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  • Chassis # WBSCD9329WEE09415
  • Engine # N/A
  • One-Owner Example With 46,863 Miles From New
  • Highly Original Condition With Tasteful Modifications
  • A Turn-Key Example Ready For Spirited Driving
  • Includes Clean CarFax, Manuals, Service Receipts, Tools, & Original Purchase Documents
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The e36 M3 was introduced to the US market in 1995 and utilized the S50 engine. Displacement for its inline six-cylinder block was later bumped to a 3.2 liter S52 engine for the 1996-1999 model years. The e36 M3 is not known for its particularly high horsepower output or fast straight line speeds but rather its incredible chassis with excellent handling characteristics and balance around corners. Its design was much more refined than the previous generation M3 with much less of a “boy racer” look while still maintaining some aggressive, boxy design cues. Though it is not a particularly rare car with 4,574 5-speed Sedan’s produced, only 169 were finished in Titanium Silver Metallic with Gray interior. The e36 generation M3’s have recently gained the attention of the next generation of car collectors. Millennials who grew up along side of the e36 series are now starting to build up the disposable income in order to purchase the cars they have lusted after as children and teens. With the e30 M3 series now in an unattainable price bracket for most aspiring car collectors, the e36 is proving to be the next best option and prices are starting to trend upwards as good examples get purchased by new money in the market for 1990s cars. Finding a car that has not been extensively modified, tracked or neglected with high miles is a tough task. We would venture to say that more than half of the e36 M3 cars produced have over 100,000 miles, or fall into this neglected category of car leading to a scarcity of low mileage, well cared for examples.

The M3 Sedan on offer here, chassis number WBSCD9329WEE09415 is one of those few highly original and well taken care of examples with only 46,863 miles from new. Finished in Titanium Silver Metallic with Gray interior and desirable 5-Speed Transmission. It was purchased new from West German BMW in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania on 6/25/1998 by its current and only owner. Copies of the original purchase paperwork can be viewed in the documents tab of our website along with a clean, one-owner Carfax report. Upon purchasing the car, the owner requested that the BMW dealership add the rear spoiler and mud flaps which are still on the car to this day. At 12,603 miles in summer of 1999, the owner had Devon Hill BMW preform some minor warrantee work and had them install Dinan Stage 2 performance software and Dinan cold air intake which was tuned to accept the Vortech Supercharger that was installed. A Remus exhaust was also added but the stock exhaust is included. These are the only tasteful modifications performed to the car along with a small shift light and radio amplifier (radio head unit is factory and untouched) in trunk that can easily be removed. The one and only doctor owner always took incredible care of this car using only the highest quality lubricants and BMW parts when routine maintenance was required. LBI Limited owner, Adolfo Massari routinely saw this car growing up, as he is a friend of the owner and his son. He can attest to the owner’s care and love for this car. A clean Carfax, all manuals, tools, and original purchasing documents are included in the sale. Overall, this car is an excellent opportunity to purchase a fanatically maintained, highly original M3 Sedan with one owner history and tasteful modifications elevating the driving experience of an already fantastic car.


Body & Paint

The Titanium Silver Metallic paint is extremely consistent possessing a very nice shine with factory “orange peel” throughout the entire car. The condition of the paint would lead one to believe it is a 20,000 mile car with no significant blemishes to report. We believe it to be mostly original paint with the exception of the passenger side rear door that may have been touched up though there is no glaring evidence of that besides a slightly higher paint meter thickness reading. All of the VIN stickers are present and match. When brand new, the one and only owner had the BMW dealer install the rear spoiler and BMW mud flaps. Subtle, sensible touches that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Glass & Trim

All of the glass throughout the car is original including the windshield, which still has the factory break-in period stickers on the upper left hand corner. All of the glass is crack and scratch free with only very light peppering on the windshield. The black trim around the door frame is excellent as are the door handles, body trim and rubber trim components remain supple with only the slightest bit of dryness around the door handles. The black lower portion of the front slitter is slightly scuffed with some small rock peppering underneath but the rear trim just below the rear bumper is excellent. The headlamp and tail lamp lenses are both very clear and crack-free. The bottom fog lights have some signs of road peppering but no cracks.


