• Chassis # S38256
  • Engine # M06095SV
  • Reportedly Only 1 of 5 Known In The US
  • Comprehensively Restored With Tasteful Upgrades
  • Offered With Original Literature & Manuals
  • Offered With Build File & Records

The Overview

During the 1930’s, the Chevrolet Standard was perceived as a humble and affordable motorcar for the American public. In period, it was advertised as the most inexpensive enclosed automobile on the market. The Standard was available in a coupe, coupe with a rumble seat, and a coach variant. The majority of these cars were bodied by Fisher but after the Great Depression, GM purchased the Australian coach builder Holden and commissioned them to body 587 units. With so few examples made, even fewer that have survived, and even less managing to make it back to the states, these cars are extremely rare, especially North America.

The example on offer is a 1938 Chevrolet Standard “Sloper” by Holden, chassis number S38256, engine number M06095SV. Sporting a clean comprehensive restoration, this is reported to be 1 of just 5 examples in the United States. Under this cars’ current ownership, it has been revitalized by upgrading the power plant to a larger GM 4.8L, 292 truck motor, fitting a Mustang II front end, adding a Ford 9-inch rear, and integrating a Tremec 5-speed manual gearbox. With these upgrades, this Chevy Standard “Sloper” has evolved into an American built, Aussie bodied, touring car.

The maroon paint presents as if the car was just painted yesterday, possessing an immaculate shine and even finish throughout the entirety of the body. Even under close inspection, the paint lacks any notable flaws with the quality very apparent. The panel fitment is satisfactory with the only improvement to be made is a small adjustment to the doors to tuck them a touch closer to the body. All the chrome has been re-plated during the restoration and shows as such. The glass is nothing short of flawless, free of any chips or unwanted scratches. Looking over the rubber moldings and seals, they are in like new condition and supple.

Looking over the interior, the high-quality of this Standard continues. The door jams have been neatly painted, posing no discrepancies. The gray, cloth bench seats are in excellent condition, both front and rear as well as quite comfortable. The painted dash has no inconsistencies to make mention of. The knobs, switches, and gauges function without issue, reading accurately.

Inspecting the engine compartment, all items are very tidy and nearly no blemishes present. There is clear evidence that every component has been addressed, refinished, polished, or rebuilt by capable hands. The proper engine stampings and data tags are still present and legible, verifying that this is a genuine Holden bodied Standard. A thorough visual inspection will conclude no major leaks nor mechanical flaws present.

The rear trunk area shows much of the same desirable qualities, again lacking unwanted inconsistencies. The gray liner has been well kept, metal is structurally sound, and no indicators of major or halfhearted rust repair.

Continuing our inspection, the underside shows very well and is consistent with the rest of the car, having no improper or careless work done. The rockers are spotless, the suspension components have been beautifully painted, and there are no indications of any sort of major rust repair. Each wheel well has been nicely painted and possesses not one spec of rust and incurred no sort of damage from road use.

Mechanically, this example is truly sound with no issues to report given the consistent and extensive maintenance work that was executed during the car’s life. When cold, it may take a few cranks, but the engine will fire and run comfortably. Once running and up to temperature, the 4.8L straight-six-cylinder engine performs very well, supplying much more power than the factory engine.

The steering rack has no excess play and the braking system operates as it should. During use, the gauges read adequate oil pressure and steady operating temperatures. The Tremec 5-speed gearbox changes gear without issue and in combination with the new rear, provides the user with favorable gearing, greatly improving the performance.

This 1938 Chevrolet Standard by Holden offers an intriguing and extremely rare opportunity to take ownership of an Aussie bodied, American built antiquity. Given the high level and thoroughness of the restoration, it is ready to immediately be deployed for enjoyment on the road. This example is believed to be 1 of only 5 unit in the United States, wonderfully finished and well-sorted.

Included in this sale are the original books and the documentation files.