• Chassis # JA3AN74K0SY026739
  • A One-Owner Example Showing Just 11,440 Miles From New
  • An Unmodified, Investment Grade Example
  • A California Car From New
  • Finished In Caracas Red Over Grey Leather
  • Complete With Clean Carfax, Manuals, Tools, Extra Key, And Spare
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This car is currently located in: Los Angeles, California

The Overview

Designated the “GTO” in Japan, and the “3000GT” for the worldwide market, this grand touring, 2+2, hatchback was Mitsubishi’s entrant in the Japanese sports car battles of the 1990s, which produced such icons as the Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, and Nissan 300ZX. Initially having been released for the U.S. market in 1991, the up-trimmed and higher horsepower VR4 variant, powered by a transverse-mounted 3.0-liter DOHC 24v V6 twin-turbo, became well regarded among critics for its All-Wheel-Drive handling and sub-5 second 0-60mph acceleration. Despite its hefty weight of 3,737 pounds, (almost one thousand pounds more than a Mazda RX-7 of the same vintage), it still performed competitively. With its distinct and aggressive appearance, designer Masaru Suzuki left his mark on the unique styling era of the nineteen-nineties.  The flagship of the Mitsubishi lineup, the VR4 commanded a retail price of almost eighty-thousand dollars at the time, adjusted for inflation. 

The 1994 model year brought major updates for the VR4 included revised, integrated projector headlights, a Getrag 6-speed manual transmission, and an increase in power to 320bhp. It should be noted that the Japanese domestic market version of the VR4 continued to quote only “276” horsepower, due to a rumored “gentleman’s agreement” between Japanese car manufacturers not to exceed that number in their marketing, so as not to cause a horsepower war within their home Japanese market. 

The vehicle offered here, Chassis # JA3AN74K0SY026739, is a one-owner, Southern-California-since-new example, in “Caracas Red”. The odometer shows a mere 11,440 miles from new. Having been purchased new out of Miller Mitsubishi of Van Nuys, CA, by a car enthusiast couple, this VR4 has been kept among other exotic and sports cars in a private collection.  It has been driven sparingly, yet consistently over the years, however, as the collection has now been downsized, this stellar, investment-grade example is now available. New 245/40-18, Pirelli P7 tires have just been fitted to the 18” factory chrome wheels, and the car includes two remote entry fobs, three keys, original manuals, as well as the unused aluminum spare wheel and tire and new “Mitsubishi” OEM battery.  The car remains completely unaltered from its OEM specifications and still shows some factory inspection markings and cosmoline on the underside of the body. Among the many options, the “Active Aero” package is our favorite. Lowering the front air dam and tilting the rear spoiler with the touch of a button, this feature surely offered unparalleled aerodynamic advantages in its time. 

This vehicle is ideal for a connoisseur interested in starting or rounding out their “Radwood” era based collection. The car can be driven anywhere, anytime or is ripe to be hidden away until becoming even more appreciated by the enthusiast market, as it will surely continue to evolve as an appreciating asset. 

The Details


body and paint

The factory original paint retains a perfect shine, appropriate for its mileage and life in a garage. The finish throughout the car is smooth and consistent. Paint meter readings have been included towards the end of the "exterior" photo gallery to help verify the genuine nature of the paint. The body is straight and smooth all around with no dings or dents to speak of. Body gaps and panel fitment are straight and consistent all around the car.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car is original and flawless, with all the windows containing their appropriate factory etchings as well as original stickers. Rubber trim and seals throughout the exterior appear supple and solid with no signs of cracking or aging. Black plastic trim retains good color and shows minimal fading or scratching. There is some minor scuffing on the lower black lip under the front bumper but nothing that detracts from the overall excellent appearance of the vehicle.


The 18” factory chrome wheels show very nicely with no curb damage or scrapes to speak of. The chrome finish is smooth and shines brightly. The only area of note is a small dime-sized chip in the chrome on one wheel.

notable flaws

Due to the extraordinarily original nature of this vehicle, there are some minor imperfections that naturally come along with the territory. There is a small scuff (<2”) under right side bumper corner (by the wheel well), a small scratch under the center of the rear bumper, as well as a small puncture (ball-point pen tip size) in the paint on the lower, front header panel, related to previously-installed front license plate bracket. Please refer to the detailed photos above to get a better understanding of the few minor blemishes present on this other wise outstanding example.


seats and surfaces

The overall condition of the interior reflects the incredibly low mileage of this example very nicely. The leather seats are in excellent condition for their age with smooth surfaces, excellent color, and minimal creasing. The dash is in excellent condition with no cracks, wear or damage to speak of. The carpets are clean, tidy, well-fitting, and show minimal signs of age or wear. Black plastic buttons, knobs, and switches throughout the interior remain in great cosmetic condition. The only real area of note is that the shift boot is showing slight dryness/cracking but remains in good overall condition.

functionality and accessories

This car has been extremely well taken care of during its ownership and it shows in the well functioning nature of the interior components. All the switches, buttons, and knobs in the interior appear to work as intended. The air conditioning operates as it should, blowing nice and cold. The doors open and close with ease and the windows roll up and down smoothly. The gauges are clean and clear with bright numbers and lettering. The steering wheel presents very nicely, with minimal signs of aging and use.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The condition of the engine bay matches the fantastic condition of the rest of the vehicle perfectly and reflects the low mileage and careful ownership. It is overall very clean and correct with the appropriate stickers and finishes throughout. It appears very well looked after and presents no signs of issues either cosmetic or mechanical.

trunk area

The trunk area is likewise very clean and tidy with excellent, well-fitting carpeting and smooth issue free plastic side paneling. The removable trunk cover pulls easily out and retracts as it should. Lifting the carpet cover reveals a factory spare that appears as if it has never been used, the correct and almost as new factory tools, the cd changer loading mechanism, and an outstandingly clean spare wheel well. The underside of the carpets have factory stickers on them still.


The underside of the car shows exactly as you would want to see from a clean California car with this low of mileage. Everything appears well looked after, there is minimal road dirt and plenty of factory undercoating still. Likewise, the wheel wells are nice and tidy with minimal road dirt, etc. There is some light scratching on the plastic underside tray on the nose of the car from normal everyday use, but this is really the only area of any note on the underside.



The thorough and proper upkeep of this 3000GT is very evident in the proper running nature of the car. It starts with ease, idles smoothly, and makes excellent linear power on the road.


The transmission functions flawlessly, holding power with ease and engaging gears smoothly. The clutch feels appropriate and strong with no issues to note.

brakes and suspension

The brakes function as they should, bringing the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension feels tight and compliant, with no odd noises or road behaviors to note.


The tires on all 4 corners are brand new, just installed, set of Pirelli P7s in sie 245/40-18.

driving experience

Given the low mileage and careful upkeep of this 3000GT VR4, it is likely about as close to the feeling of driving a brand new example in 1995 as one could get. Many of these cars were driven hard and not maintained properly, leaving clean low-mileage examples few and far between. Another area of note is that these cars contained a good deal of early 90's electronics, that if not cared for properly, cease functioning over time which degrades the overall driving experience. Luckily, that is not the case with this beautiful time warp example. This 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 has been driven sparingly and lovingly maintained, leaving it as one of the best examples we have come across and is a sure-fire bet to increase in value as the overwhelming demand for 1990's sports cars continues to increase.

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