Monterey Car Week Through Our Lens...

In our past 6 years of attending Car week we have been fortunate enough to have visited most of the festivities, auctions, events, and shows on the Monterey peninsula. The amount of activities available is downright overwhelming and it has taken us this long to develop an itinerary of events we most enjoy attending. If you choose to do car week, we suggest doing it two or three years in a row to fully immerse yourself in all that makes this week such a extraordinary experience for car enthusiasts. We also highly recommend a proper mode of transportation, if it is within your means, because nothing is more depressing than wafting around the peninsula in a rented Prius (been there, done that).  We also highly recommend sunglasses; not only because occasionally the fog burns off and you will need conventional use of your Ray Bans but also because the people watching is phenomenal. You wouldn’t want to get caught rudely staring at the gentleman in wooden shoes with a green blazer, monocle, and a parrot (yes a live parrot) resting on his shoulder would you?!  In all seriousness, Monterey Car Week is a special time of year for us at LBI Limited for many reasons but mostly because it gives us a chance to enjoy time with clients, friends, and family while partaking in a week filled with out-of-this-world car experiences.

2016 was a special year for us being that we achieved a class win with a 1934 Bugatti Type 57 on the lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours and also showed two other legends of poster car fame, a Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959 at various exclusive events throughout the week. For many reasons, that was the ultimate car week experience for us however; there was a sense of relaxation, satisfaction, and timelessness that came with this year’s car week festivities. The peninsula always has an overwhelmingly large amount of get-togethers, parties, car shows, car gatherings, test drives, and other overpriced, opulent, often times, ridiculous activities to quench all your car guy/gal thirst.  Though this year, we solely attended events we felt were true car guy/gal events. We nixed the glitz and glamour of the McCall Jet Center Party and the Quail, which seemed to put more emphasis on boasting wealth rather than the cars, and replaced them with more time at Laguna Seca and enjoying the proper driving roads of Carmel Valley in our 996 Porsche GT2.

Enjoy our Monterey Car Week 2017 through our lens via the video and photos below. If anyone would like to tag along with us next year, get in touch!


Our 1977 VW Bus as it cruises its way through the Carmel Valley.

This was the first year we discovered the beauty of the Carmel Valley and the awesome roads that snake through it. With Highway 1 closed south of Monterey we found ourselves looking for some new roads to enjoy. We headed south on Carmel Valley Road till it it opens up to rolling grass lands that snake through tree covered hills speckled with ranches. The roads are tight but immensely fun with turn after turn and plenty of elevation change to keep you excited. We would highly recommend to anyone looking to escape the hectic nature of Monterey Car Week for a bit to head south on Carmel Valley Road to have a bit of fun.

Every year during Car Week we inevitably stumble upon some truly interesting cars that we end up purchasing and this year was certainly no exception!

Two of our favorite purchases from this year include a 1968 Porsche 912, regretfully rotting away in plain sight and a 1959 Jaguar XK-150 fixed head coupe that also had been sitting neglected for a quit a bit of time. The 912 had certainly seen better days but was highly original and had been with the owner for quit some time. We were lucky enough to stumble across the car while out driving around and we were fortunate enough that the owner decided to sell it to us as many had tried before, in vane, to purchase the vehicle. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time is all it takes. The jaguar was a very similar case, parked some time ago with plans to freshen it up that inevitably fell away to dreams. Also a good original car and finished in interesting colors, it will surely find a new lease on life now.

To any true car nut the highlight of Car Week is often their time spent at Laguna Seca watching the Rolex Monterey Historics take place.

The same rings true for us! There really is no better place to see the cars of your dreams utilized to their utmost capabilities. The variety of cars that show up every year to take to the track never ceases to  impress, everything from motorcycle engine powered tiny open wheel cars to thundering 1000 horse power, fire breathing Can Am cars all take to the track for the viewing pleasure of those in attendance. There really is not a bad spot to watch the action from at Laguna Seca either, as all 11 turns offer their own unique qualities and require a different approach to conquering them. While the famed corkscrew will always be a superb viewing spot, one of our favorites is perched high up on the hill outside of turn 6. This turn is particularly interesting as it separates a long straight from a long uphill so drivers are coming in with alot of speed and attempting to exit with even more. Get the line right and you can stay almost flat out, but miss your turn in point and you’ll learn why there is such a large runoff area on the exit of the turn! After you’ve had your fill walking around the track, a few laps through the pit area is an absolute must. You never know what might turn up and you’ll never believe whats actually there.

While tickets continue to grow ever increasingly more expensive, the Pebble Beach Concours still remains the show to not miss.

It seems that each year we have been in attendance the show continues to outdo itself. The shear number of impressive cars all gathered together in one spot is just absolutely staggering. Our personal favorite class over the years has been the preservation classes, both prewar and postwar. Its these classes that we feel bring out the “real” cars and its just truly impressive how some of the entrants have lasted so long in the condition they are in. This particular year also marked the 70’th anniversary of Ferrari so needless to say there was probably one of the most impressive groupings of various Ferrari cars to assemble in quit some time. A whole host of various excessively qualified cars were present, from examples that held outright wins in the Mille Miglia and the 24 Hours of Le Mans to one off custom coachwork examples, they were all present. The concours always serves as a hectic but fitting end to an amazing fantasy inspired week spent ogling the best the classic car world has to offer and leaves you feeling satisfied but at the same time ready to return to the comforting reality of the real world.