The Overview

1930’s in America were like no other time in automotive history. There was no limit on grandeur, if money could buy it, it would be thought of, and if it could be thought of it was most likely being done so at the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Company in Auburn, IN.  Perhaps one of the most opulent cars of the Era, the Cord L-29 was not only lavish, but also ground breaking in many ways. Cord has long been known in period and today for the well known engineering standards of the time. The L-29 featured front wheel drive and to accommodate, many things were changed throughout the L-29 to make it a success and indeed unique amongst its contemporaries. Like most cars of the period the Cord L-29 was offered in many different body styles per customer request. As such we a left with many magnificent automobiles derived from imaginative, no-limits designs from this bygone era. The Cord L-29 today is coveted as one of the all time greats and is easily a CCCA Full Classic today. L-29’s of many different variants can be found in countless multi-million dollar collections throughout the globe, and are almost always welcome to any concours or tour. They were highly important cars of the era, and today, not much has changed.


The example on offer here, a 1930 Cord L-29, Chassis # 2925441 sports interesting one-off coachwork of the 1950’s, and can in fact be considered a period “custom”.  It has been widely accepted in its current format for a very long time, and has been long known within the Horseless Carriage Club Los Angeles, CA Region for many years. It still carries a HCCA Bade on the front.   The conversion was incredibly well done with proportion and style of foremost importance in its design. The execution of the work from every angle is professional in its quality and absolutely was completed by a skilled craftsman of the time. The beautiful sloping rear deck drops nicely with the same line as the rear fender into a lower deck with properly positioned tail lights. The doors have a unique and well conceived style. While the epitome of a true classic is resembled in the very front with a long hood, big sweeping front fenders and a big beautiful front lights above the transmission cover so indicative of an L-29. Overall well constructed and quite a machine to gaze upon.


The interior shows a correct dash with all of its original Cord fixtures, period vinyl seats, and door panels with many original fixtures as well. This L-29 is 100% original under its body, every nut, bolt, and item beyond the custom coach work is true to its origin and never altered or touched. It retains its original drive line and engine, numbered FD432.


It is believed that this L-29 was kept in very long term ownership in California and for all of that time was well kept indoors and as such it remains well preserved. It has benefited from a recent servicing to qualify it as a running, driving, and stopping example that could be driven if desired. However, there is an underlying opportunity here for any serious onlooker to consider what could be of this L-29. Most of these cars, in all of their different variants are superbly restored or are highly original and should never be touched. It is not often that an L-29 is offered to the public and can be considered the perfect opportunity as a candidate for an L29 Boattail recreation. Of which only 2 or 3 have ever been reproduced and all have traded north of the $400,000 mark. A serious fact to consider when contemplating purchasing what has the potential to be one of the more valuable L-29’s of all time. To recreate the long lost Boattail that disappeared at the LA Auto show all those years ago.


If the desire is to enjoy this L-29 just the way it is, no potential custodian would be wrong in there thinking, it makes for a fantastic tour car and could easily be a great addition to any collection, or the prime candidate for a restoration to take to the next level. For what can be considered a “period custom” in some circles, it also represents diversity in its possible concours opportunities as a full classic, a Cord, and an L29.


No matter the outcome, this is ultimately a very rare opportunity to acquire an L-29 that is fresh to the market with an interesting story and undoubtedly a very important car of its era. L-29’s for under $100,000 are few and far between, this example will absolutely prove to be a sensible investment and fine addition to any collection.