Monterey Car Week Through Our Lens...

Let’s say you are someone who likes classic cars, always wanted to own one, but needs an excuse to give your spouse when they walk into the garage and see a shiny red Porsche under a not so inconspicuous car cover. Here are a couple cars that have seen slight increases in market value that seem to be good investments for the near future and beyond:

1. Mercedes-Benz Pagoda’s i.e the famous 280SL, 250SL, and 230SL along with the 190SL. With the recent trend in 300SL Roadster/Gullwing prices hovering around the million dollar mark; this has caused a sort of slinky effect that bumped up prices of the more common Pagoda and 190SL line to trade at higher values than ever before. Folks that may want a Gullwing that cannot afford the hefty price tag that comes with it, will look to its close relatives for similar styling and performance. Right now is a good time to buy and enjoy your Mercedes for the Summer/Fall with the intent of selling within the next year and a half. Why the short term ownership? Because it is the 50th year anniversary since the first 230SL was produces making it a great time to buy/sell while the price frenzy is continuing throughout the year.

2. Porsche 911’s and 912’s are other hot items on today’s market. It would be a good time to buy or sell seeing as it is the 50th anniversary of the original 911. With 911 “S” prices sky-high primarily due to the Steve McQueen 911 doing over a million dollars about a year and a half ago, prices for SWB, T, E, and L models along with the 912 have seen healthy increases. These are great driver’s cars that exemplify Porsche’s raw, early performance built German engineering that are sure to put a smile on your face.

50th Anniversary for a particular production model is a common trend here with regard to an upswing in prices. Keep this in mind for the future. Now, when your spouse sees the car under the cover, you confidently proclaim, “It is an investment! Not just a toy!”

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280SL Black/Black

66 912 photo