All four wheels are in great condition with no serious blemishes or curbing besides a few small areas on both rear wheels. The small BMW logos next to the center caps have peeled off on all the wheels except for the right front wheel. All four tires are proper Bridgestone Potenza’s with plenty of tread life left.

Notable Flaws

The body is virtually blemish free minus some stone peppering on the front bumper, the side view mirrors, and a bit on the front portion of the hood consistent with the miles though not unsightly at all.



Seats & Surfaces

The entire interior is original and in exceptional condition per the miles. The leather seats are supple and almost entirely blemishes free and clean. There is slight wear on the driver’s side bolster but nothing extensive or really noticeable for that matter. The dash, center console, gauges, and door panels are all blemishes free and extremely nice for their age. The headliner is perfect and the rear deck behind the seats is not sun faded or aged. The steering wheel is also in great condition with the “M” colored stitching showing little to no wear. The carpets are excellent and even the floor mats are almost brand new looking as they have had protective floor mats overtop of them since new. The sills and door jams are flawless and even the driver’s door sill is extremely clean.

Functionality & Accessories

Everything operates as it should with no known issues. The owner did add a small shift light on top of the steering column with the small module mounted under the steering wheel column. The original map light is still present in the gloves box as well.

Notable Flaws

Towards the center of the rear seat there is a small on inch area that was scratched by someone’s fingernail and also another small scratch on the driver’s side rear door panel. The driver’s side seat bolster has some very minor wear.


Engine Bay, Trunk, Underside

Engine Bay

The engine bay is clean, tidy, and well kept. The Vortech supercharger and Dinan intake fit very well and were installed properly. All of the finishes are excellent and the rubber components are supple with many if not all factory warning stickers present. For the mileage, the engine presents extremely well.


The truck area is also very tidy and complete. The aftermarket amplifier integrated into the stock stereo system was tastefully done mounted to the backside of the seats. The original spare is there with factory tire, lug wrench, and the tool kit is complete with the exception of one tool.


The underside does show signs of use but still posses factory cosmoline and remains original throughout. Typical of east coast cars, the bolt heads and some other metal surfaces have slight surface rusting. The underside and wheel wells will benefit from a proper steam clean.

Notable Flaws

There is slight evidence of a previous stain on the trunk floor carpet though tough to notice. The underside would benefit from a deep clean removing some road grime. There are also some bolts and fasteners with some surface rusting typical of a car that has lived its whole life in the Northeast.



The engine presents exactly like the rest of the car; extremely clean with slight signs of use. There are no strange noises or issues known to the best of our knowledge. It was always serviced with proper fluids used and hoses replaced when needed.


Each shift is crisp and smooth with no grinding or strange noises. The clutch engages and disengages at a comfortable range with the proper amount of firmness and travel.

Brakes & Suspension

The brakes bring the car to smooth and controlled stop with no chattering or noise. The pedal feels firms and responsive and the system was just flushed and checked over. The suspension feels extremely compliant and solid. There are no noises or issues to report.


The tires are Bridgestone Potenza’s on all four corners. They have a good amount of life left and are not exhibiting any noticeable dryness or cracking.

Driving Impression

With a turn of the key, the M3 comes right to life and settles to a smooth idle. The Remus exhaust is subtle and gives the car some extra grunt without being uncomfortably loud. Revs are crisp and responsive with the supercharger chiming in at the appropriate rev range. The supercharger gives that extra bit of horsepower that the M3 truly deserved from the factory. It makes for a fabulous driving experience without being overbearing or out of control. It is truly a fantastic addition to this car. Turn-in is smooth with no vibrations, chatter or clicks from the steering box. Shifts are all smooth and consistent with the clutch engaging and disengaging with the appropriate amount of travel. Under braking, the car also performs with no noticeable issues. Overall, this car is an absolute treat to drive with the small mechanical additions changing the driving dynamics of this car for better.

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