Our 2nd annual Cars After Dark event has come and passed, and we can proudly say it was a smashing success.   Appreciation   As a team, we work hard every day to make the machine we call a business operate run as smoothly as possible, and generate profit so we can truly say “we […]


Our 2nd annual Cars After Dark event has come and passed, and we can proudly say it was a smashing success.




The LBI Stable was packed!
The LBI Stable was packed!

As a team, we work hard every day to make the machine we call a business operate run as smoothly as possible, and generate profit so we can truly say “we love what we do, and feel like we have successfully made a hobby into a career”. But what would we be as a business without the people we have around us; those who make it possible to do what we love? We appreciate our clients, our friends and family support systems, and our fellow car enthusiasts. That is the number one reason Cars After Dark is so important to us. Taking the time to step out of the workday and celebrate the amazing community we are part of- that’s what it’s all about.


Walking into the event we hoped that you got a real time feel of how much the cars we work with everyday also mean to us. We deliberately displayed them to make sure guests could enjoy them visually as best as possible. They got to tell their stories a little more in person, and we loved that. But lets face it- the cars speak for themselves for the most part.




Coming together


The brick and mortar building where they sit is as amazing as the rest of it in its own regard. Globe Dye Works is an incredible place because its inner beauty has been realized and enhanced, and its character is unmistakable. But the people we share the space with- they are just as awesome. We had artwork from husband and wife artists Joe LeRoux and Stacey Lee Webber on display in the hall. They are incredible people with amazing talent in interesting mediums that dwell and work right here at Globe. Weckerly’s, a micro-creamery next door to us, joined the party bearing triumphant little ice cream sandwiches, (which if you didn’t get one and were at the party- I can understand why. They were gone in like 2 seconds, and people may or may not have been shoving them in their pockets even though I’m pretty sure that didn’t work out for them). The other tenants of the building are so great in letting us take over the shared spaces for a few days. It was great seeing their faces at the party as its not often we actually get to all be together.


Then there is Philadelphia and the realization even more that we love the city we live and work in. We had Coffee House, too as our caterers again this year who brought the party in your mouth. The wonderful bites and delicious spread that was quite obviously enjoyed by all certainly made for us with lots of love and care. We are excited to not only go to their Fishtown location, but will be frequent visitors to their new Northern Liberties location as soon as it is open! Their servers are always on point and took amazing care of all the guests- just as we had hoped.


201A1221We had The Hot Club of Philadelphia again this year to make the party alive with sounds of gypsy jazz, which is always the nicest touch to the ambiance.




Mixologist Derek Morer was able to give us cocktails in a speak easy style by adding his own little twist to the classics. Tito’s Vodka via 13th Street Cocktail Catering graciously sponsored the vodka drinks for the night. We look forward to working with them again. MotorCar Studios, who continually blow us away with its media and photography solutions, were genius in branding the event and also showing beautiful cinematic footage from some great highlights of recent adventures. They created posters and hanging wall-sized artworks, the invitations and menus- you name it, they made it. It’s really great to see people willing to be a part of our event, and truly enjoy it.





The Bugatti, the 959, the D-type, the barn find… all of them….


They were all sitting pretty- The BMW’s together (all totaling under 85,000 miles, impressively) which included our 1M, M3 coupe, Z8 roadster, M5, and M Roadster.


1970 Porsche 911S, 1989 911, and GT2

The Porsche’s seemed like they were taking over, with the GT2 quietly begging to leave and hit the track with you. The 1956 Jaguar D-type by Tempero was a pleasant surprise as you walked through the door, with its counter part E-type by its side. 2 twinning Big Healeys were tucked in the corner, and were definitely a common spot for people to congregate and discuss where they would go in them and who would be by their side as they went.


201A1277Our 1966 Shelby GT350 H (Hertz Rent-a-racer) sat beside our 1932 Ford “Ouelett Roadster” period Hot Rod in a duel show of American Ingenuity. The Maserati Bora and Mercedes Benz 190SL felt just right to admire from the high top tables while listening to the live music, both fueling conversation and differences in opinions. The SLR, which looked as if it was flying off of the lift, was quite the sight with open doors and its beautiful Silver Arrow 300SL Red leather interior showing off slightly. Outside, the 1965 Maserati Mistral Barn find, in original “as found” condition, sat beneath the lighted tent lounge area with much attention given to its possibility and potential.



The stars of the night

But then there were the 2 stars of the show; each with their own right to being so, yet delightfully sharing the stage with one another. The 1987 Porsche 959 Komfort, Red with Silver-Grey interior felt like a little toy car next to the grand 1934 Bugatti Type 57. The 959 is such an awesome car, with so much pedigree and such interesting feats of engineering present all in one little package. Meanwhile, the Bugatti left people moved, in awe of its preserved patina and the stories of its past. With it being in the same family since 1964, and not seeing the light of day since 1991, its presence was felt incredibly- and well deserved.




Until Next year…


We truly hope that those who appreciate what we do look forward to the event we hold each year as much as we love having it. If you haven’t been here yet and wish to be, let us know- we’d love to have you. Every time we plan and go forth with it, we learn more, connect more, and can enjoy our community more.


Cheers till next year, we hope to see you there!


We love coming together with our fellow Philadelphians and local businesses. Do you hope to be a part of our event? Let us know your thoughts and ideas at events@lbilimited.com- we would love for you to join in on the party.


A Special Thank You To:

Globe Dye Works- www.globedyeworks.com

Joe LeRoux- www.josephleroux.com

Stacey Lee Webber- www.staceyleewebber.com

Weckerlys- www.weckerlys.com

13th Street Cocktail Catering- www.13thstreetcocktails.com

Coffee House, too- www.coffeehouseco.com

MotorCar Studios- www.motorcarstudios.om

Hot Club of Philadelphia- www.hotclubphilly.com


-Post Written by Diana DuHaime