The Overview

Rolls Royce has always been a brand of distinction, their clientele demand the highest quality, most unique, and superb engineering from a motorcar. For well over 100 years and through various ownerships, hardships, and milestones the company has always followed through with delivering on the demands of their clients, worldwide. It could then be said that the epitome of the Rolls Royce standard was first understood and largely desire by the masses in the pre-war era. From the earliest cars on Cook Street, Rolls Royce always intended on a one model production, by 1922 that had ended with the Twenty which was now a smaller cheaper option to the Phantom Series of cars. This two option trend continued for many years and by 1937 a buyer had the option of either the Phantom III or a 25/30 chassis, to be fitted with their choice of coachwork.


The 25/30 was produced from 1936 through 1938 when it was replaced by the Wraith. In total 1,201 examples were produced during this period. As is customary on any Rolls Royce of this period, each car was individually ordered and then finished by the coachbuilder of choice. Thus the desirability and uniqueness of any 25/30 is ultimately down to who finished the body and in what style. The example on offer here, Chassis # GWN43, according to its original build file, was completed by Rolls Royce on August 12th 1936, and shortly thereafter purchased by a Mrs. A Cole and delivered to Windovers Limited on December 12th 1936 to be fitted with the exact limousine coachwork it carries today. It was completed and the warranty written, as delivered new, on May 5th 1937. Its first owner was a Mrs. A Cole of Highfield Park, Heckfield, England. Beyond a petrol pump supplied by Rolls Royce on September 9th 1938 under warranty, we have no further record on this examples early history. However we do know that by the 1960’s the car was under ownership of a collector, and by the 1970’s was purchased by a Mrs. Taylor of New Jersey. However, possession of the example did not take place until the 1980’s, by which point the car was delivered to her winter home in Florida. While residing in Florida it was decided that a total restoration was in order and so the car was sent to a local restoration shop familiar with the marque. By the early 1990’s the car was 98% finished, and was then brought to New Jersey once more, seldom driven, but stored in a climate controlled atmosphere. With the unfortunate passing of Mrs. Taylor the 25/30 was passed to her children who enjoyed the car sparingly, but kept it in order and have now decided to pass it along to its next care taker.


The cars current condition is that of a good restored example that has had very few miles contributed to its reported 93,516 miles, as show on the odometer.  Since it’s restoration in the early 1990’s it has aged lightly, but still remains about 98% finished. There are little items that need installing such as the trafficators, running lights on the fenders, horns, and rear luggage rack. The workmanship completed on the car is good overall but not quite to concours standards. It is most certainly straight, with a very nice paint job and body work completed to a show quality standard, but lacks the exact finer details that get cars such as this into premium venues such as Amelia Island Concours, Pebble Beach etc… It would easily be welcomed and enjoyed at any RROC Concours or tour, local concours and parades. It presents very well with excellent chrome throughout, original glass, refinished nickel plating, with excellent rubber items as well. It’s well completed and shows as a nicely restored example that would need nothing to be enjoyed aesthetically.


Upon entering the interior the good quality of workmanship is evident throughout. The dash is nicely finished with only minor blemishes in the wood; with the remaining interior wood in superbly restore condition. The car is well trimmed and very correct with proper materials, high quality leather, re-chromed items throughout and the floors were properly trimmed and carpets made to correct standards front and rear. The passenger section is separated by a division window which is surrounded by nicely finished wood. Built into the floor are two very well restored jump seats to match the rear seat which is also nicely trimmed and nearly new. The headliner is also new, correctly installed and overall the entire interior is very well restored and done so to a high standard focusing on both correctness and quality. It can certainly be considered a high point of the restoration.


The engine bay and undercarriage have been nicely detailed and have a combination of both aspects of originality and light refurbishment as needed. We have noticed the installation of a modern fuel pump, but otherwise the general service items seem to all be in order and well sorted. The engine bay presents as a nice driver quality example does, presentable, but not restored. The car starts easily and all of the finished items are in working order. The car shows excellent oil pressure and holds steady temperature with nothing seeming out of order. The exhaust is in need of finish work and as a result it is a bit noisy, but nothing a day’s work couldn’t sort out.  Overall the operating condition is impressive, and obviously the car was well cared for and never overly rough or languishing as we are told it has always been a very solid presentable example.  We have accrued very few miles on this example but we have taken it for a brief drive to confirm its running condition. The clutch operation works well and the car shifts through all of the gears and rides quite well thanks to its newer Firestone tires and trued wire wheels. It brakes and revs nicely and makes good power from its straight 6 six; Overall a very strong sounding example that with minor refinements would be very reliable for touring.


Sir Henry Royce once stated “Whatever is rightly done – however humble – is noble” a statement that is easily portrayed in his cars, even to this day. This 25/30 with excellent original documentation, and well restored with its original Windovers Coachwork is a prime specimen that will provide a great basis for enjoying the many benefits of Rolls Royce ownership for years to come. Complete with luggage, minor spares, copies of original build documents this is an opportunity for the serious collector or enthusiast in search of a fun, excellent driver quality Rolls Royce that anyone can enjoy.


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