• Chassis # UD1S21679
  • Engine # 7S9759LA
  • 13,004 Miles and 2-Owners From New
  • Numbers Matching and Original Colors Per JDHT Certificate
  • Restored To Perfection By Marque Specialist, Stew Jones
  • Absolutely Stunning Example Exuding Correctness and Quality
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The Overview

Series III E-Types have a formula, on paper, that would seemingly challenge the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and other 12-Cylinder exotic cars of the period. The engine is a racing-derived unit bred for LeMans, there are disc brakes on all four corners and a front-engine 2-seat layout exudes sports car DNA in every way. However, in typical Jaguar fashion, there is a fantastic balance of comfort and performance that leaves the Series III E-Type in its own class, separate and in some instances, above, that of its contemporaries. Powerful, long-legged, luxurious appointments and a refined interior design with performance technology integrated but not obvious. These are the attributes of the last of the great lineage of Jaguar sports cars.

The example on offer here, a 1973 Jaguar E-Type Roadster, Chassis # UD1S21679 per its JDHT Certificate, shows that it was completed December 29th 1972 and was dispatched to British Leyland of New York February 20th 1973. Originally finished as it presents today in Regency Red with Black interior. Anderson Foreign Motors of Woburn, MA originally delivered the car to a Mrs. Linda E. Hogan of Malden, MA on May 24th, 1973. As the story goes the car was cherished, used sparingly and extremely well kept never seeing use in poor weather. Over the years it became accustomed to more storage than use and by the late 1980’s early 1990’s the car had not seen use in some time. In 1996 the second and current custodian acquired the car from Mrs. Hogan. The mileage at this time was reported to be not much more than approximately 12,600 miles with the car remaining in superb original condition.

Prior to restoration, the car was in original, untouched condition perfect for preservation. As we are told, it exhibited some minor lacquer cracking but was otherwise untouched and original. However, the idea of preserving a cars original condition was not what it is today, and so the owner entrusted the services of Series III E-Type expert, Stew Jones, to carry out a sympathetic restoration. The goal was to take an already excellent example and make it as good as it could possibly be.

The scope of work included a full strip of the paint which revealed absolutely no rust or accident damage of any kind. A repaint was carried out to show quality standards, a partial interior refurbishment of an already near mint original interior was completed, as well as a new top. The restoration also included an entire mechanical restoration to concours quality condition. This included engine rebuild, suspension rebuild, and every single last possible nut, bolt, screw and component treated to proper re-coating, plating, or refinishing. All of the work was completed to the highest possible level right down to the correct clamps, clamp placement, factory inspection markings etc…It is a truly impressive, 100 point car in every respect.

From its restoration completion in 1997 until today, the car has lived in a climate-controlled facility inside a bubble with periodic heat cycles. A mere 400 or so miles have been added in over 20+ years of ownership. Extremely detailed restoration of a highly original example, fanatical care, and the benefits of attention to detail all add up to what is the best Series E-Type we have seen to date. Offered with the sale is the spare, jack, owners manual, JDHT Certificate and a copy of the original title.

The Details


body and paint

The body shows straight panels throughout with excellent door, bonnet and trunk fitment showing as factory or better. Benefitting from never being hit or rusty the chrome and trim fitment is excellent and the metal upon close inspection is then everywhere with sharp edges as they should be. Spot welds are also prominent throughout the various areas where they should be. The paint is extremely smooth, consistent and highly reflective.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be the original, all chrome, rubber trim items and other secondary external elements all match in quality and finish. There is nothing missing or out of place to any degree.


The wheels are nicely polished newer correct wire wheels with older style but correct replacement Dunlops from the 1990's. The original Wheels and factory original Dunlop SP tires are included in the sale, the spare is currently the original wheel and tire as well.

notable flaws

One small chip on the driver side rocker just under where the bonnet meets the rocker. The right front of the bonnet, underside in front of the wheel shows a small scratch. The only other notable flaw is near the bottom of the grill which is also showing a minor chip.


seats and surfaces

The seats appear to be literally new in every way possible, correct in style and fitment with no issues noted. All of the surfaces, door panels, kick panels, center console, rear package area and even the carpets are perfect with the interior being a mix of original and restored but consistently flawless and show quality. Studying the underside of the dash, and even the seat mechanicals show the low original miles and absolute care in preserving this example.

functionality and accessories

Everything is in correct working order with nothing out of place or not functioning. Every switch, knob, rocker switch etc... functions immediately.

notable flaws

No real flaws noted, the radio is from the period, but that is not necessarily a flaw.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is absolutely the number one place that exudes the quality and expertise of the restorer, Stew Jones. This is where the multitude of minor elements when done well all come together to present a pristine and accurate showcase of correctness, cleanliness, and quality. Likely better than the day it was new, the engine bay has a plethora of correct and timed clamps, factory inspection markings throughout, with everything correctly date coded and per original. The carburetor het shields are polished which may not be as they were on day one, but everything is generally over restored and simply jewelry to look at.

trunk area

The trunk appears to be untouched and original. Removing the matt and original spare shows the spare wheel well which has seen the light of day but maybe one or two times and is a time-capsule are of the car untouched. There is even a factory "Jaguar 29 November 1972" affixed to the trunk compartment.

notable flaws

None noted.



The engine starts instantly without hesitation, with or without choke. It is quiet running, building strong oil pressure quickly and holding steady temperature and pressure once warm. There is not a single miss to the engines idle it is flawless in its consistency and cadence with no issues of any kind noted. No leaks, no smoke of any kind at any point, just plain "dialed in".


The transmission shifts smoothly in every gear with easy clutch feel and actuation.

brakes and suspension

The brakes and suspension are in excellent working order with no complaints of any kind.


The tires while older are still supple and could easily be used as they are with no need for replacement in our opinion.

driving experience

The biggest issue with driving this phenomenal Series III roadster is working up the courage to do so as it is as close to perfect as one could hope to get. Thus it is nerve racking to drive it as far as around the block and after so much care by its two owners it is hard to really stretch its legs without feeling overwhelmingly responsible for it's condition.

It does however run and drive like a 13,000 mile car in all respects. With the tweaks and tuning from Stew Jones it is likely as good as it can get. With no complaints and a superb running V12 Jaguar, there is likely a spot in anyones collection for such a splendor of a car.