior of the car is in fantastic shape, with a smooth even finish and excellent shine all around.

functionality and accessories

Everything on the interior appears in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. All switches, knobs, and dials appear to have been properly redone and match the outstanding condition of the rest of the car perfectly. The beautiful marbled steering wheel is in good condition but does show some minor splitting in the material. The doors open and close with ease and the windows move up and down as then should.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The overall condition of the engine bay is very inline with the rest of the car and the beautiful and thorough restoration that was carried out. Correct stickers are in their appropriate locations The engine was properly repainted and remains in good cosmetic condition with the only exception being the intake runner which begun to show some degradation in the quality of the paint. The correct braided electrical wires were utilized throughout as well as the correct style clamps and hoses. Overall the engine bay shows a bit more age than the rest of the car but still presents extraordinarily well.

trunk area

The trunk area was redone during the restoration and remains in excellent condition with colorful well fitting carpets and clean and tidy leather trimmed side panels. The wood trim around the edges so consistently with the rest of the wood on the exterior of the car and the correct braided electrical wires are present here as well. Everything under the carpets was properly repainted and refinished, leaving the trunk area clean and free of issues.


In a testament to the thoroughness of the restoration on this car, the underside was also properly looked after during the restoration and remains in excellent condition. Painted surfaces are smooth, clean, and free of issues. Rubber components appear soft and supple and the fuel lines appear all in good order. Overall the underside is very clean and tidy, exactly what you would expect looking over the rest of the car.



The thorough nature of the restoration was once again carried over to the mechanicals of this vehicle. During our brief testing this Town & Country started with surprising ease and presented no issues in idling or running condition. It appeared to be strong and healthy on all mechanical fronts.


The transmission engages gears smoothly, holds power with ease, and revs freely through its range. No odd noises or driving behavior were noted during our brief testing.

brakes and suspension

The braking system appears to well sorted and brings the car to smooth and controlled stop with no issues. The suspension feels compliant and the ride is supple. There were no odd noises or road behaviors to speak of during our brief testing.


The tires are white walled Coker Classics on all 4 corners. They appear to have supple rubber and ample tread all around, however we are currently unsure on the date coding of them.

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