• Chassis # ZAMBC38A360024196
  • Rare And Desirable Factory 6-Speed Manual Example
  • Featuring A Ferrari Derived 4.2 Liter V8 Engine
  • Showing 106,000 Miles From New But Very Well Maintained And In Great Condition
  • A Fantastic Experience And A Brilliant Performer For The Money
  • Sale Includes Factory Books, 3 Keys, Available Service Documents, And A Clean CARFAX
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This car is currently located in: Philadelphia, PA

The Overview

Alejandro de Tomaso had ambitious plans for Maserati when he acquired the brand in 1975. To combine the prestige of the Maserati nameplate with a sports car that would be more affordable than the traditional Maserati range, in came the BiTurbo, Karif, and Shamal. It would take well over a decade competing in this market until the late 1990s when Maserati empathetically embraced its noble traditions for gran-turismo cars. A new chapter was signaled in 1998 with the acquisition by Ferrari and the release of an entirely new model, the 3200 GT. The fabulously styled car, penned by Giugaro, emphasized continuity with Maserati’s past, complete with the firm’s trident symbol centrally located in the radiator grill, which itself made up a front fascia that recalled Maserati race cars of the 1960s. 

The 3200 GT soon evolved into the successor Spyder and Coupe in 2002, both commonly referred to as the 4200 GT and the first Maserati wholly produced under Ferrari ownership. The Spyder was the first to debut at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show, with the Coupe to follow at the next year’s Detroit Auto Show. Externally similar to their predecessor, both the Coupe and Spyder employed an all-new Ferrari-derived 4.2L naturally aspirated dry sump V8, mated to a choice of 6-Speed manual or Cambiocorsa F1-style paddle shift. 

Among the last of the 4200 GT Coupes is the Grigio Touring over Black example offered here, chassis ZAMBC38A360024196. This particular GT Coupe is rightfully equipped with a 6-Speed manual transmission and features a cloth headliner – a simple “back-to-basics” spec. The car originated in the Greater New York City metropolitan area, with its first owner taking receipt of it in November 2006. From there, it was acquired by its second owner in 2013, with around 14K miles recorded before passing to its third and present owner in 2021. Although showing a tad north of 100K miles, the car’s presentation is impressive. Detailed images within the gallery reflect nicely presented leather seat bolsters, non-so-sticky buttons, and what appears to be a salt-exposure-free underside. 

These days, fewer and fewer cars roll off the assembly line with an ICE, even less with a NA V8 and manual transmission. By the time production came to a close, just over 1,000 worldwide manual transmission Coupe GTs were built. With its simple packaging, Ferrari driveline, Giugaro styling, and craftsmanship from an era of traditional sports car building, this 4200 GT is a beautiful sleeper and the one you want. The car is offered today with an extensive history file from both dealer and independent provider, various sales documents, books, and manuals, along with a clean CARFAX.  

The Details


body and paint

This GT presents well overall. A car you can be proud of, with a consistently glossy finish throughout. Even panel gaps and fitment, as well as straight panels with little to no dings worth noting. This car benefits from a clear bra on the hood, front bumper, headlights, ½ the front fenders, and mirrors.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be original throughout. The trim appears to be in good condition overall, with the only flaws noted being a small faded section on the anodized drip rail near the mirror and the hood emblem having faded. Otherwise, the trim is excellent throughout.


The wheels are straight and have only minor cosmetic imperfections in the form of either chip(s), flawed center caps, or minor crazing in the finish. They have not been curbed and are not bent.

notable flaws

A few minor chips can be found on the door edges and one on the trunk edge. On the rockers behind the front wheels, there is some light peppering. The front bumper does show some nicks/chips in a few places. The hood appears to possibly have some chips that may have gotten through the clear bra. While the car appears to be original paint throughout, the only area we have noted paintwork would be near the passenger tail light area; there is a very faint blend line visible in the right light to the trained eye - otherwise indistinguishable 99% of the time. The only other place, again in the right light with the trained eye, is the hood, toward the front, where it looks like a slight raised area as if someone closed the hood with a tool still on the sill - again, very minor.


seats and surfaces

The interior immediately reminds you that this is a luxury sports car, first and foremost. The leather seats are in working order, with the leather in excellent condition. There is minor wear on the driver's bolster, but otherwise, the door panels, seats, carpets, center tunnel, pillars, dash, and other leather items are not shrunken and are in excellent condition. The headliner shows a few minor impressions from people touching it, but it is otherwise clean and in good condition. The buttons are a mixture of original soft touch (and on the spectrum of sticky) or have been remedied of stickiness in the past. Overall the only sticky button that should see attention is the light switch, which is also cracked/broken (but still in perfect working order). The center console plastic base also shows a crack.

functionality and accessories

Everything appears to be in correct working order with no obvious faults.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is very presentable, given the miles. As you dig deeper, you can see it has been well-kept and serviced over time. Everything appears to be factory correct, and there are no indications of any accidents either. All appears original and in order.

trunk area

The trunk area is clean and appears original overall until you lift the spare wheel compartment cover, where one can see an aftermarket amplifier for the stereo. It was installed tastefully, however, and does blend in nicely.


The underside shows careful use, considering the miles. It is free of any real corrosion (perhaps a nut or a bolt has seen some surface corrosion) and appears stock overall, except for the upgraded exhaust and aftermarket suspension, which are addressed below.



The engine starts easily, settles to a calm idle, and holds excellent oil pressure through the temperature range. The car revs freely and sounds as it should, with no unwanted noises, no smoke, and no issues to note. A stout drivetrain, ready for extended use. The only issue to note is the valve covers which are starting to weep in a couple of areas, minor and not yet in need of attention. Lastly, the rear section of the exhaust has been upgraded to a GrandSport unit.


The transmission is in excellent condition. Like any Ferrari/Maserati with a manual transmission of the era, second can be difficult when cold. Otherwise, there are no issues to note. The clutch operation is excellent (it has been upgraded to steel braided lines), and the only issue noted is a minor leak at the shift linkage.

brakes and suspension

This car is fitted with an aftermarket KW coil over suspension. Lowering the ride height ever so slightly while improving handling. Ride quality is actually the same or better than that of stock, in the opinion of the test driver writing this. Overall this feels like a sensible upgrade, especially when the replacement of the originals likely comes at an exorbitant cost. The car handles wonderfully, stops on command, and operates as intended. The only other item worth noting is a partially torn boot on the upper right ball joint.


The tires are newly installed Michelin Pilot Sport All Seasons 235/40/ZR18 in the front and 265/35/ZR18 in the rear, with all showing date codes for 2022.

driving experience

Once in a while, a car comes through our doors that grabs us as something that could be a daily driver. This is one such car. At this price point and with such inviting miles, it received 500-600 miles of use while in our care. We can report that this is an incredible experience for the money. It is comfortable, fast, makes a wonderful noise, and feels special all the way around. It also feels reliable, and even with its quarks, it always leaves you looking back and smiling after you park it.

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